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The Children’s Health Food Book

Ron Seaborn’s The Children’s Health Food Book is a seriously weird book! A friend recommended it to me, and when I picked it up at a health food store, my then-four-year old son went crazy for it. I read it to him several times a day, because he begged me non-stop, until I just couldn’t take it any more and was making up my own words. The antiheroes are the Starch Creature, the Dairy Goon, the Meat Monster, and the Sugar Demon. Of course, the vegetable, fruit, and whole-grain superheroes come in and save the day. This book is good for younger kids—just beware that the preschool teacher might call you and say your kid is scaring the other kids by pointing out how bad their snacks are (this actually happened to me).

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The Children’s Heath Food Book is a starter’s guide for all age groups, which uses fun and colorful characters to depict various food groups and the various effects on their body. It also helps parents to simplify the message to their children. It is designed to educate and stimulate the young reader in the early stages of nutritional development.

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