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Coconut Milk Powder product image

Coconut Milk Powder


Blend this in your blender, with water, for a base for hot chocolate, instead of dairy milk. Use it on cereal or anywhere else you might want to substitute poor-nutrition milk options for an immune-stimulating, delicious alternative!

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Product Description

Our coconut milk powder is pure with no fillers – just great creamy coconut taste. Coconut oil is burned by the body for energy rather than stored as fat. It is great for kids who need these good fats to develop properly. Coconut oil provides super healthy, immune boosting, medium chain fatty acids and other minerals that help brain function and digestion. Our Coconut Milk Powder is 70% Coconut Oil. Perfect alternative to dairy creamers. Get clean, rich coconut milk fast and easy by simply adding hot water. 12 ozs/392 gms Coconut Milk Powder Instructions: Mix 1 tablespoon in smoothies or add to your favorite recipe. Coconut milk powder is a great substitute for non dairy coffee creamers, or powdered chemicals. Use it for your favorite ethnic cooking such as Indian and Thai recipes! Coconut oil has been proven to be extremely beneficial and healthy. Read on to learn more benefits of coconut oil. Or mix 1 to 2 tablespoons or more per cup of hot water to taste. For something extra special, try adding one tablespoon of the new Hot Cocoa mix, Cocoa Mojo to this and then heat!! A liquid coconut macaroon dipped in chocolate! This product contains trace amounts of sodium caseinate.

Nutritional Info

Coconut Milk Powder, 0.25% sodium caseinate and 0.25% Non GMO maltodextrin as emulsifiers.

Additional Information

Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 x 3.75 x 3.75 in


  1. Dee


    Well, I was going to purchase this product, then I saw that the cheapest shipping cost was $11.00,!! I live in Ca. That seems like an awful lot, I will pass at this time and see if the shipping gets any lower in the future

    • Robyn


      Dee, will pass this along to my team, new site just launched, some kinks still being worked out, thanks for the heads up.

  2. abby


    How much powder is in this ccontainer?

  3. Lauren


    there is no infomration about how large a container this is and how many tablespons/serving there are.

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