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12 Steps Meditations CD
12 Steps Meditation CD 212 Steps Meditation CD 1

12 Steps Meditations (CD)

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The 12 Steps Meditations CD is a companion to the 12 Steps Course. It is my love letter to you.

Robyn's Welcome

After preparing these meditations for nearly two years, I was able to collaborate with my dear friend, Carolyn Lundberg, and make them available accompanied by beautiful music.

This is the most singular labor of love I have created to date. It is intended to help you rethink and resolve issues with living inside your body.

Listen to Meditations below.

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Product Description

12 Steps to Whole Foods is the how and why of the best nutritional practices in the world. The ones that lead to youthfulness, longevity, ideal weight, healthy digestion, and optimal energy.

We arm you with best practices, and 1,000 recipes in every category imaginable. But until we address your heart and mind, we’ve won only half the battle.

The fact is, we mistreat only things we do not value. What conclusion, then, do we draw from the fact that many people—most, in fact—abuse and sabotage their bodies daily?

We live in a culture where we are bombarded with images to compare ourselves to. Movie stars, models, airbrushed falsehoods. We’re given a very narrow range of physical characteristics that are socially desirable.

It’s no wonder so many turn away in despair, and self-medicate with terrible food. Food that accelerates aging, spikes our disease risk, packs on 20 lbs or more, and makes us feel terrible.

The 12 Steps Meditations is a companion to the 12 Steps Course. But we offer it separately, unlike some of the pieces in the course, because it is my love letter to you.

It is intended to help you rethink and resolve your issues with living inside your body.

Through repetition, and a loving voice, I want you to shift your beliefs towards a love for the beautiful temple that houses your amazing spirit. Only then can you begin to make wise daily choices, within our 12 Steps program, to honor that temple.

I worked on these meditations for nearly two years. And finally I collaborated with my dear friend, a professional voice talent and a phenomenal musician, Carolyn Lundberg, who recorded them to beautiful music.

Please listen to them every day, in your car or on your iPod. Let the complete redesign of your psyche, regarding how you view yourself and your body, take place over a short time.

This is the most singular “labor of love” I have created to date, among many information products. Creating them with Carolyn was a very emotional experience. I hope you are profoundly changed for the better by these meditations. My intent is to honor the divine in you, my friend.

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  1. Autumn


    Thank you for the above review. I never doubted the Meditations CD would be amazing but appreciate hearing how other GSG followers use the tools and benefit from them. Can’t wait to add this next step! 🙂

  2. mooreganics


    The 12 Steps to Whole Foods Meditations CDs are excellent. I ordered them prior to the launch of Robyn’s brand new Detox program but never got around to breaking them open. They sat on my desk for weeks. Finally, once I signed up for the GSG Detox I promised myself I would take a sauna and listen to the meditations. You can listen to them all at once or one at a time. I typically listen to 1-2 (approx 10-15 mins) and then read a book. It has been extremely helpful in helping me visualize how whole foods are benefiting my body. It is the most positive meditation CD I have every listened to. It has empowered me to take the steps necessary to continue feeding my body whole foods and to love myself just where I am. Thank you, Robyn and Carolyn, for a fabulous product!

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