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Detox Membership: Full Support

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The GreenSmoothieGirl 26-day, Full-Support Detox is everything you need to safely and easily clean house, and lose weight!

Choose membership for one, membership for two, or membership for life.

Membership includes:

  • Detox Portal and Detox Forum
  • Detox Manual: Complete instructions for detoxifying safely, with recipe photos and Q&A
  • Quick-Start Guide: Menus, recipes, and shopping lists
  • Wallet card: of ingredients to avoid in self-care products

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Product Description

Join us during a group Detox event, or complete the Detox on your own!

Two Detox levels are offered. You can choose to participate in Level 1, where no special equipment is needed. This is recommended for first-time detoxers who have been eating the Standard American Diet. Level 2 is for people who eat a cleaner diet and are willing to own (or borrow) and use a juicer and an enema kit.

You are welcome to use the manual to detoxify on your own, any time of year. But the Full-Support online event gives you a number of opportunities, including working with a detox buddy for accountability and support, and being supported by others who are going through the program live. People undergoing major life changes, especially those that challenge cultural traditions, are far more successful when they have support.

The Full-Support program allows you to renew your commitment to your cleanse daily, featuring insights from experts to educate and inspire you to complete the process. You can ask questions to our health coaches, and read answers in the detox forums. You have all the materials available and a physical copy of the manual will be mailed to you.

Finally, you’re likely to love the effects on your body, mind, and spirit of the detoxification program. So you may wish to use the Full Support participant’s discount to become a Lifetime Member and participate twice a year to continue a healing process or to maintain your excellent health.

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  1. Emily


    I’m actually wondering if it’s okay to do this while breast feeding.
    I’m feeling so blah since I had my baby and slipped back to poor eating and I really want a good motivating kick in the pants …

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