Paracelsus al Ronc Clinical Training Retreat

Swiss Liver Detox and Wellness Influencer Retreat

June 11-18, and June 18-25, 2017

The view from Paracelsus al Ronc patio
The view from Paracelsus al Ronc patio

Robyn Openshaw here, the GreenSmoothieGirl. I’m traveling to Paracelsus al Ronc on my annual liver detox retreat, doubling as amazing R&R, and I want you to join me.

Once you discover this incredible place, you’ll be planning when you can get back there! (And I’ve cooked up an idea, how your second trip is FREE.)

I’ve been to some beautiful places all over the world. I’ve snorkeled and dived, swum and flown and boated and hiked and skied in some of the world’s most gorgeous scenery on all the continents of this planet.

None are so peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful as this charming clinic several thousand feet up in Castaneda, Switzerland. It’s my second home. It’s the best-kept secret in the healing world, and I’ve arranged a week for clinicians, and another week for non-practicing wellness influencers, to enjoy the liver detox, 4-course meals by a Michelin-rated chef, spending lots of time with our peers, and getting daily treatments during the week. We WILL fill up for this retreat, so don’t wait to reserve your room with a $2,000 for Clinicians (with training included) and $1,000 for Influencers (no training).

Clinicians will receive 12 clinical hours of training in holistic specialities Paracelsus al Ronc is known for, and you’ll leave with a certification for this Biological Medicine training if you come June 11-18! (If you don’t want the training and certificate, come Jun 18-25. Clinicians are welcome to stay the second week, for a reduced price.) Paracelsus al Ronc is the perfect place for R&R, but you’re also getting sophisticated diagnostics and personalized care, M.D.-supervised European holistic inpatient treatment and an amazing liver detox while eating clean food you’re actually enjoy. You’ll enjoy the company of other successful entrepreneurs in the wellness space.

room at Paracelsus al Ronc
A guest room at Paracelsus al Ronc
Cup of tea with Swiss Mountains in background
Stunning views of the Swiss Mountains
Robyn with goat
Robyn with goat
A view of town
A view of town
  • Your room is onsite, overlooks a magnificent valley in the Swiss Alps.
  • You will receive personalized care from Petra Wiechel, MD, trained by Dr. Thomas Rau in biological medicine.
  • You will receive cutting edge diagnostics (including heavy-metals testing), and many treatments to help you leave rejuvenated and healthy.
  • We have planned a certification program that you can attend 90 minutes before dinner, and 90 minutes after dinner, to learn European holistic, homeopathic, biological medicine, and you’ll leave with a certificate.
  • We are taken on a sightseeing excursion, and the weather in June is beautiful.
  • You’ll have no breakout sessions, just 3 meals a day and lots of relaxed time sitting out on the deck, with your peers. As you know, the best masterminding happens informally! So bring your challenges and talk them through with others who have the answers.
  • Walk out the front door of the clinic to the most beautiful hike, with goatherds and quaint villages–and bring your “buon guorno” because you’re in the Italian quarter. The clinic owner takes us a few times to even more spectacular hikes close by, with waterfalls and amazing villages, etc.
  • The chef is Michelin-rated and you can’t believe how good “liver detox” food can taste! Dinners are multiple courses, and Saturday night is an amazing Gala dinner with live music, where you celebrate having completed your liver flush. (You’ll be given instructions to start the diet at home, a few days early.)

Between treatments, hang out with your peers on the deck, for the view and the good company, take a long nap, or hike in the sunshine.

Paracelsus al Ronc is a great place for anyone to recharge or restore health. The first time we left this paradise on Earth, we were dreaming of returning some day. I made lifelong friends, and we’ve returned over and over again. The price of this training combined with liver detox program, due to a sale of a 1987-built $23M building for only $1.5M to my friends who own the clinic, is unparalleled world-wide.

During your stay, you’ll enjoy three daily gourmet, multi-course, detoxifying meals. The sunny dining room overlooks a precipitous drop into the river cutting through the valley, with snow-covered peaks in the background.

You’ll have a beautiful room to rest in between treatments, and the public areas are EMF-free, that’s how serious they are about a healing atmosphere. One side of your room is entirely windows, with a deck and lounge chairs. Every room has the amazing view. Daily hikes discover the ranging goatherds, springs of mineral waters, grottoes and tiny towns, and pristine Alpine wilderness.

