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Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is the finest quality vanilla in the world. Cultivated on the remote Isle of Bourbon in Madagascar, it has a sweet velvety flavor with floral undertones. Use in all your favorite recipes. Its delicate aroma adds a beautiful fragrance to homemade lotions, scrubs, and air fresheners, and is perfect for aromatherapy.

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Product Description

Organic Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Extract

24 oz. (Six 4-oz Bottles)

Organic, GMO-free, Naturally Gluten-free, BPA-free

Ingredients: Organic vanilla extract from whole vanilla bean seedpods and alcohol (35%). 35% is the amount of alcohol that is required in order for a company to label their product as vanilla extract. Less alcohol indicates you are buying vanilla flavoring, which likely has additives to make it taste more like vanilla. This vanilla has no sugar/high fructose corn syrup. Ounce-for-ounce, this extract is cheaper than grocery store extracts and is also organic.

Vanilla Extract Wikipedia

BetterBodyFoods guarantee their vanilla for 2 years after bottling. The best by date is printed on the bottle.

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