Einkorn Wheat

Einkorn Wheat Berries- 25 lbs


The wheat we eat today isn’t what humans ate thousands of years ago. In nutrition sampling tests, Einkorn has been found to be a more nutritious grain. Einkorn contains higher levels of protein, essential fatty acids, phosphorous, potassium, pyridoxine (B6), lutein and beta-carotene (lutein).

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Product Description

Einkorn Wheat Berries

25 lb Bag

Organically Grown

Einkorn is a nutritious wheat with a high content of protein, phosphorous, vitamin B6 and potassium when compared to modern forms of wheat. It also has plenty of carotenoids – the natural red, yellow or orange pigments that are found in many vegetables and fruits, and in a few grains. Carotenoids have the medical properties that help in preventing serious diseases such as cancer.

Considering the fact that Einkorn is the most genetically primitive and ancient form of cultivated wheat, its very different from modern wheat. Many people say Einkorn is tastier than modern forms of wheat!

Einkorn wheat can be digested better than most foods. The low content of gluten in Einkorn makes it easier to digest than modern wheat. An improvement in digestion means that nutrients are better absorbed, ensuring that you have no tummy problems after consuming a delicious dish cooked with einkorn flour.

Einkorn flour is characterized by high protein, high ash, a very high carotene content, and small flour particle size when compared to the modern bread wheats.

Einkorn will last for many years (10+) if it is stored in a cool, dry, dark place in sealed containers with no exposure to oxygen.

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Weight 26 lbs
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  1. Kelli Foutz


    is this wheat organically grown?

  2. Dina


    I would like to know the same thing. Have only bought from Jovial FOods before, but this is a great price IF it is organic.

  3. Linda Mikitish


    I also have same question! Is this organic?

  4. Adriana Regalado


    Is this milled into flour???

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