Dozens of protocols are administered at the clinic by compassionate staff. Your schedule is made each evening before. The clinic is well-organized and non-stressful. (The Swiss invented the clock, after all.)

The therapies assist your body’s processes in purifying and rebuilding. You’ll receive tests of the health and strength of your organs, adaptive and regulatory systems, nutritional status, and other functions. You’ll receive additional diagnostics and treatments such as:

  • The highly accurate, painless, immediate-results Oligoscan diagnostic, showing you (a) your level of each heavy metal, and which are in the danger zone, (b) your level of all minerals, including those you’re low in, (c) your level of chelation / methylation. (During clinicians’ week, training in this, as well as the overall view of detoxification, will be included.)
  • Hyperbar Ozonation, where you’ll infuse your blood with ozone, a powerful antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal immune boost. (Training in this will be included for clinicians, June 11-18.)
  • Darkfield live blood analysis, where you’ll get dozens of realtime data points related to your short term and long term health. (Training in this will be included for clinicians, June 11-18.)
  • Full-body massage
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Nutrient IV infusions
  • Local liver hyperthermia
  • And much more, too much for this page! The clinic is built on a high-vibration site that ancient Druids and Celts revered for its healing potential. I’ll show you more, when we’re there. I’ll be there to answer your questions, your informal concierge.
  • I’m also going to show you how to come back for your next visit, for FREE, just by promoting this everything-done-for-you liver detox retreat, to your own tribe. I’ve bonded with my own followers on 6 different trips, some of them now lifelong friends who come back again. In my post-retirement life, I plan to be here 2 months a year.

I’ve been to many clinics with very competent care before, in a 3 1/2 year research tour of facilities that treat serious disease holistically. Nothing compares to this amazing place, built for $24 million in 1983 and sold to my friends, the Wiechels, for $1.5 million in 2011. If the current owners were under the debt from the original construction of this amazing place, the treatment there would be outrageously expensive and not sustainable. The treatment price I’ve negotiated is amazingly low, even lower than subpar Mexican clinics I visited.

And none of the 18 clinics I researched had everything you’d want to find (as a cancer or other patient) under one roof, including your room and meals, supervised by medical doctors with holistic training. You don’t pay “a la carte.” Everything is included in your stay (unless you order a full-body hyperthermia or other additional treatment in advance).

You don’t have to have to be ill to benefit from a stay here. The price includes your room, 3 special meals daily with your peers, daily treatments, diagnostics and consultations, hikes and sightseeing. They’ll even make you an alkaline “chi-cafe” with steamed sheep’s milk and bring it to you on the deck, anytime. You’ll leave feeling fantastic!

I highly recommend this Liver Detox protocol, a specialty Dr. Wiechel is known for. Everyone can benefit. Food will be low-carb, fairly low-fat, low-protein, high-fiber, and easy to digest, while your body prepares to eliminate crystalline structures before they can do harm. You’ll be gently guided with surprisingly delicious, vegetable-intensive meals towards a “liver flush” at the end of the week. You’ll go home with a significantly rehabilitated liver.

And you need that. After all, your liver serves you in more than 500 ways!

The clinic owner will take us for an excursion, and for optional hikes. If you can afford to stay for the second week, I highly recommend doing that! You won’t want to leave, after a week, I promise. You will want to take walks in the morning, right outside the door of the clinic, and enjoy the most amazing scenery you’ve ever seen.

It’s easy to spend more than this for a vacation with no health benefit besides the R&R. I am so pleased with the value received at Paracelsus al Ronc—a vacation and health reboot all in one, and I’m beyond thrilled to offer clinical training in European biological medicines for the Jun 11-18 week.

To reserve your spot, please fill out the form. Your deposit holds your room, and is transferable (to another person, or to our next trip) but not refundable, as we expect to sell out. The deposit is $2,000 for the Clinicians’ Week (June 11-18 with certification) and $1,000 for the Influencers’ Week (June 18-25, no certification). Expect to pay the remainder next April.  contact us.

Note: If you have cancer, MS, lupus, fibromyalgia, or any of the many other disorders the doctors at Paracelsus al Ronc treat, or want specialized blood testing and other labs or tests when you are there, the medical staff will recommend specialized treatment, for which you should expect to pay more and stay longer.

