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Nobody who is serious about raw, whole-food nutrition (especially getting greens into the diet) should be without a high-powered blender such as a Vitamix.

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Product Description

Vitamix is one of the few blenders on the market is actually powerful enough to give you really good smoothies. It has a powerful motor that is good for breaking up the cell walls on your greens so that the nutrients are more bioavailable. Vitamix is a really old company with a fantastic reputation. I know people still using their 40-year old Vitamix machine. It comes with a tamper for blending thicker mixtures. I love the Vitamix tamper for really thick blender concoctions—raw frostings, pates made with nuts, etc. The Vitamix is a favorite of many raw foodists.


  1. Jack


    I’m a huge fan of the Vitamix as well. We make homemade peanut butter in it all the time (just drop in some peanuts and smash them down with the tamper on the highest setting–no need to even add oil or water).

    Goes through our green smoothie vegetables like a breeze too–we used to burn up the motor in blender after blender before getting this one.

  2. Michele


    I LOVE my Vitamix! It is nice to get to make soup, sorbet, and smoothies in this strong blender. I do find that I have to chop up apples or beets so I don’t get half of an unchopped produce item at the bottom of the jar. I am not sure whether or not Blendtec would be better or not, but I do know that the customer service has been phenomenal for Vitamix.

    I ordered mine off Amazon.com and found out that the person who shipped it as new had actually activated the warranty! I was shocked and I explained to Vitamix what happened, they extended the warranty for my husband and me without cost. In addition, the cookbook I received from them had pages stuck together right out of the package. Vitamix customer service shipped me a completely NEW cookbook. I am grateful for what I have. If I were to replace my blender with another Vitamix, they’ve come out with a new edition where the big pitcher isn’t so tall like the one I bought. It will actually fit UNDER the cabinet with its height.

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