Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt

A double-blind study done in Austria in 2003 examined the effects of drinking a minimum of 1.5 liters of water with table salt, versus 1.5 liters of water with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt (OHCS).  Those who drank water with OHCS achieved improvements in respiratory, circulatory, connective tissue, nervous system, and organ functions.  They reported improved sleep, energy, and concentration, as well as weight loss, noticeable hair and nail growth, and heightened brain activity and consciousness.  (Those using table salt saw no such gains.)

Drinking a teaspoon of Sole (the solution of maximum OHCS dissolved in water) added to a glass of water every morning restores the body’s acid-alkaline balance, normalizes blood pressure, dissolves and releases cryallized deposits, cleanses the intestines, improves skin conditions, and has even been found to weaken addictions. Electrolytes are created that improve the body’s conductivity and stimulate circulation.

Taking a 30-minute bath in OHCS is said to be the equivalent of a three-day cleanse or fast: minerals are absorbed through the skin, and the “sole” maintains the natural protective film on the skin so it does not dry out.

Some have asked me if Real Salt (mined in Utah) is a good product. The answer is that it’s much better than refined salt, but it claims to have only 50 minerals and is still somewhat refined. OHCS has all 84 trace minerals.

Buy OHCS directly from the only importer I trust–others are not reputable and may be importing another product entirely. Some are reportedly importing, for instance, road salt from India, which has a high profit margin but no benefit for your health! I recommend getting some finely ground salt for use in your food, as well as salt stones to get started making your own Sole. You may also like to get a salt inhaler to help clear and clean sinuses.

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If I go to a restaurant and eat something with a lot of sodium, I can barely make a fist when I wake up the next day. My fingers are like pudgy sausages. My body hates salt—or so I thought.

You probably know that sodium chloride (table salt) consumption is linked to heart disease. Your body can’t handle more than a minute amount, and when it gets too much, edema results. Swelling of heart tissues is especially dangerous—and my pudgy fingers are just the first thing I notice if I eat food with refined (table) salt.

Your body needs 23 times the amount of water as it receives in table salt, to neutralize it. The excess salt re-crystallizes, causing uric acid to form, binding with sodium chloride to form crystals then deposited in joints and bones. The results? Arthritis, kidney and gall stones, gout, and more.

Yet the body is made up of water and salt. You’ve seen salt licks in fields for cows or horses, and you know salt is needed in the body. Are you confused? The problem is, first, the devastating consequences of REFINED salt, added to so many modern processed foods in, second, excessive quantities. Refined salt bears no resemblance to natural crystal salt. You need about .007 ounces of salt daily. So what are the best salts for health and where do you get them?

I recommend drinking “Sole” first thing every morning. Sole consists of 1 tsp. of a solution of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt (OHCS) dissolved in water. (Not a teaspoon of salt—rather, a teaspoon of saltwater solution!) You make it by filling a small jar with the OHCS stones, covering it with water, and letting it sit several hours. (It can be used indefinitely, as salt never goes “bad.”)

Why do this? The combination of water and completely unrefined salt has a higher energetic vibration than either the water or salt alone. You are getting a natural concentration of all 84 trace minerals in a natural form bioavailable to the human body. That mineral list is the entire periodic table except for the 10 inert gases! You may be able to address longtime problems stemming from mineral deficiencies, merely by adding this simple habit to your routine while also eating a healthy diet.

I have zero water retention using this salt. One tsp. of Sole every morning is only 411 mg of sodium, and the USDA recommends no more than 2,500 mg. The average American gets 5,000 mg. The only people who may want to avoid this are those who have been advised because of health problems by their doctors to severely limit sodium. Everyone else should replace table salt with OHCS and stop eating salt that is stripped of critical nutrients, which agressively seeks out and binds to minerals from your body that you desperately need.

Table salt is cooked, refined, and doesn’t contain the 84 trace minerals needed for digestion, electrolyte production, and other bodily functions.  People who are salt deprived have aches (especially headaches), and muscle cramping, especially at night, among other symptoms.  And people who are mineral deprived suffer more symptoms than I can list here, but they include fatigue, hair loss, brittle nails, and graying hair.  Mineral deficiencies affect every system in your body.


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