What People are Saying About Paracelsus al Ronc

John and Cheryl Thackeray

Cheryl and I were very pleasantly surprised from our two weeks with Dr. Petra Wiechel and the Paracelsus al Ronc clinic, with other GreenSmoothieGirl followers. Cheryl and I are active, fairly healthy, and 63 years old.

We learned so much about ourselves and our health. What started out as a learning experience to help Cheryl with an autoimmune liver disease, quickly turned into a holistic (“biological”) approach to life. Issues dealing with prescription medications, cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, weight, and energy were quickly and often discussed with Dr. Petra and her colleague Dr. Shultze. Rationale, lifestyle changes, and organic supplements were discussed and implemented.

In the three weeks since I started the liver detox at Paracelsus al Ronc, I have lost 15 pounds, eliminated the statin drug, have lower cholesterol and blood pressure (latest reading of 110/70 is the lowest in many years), plus I have more energy than in years.

We loved the clinic. Our experience was greatly enhanced however, by the GreenSmoothieGirl group you assembled, by you sharing your knowledge and experiences, and by biological doctor Jared Nielson from Heber City Utah in attendance. I would recommend this experience to anyone, and suggest the experience is enhanced by having other GSG participants in attendance.

–John (and Cheryl) Thackeray

GSG group at Lake Maggiori
Dagmar is the one in the red polo shirt

“I arrived at the clinic without hope or a future, with Stage 3C colon cancer. After I spent two weeks there, I felt wonderful and strong. My spirits were high and I was able to cope with my cancer. Going back several months later, I completely trusted Dr. Petra and personal care for me around the clock by all staff, their followup on my wellbeing and my file. I always leave for home feeling strong. I am planning to run a 10-mile race in just a few weeks! Paracelsus al Ronc is a place where you can find peace and tranquility above a beautiful, secluded valley, in the snow-covered mountains. You feel like you are suspended between Earth and Heaven.”

–Dagmar S. from Montreal, Canada

Madeline at Lake Maggiori
Madeline at Lake Maggiori

“I went to Paracelsus al Ronc for the Liver Detox program, with GreenSmoothieGirl. I do a detox somewhere, every year, so when Robyn organized this trip, I decided to follow. How was my trip? PHENOMENAL.

For one thing, the scenery, OMG! Every morning I woke up to a perfect view of the snow-capped Alps. Breathtaking! I came home in better physical shape thanks to the hikes. Second, the food—no detox program I’ve done before actually had good, let alone delicious, food! Everything was organic, grass-fed, local-farm-produced. I know, because I went in the kitchen and investigated everything!

Each meal was served as though we were at a gourmet restaurant. We had a dozen fruits, and over 30 different vegetables! Sprouts, chestnuts, gluten-free, yeast free breads, goat and sheep organic cheeses.

Forty different treatments! What did I accomplish, going all this distance? The difference here is that they cleanse , and then they REHABILITATE. In the past, I got a cleansed liver, but the 40 treatments will help the healing continue. I highly recommend this program, an amazing value.”

–Madeline W. from Chicago, IL

Amanda with Dr. Wiechel and family
Amanda with Dr. Wiechel and family

The healing and quality of care I received during my stay at Paracelsus al Ronc was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Every detail was taken care of from the time we landed at the airport in Milan to the time they dropped us off at the airport two weeks later. We were fed and nourished, rested and relaxed, healed and revitalized. In fact, I felt so well taken care of that I didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home. To remedy that I am planning a return trip in a year– next time with my husband. I won’t allow him to miss out on this incredible experience.

Besides being spoiled with the close proximity of my room to the treatment rooms, (where I would walk a few steps for my daily appointments), I enjoyed the same spectacular and serene view in the treatment room that I enjoyed in my sleeping room. It was so great to be massaged while looking at the peaks of the Swiss Alps. And not only did it LOOK beautiful, it FELT relaxing, mainly I think because of the positive attitudes of the staff and practitioners. (Not what you’d find in your typical clinic or hospital, that’s for sure). They were friendly and happy and I could tell they enjoyed their work.

They were never rushed or on edge– just caring and competent with the few patients they worked with each day. This relaxing environment of the people and the place, along with the various detoxification modalities employed, (not to mention the GOURMET FOOD), led to the healing I was hoping to receive. I was never stressed or wanting for anything. Indeed my body was in the perfect environment for healing, and heal I did.

