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Agave is a natural, low glycemic sweetener that comes from the nectar of the agave plant. Most companies process out the natural fiber (inulin) from the nectar. However, our agave retains the naturally occurring inulin, making it a more satisfying sweetener. Agave is a total sugar replacement. It is 1.5-2 times sweeter than white sugar, so you save calories by using less.

Use agave in place of sugar, honey, or syrup in any recipe. It makes a great sweetener for coffee, tea, and lemonade. Drizzle agave on your oatmeal, plain yogurt, and pancakes for a healthy and natural start to you day.

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Product Description

Organic Agave

30 lbs (Six 5-lb bottles)

Organic, GMO-free, Naturally Gluten-free, BPA-free

Agave will last for 18 months to two years on the shelf. Keep the amount you want for long-term storage in a cool, dry area.

I use it in green smoothies, and many recipes in Chapter 11 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods and the Desserts/Treats recipe collection. I have compared properties of light and dark varieties and don’t see a big advantage to either one, nutritionally, nor do I notice a significant taste difference. The big advantage of using agave over other sweeteners is that it has one-third the glycemic index of sugar and honey. A health care practitioner I know says that by doing nothing more than shifting her diabetic clients from sugar to agave, she has seen many diabetes remissions. It is a light syrup with a pleasant, neutral flavor that you won’t notice, and it is sweeter than sugar.

Agave has gotten a bad rap lately, as allegations have been made that Mexican companies sometimes mix high-fructose corn syrup into agave. Good brands, however, process their “raw” agave under 118 degrees. Some brands that advertise to be raw probably are not. So use a brand that clearly states its commitment to cold processing, since that is how enzymes are preserved. I review my source’s organic certification and extraction processes.

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