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Honey – 30 lbs


Honey literally keeps forever; never goes bad.  This is in part because it is a natural anti-bacterial.  You can put it on cuts and scrapes and burns for excellent healing properties.

Raw honey can decrease or eliminate seasonal allergies. Some theorize that the cross-pollination done by local bees provides a type of homeopathic remedy. I tried this myself when I first read about it and did not have seasonal allergies ever again after beginning to use small amounts of local, raw product.

Raw honey may harden with time, which is perfectly normal with raw honey and not indicative of a problem or poor quality.

Quite a few recipes in my 12 Steps to Whole Foods and recipe collections use raw honey, and it’s a good sweetener for green smoothies in small amounts (especially if you suffer from allergies).

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Product Description

Raw Honey

30 lbs (Six 5-lb. Tubs)

Not certified organic. Not Pasteurized, Not filtered, Non-diluted, Naturally Gluten Free
Origin: Utah Wasatch Front

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 16 x 8 in


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