During those 14 days, every need I had was attended to in a kind and skillful manner. There was one particular night that I had muscle pains after a chelation treatment so I called the front desk and asked for help after hours. Dr Petra Wiechel brought a packet of magnesium to my room to replenish the minerals in my body and the muscle pains went away. The entire time I was there I trusted the holistic methods they gave me to work. Thanks to their detoxification protocol, I feel cleaner and brighter and smarter than I have in years.

Not confined to a tight schedule, I had the independence to come and go (to the workout room, to the sauna, to the meditation room) as I pleased, but there was enough structure to make me feel accomplished by the end of the day. There was plenty of time to socialize at meal times and enjoy quiet time alone with a book in the forest. Perfect for extroverts and introverts alike. Even the need for entertainment and fun was met, with Friday evening concerts, gala dinners, and shopping and sightseeing excursions to the nearby cities.

Paracelsus al Ronc truly provides the total package. They have the stunning beauty of a world-class resort, superior competency and care, and the latest and greatest in biological therapy. I can’t recommend this place enough! Go as soon as you have the chance.

–Amanda Olsen, Boise, ID

Denise finds a herd of goats on a hike
Denise finds a herd of goats on a hike

I’d been wanting to do a cleanse for some time. I chose the liver cleanse at Paracelsus al Ronc solely based on Robyn’s recommendation because for me, that was all I needed. I had been to one of Robyn’s talks and knew of her dedication to holistic methods. She saved me from having to do the research on my own. I knew I would not be disappointed. Paracelsus al Ronc was all that I hoped it would be. I do not know that I’d be able to duplicate the experience anywhere else, especially in the areas of food quality and adherence to holistic principles and treatment methods. We all loved and benefited greatly from the expertise and compassion of Dr. Wiechel, Naturopath Anila, and all the therapists.

The facility was beautiful and made the treatments and cleanse so convenient and easy. My room was wonderful and as promised, did not feel at all “clinic-like”. The view never disappointed. Best of all, I returned home feeling refreshed, renewed and committed to continuing on the healing path that got a great jump-start while at Paracelsus al Ronc.

–Denise from Mexico

Heinz and Amanda
Heinz and Amanda

I loved spending time with other Americans, all together celebrating and rehabilitating our health! I am a Stage IV cancer patient.

Paracelsus al Ronc is a paradigm of healing, love, science, and hope. That’s such strong juxtaposition with a medical establishment pimping orthodoxy, profit, and greed. Dr. Petra Wiechel and her family have created an oasis of peace and health in a superb clinic that spills 7 stories down a steep mountainside, amid the most spectacular scenery and freshest air in the world.Each room is warmly decorated and has an optimal view of the valley. The food is fresh, imaginative, delicious, and customized for your program. The Wiechels have set a tone of love and peace that infuses the staff and guests.

Facilities and housekeeping are first rate, and most of all, Paracelsus al Ronc is reasonably priced compared to most clinics where there is often shameful gouging of frightened terminal patients. I was subjected to comprehensive testing, diagnosis, detoxification, oxygenation, and myriad treatments tailored to my condition and my schedule.

I returned home revitalized and buoyed by my experience, and deeply grateful.

–Heinz Valenta


It was my good fortune to find out about Clinica al Ronc. I was intrigued by the liver cleanse because it was something I wanted to do, after having chemotherapy in 2009.Whenever I am asked about my experience, I use the expression, “It’s where heaven meets the earth” because you are literally above the clouds when you wake up. My body was cleansed and healed, my soul nourished, and my heart warmed by the expertise of Dr Petra Wiechel, Anila Lohn and all of the therapists, in such stunningly beautiful surroundings.The food was so well prepared and healthy, served by wonderful Jack, who came to work at 6 am the day we left, so that we could have breakfast, and a lunch to take on the airplane, so we would continue our healthy eating till we got home. I miss the salad buffets!

Such care and concern was also delivered by Mr. Ulf Wiechel, who took us on outings, held umbrellas when it was pouring, all while carrying our bags.

I am truly grateful for this amazing experience and for the camaraderie of our group. Thank you Green Smoothie Girl!

–Rose K. from Minnesota