Solve your dental issues holistically!


Did you know that the health of your gums and teeth…..are foundational to the health of your whole body?

And that dental issues you may be unaware you have, can be at the root of auto-immune disease and cancer?

Fortunately, You CAN Heal Dental Issues! And, You Have Alternatives, to Avoid Metal Fillings, Root Canals, Extractions, and Toxic Treatments.

Many Of Them Are Inexpensive, Done At Home—and They Work!

(Warning: the ADA and Traditional Dentists Will Tell You NONE Of What You’re About to Read…..]



Most of us have cavities, root canals, and lost teeth prematurely. Virtually everyone 40+ has gum and tooth disease….and you may not know it until disaster strikes.

In this video course, the best holistic (biological) dentist I know--my own dentist--teaches you:

1. You CAN Heal Your Teeth! (Dr. Jorgenson Shows You How)

2. How to Keep Your Teeth Clean and White (Without Bleach or Toxins)

3. The SECRET About What Prevents Cavities (That Has Nothing to Do with Sugar, Brushing, or Flossing)

You’ll Also Learn These Secrets No Traditional Dentist Will Tell You:

  1. How Do I Find The Very BEST Holistic Dentist Near Me? (What services should I find out if they provide?)
  2. What to Feed Your Kids (to Keep Them Cavity-Free for Life)
  3. Your Dental Work May Be Making You Sick (and What to Do About It
  4. Why Some Popular Diets Are Destroying Your Teeth (Which, and Why)
  5. What Your Dentist CAN’T Tell You About Metal Fillings (But We Do!)
  6. Fluoride Makes Your Teeth Stronger (and Your Bones Break)

BONUSES: with these easy video course, you also get two special bonuses, to take the guesswork out of choosing an excellent holistic dentist, and picking the best dental hygiene products:

1. Insiders’ Guide to Holistic Dentists Nationwide! We’ve researched all the hundreds of “biological dentists” nationwide, and this easy resource lets you see, at a glance, which are closest to you, and what non-toxic or “alternative” treatments they provide (or not).

2. The Best and Worst Dental Products Cheat Sheet. The toxic products on the market my dentists avoids, and the best ones she loves!


Use This Course for Four Important Outcomes!


First of all, with this information, YOU can choose well, who is going to be in charge of your dental care. You’ll know exactly who practices in holistic dental care in your area, and what services than can (or can’t) provide!

Second, with your easy video education, you can choose which procedures you will allow in your mouth, and which you won’t, and you'll know what your alternatives are, to be an educated patient.

Third, armed with new knowledge, you can choose WHICH products you buy and use, and which you DON’T… you can make the best possible decisions for you and your family.

Fourth, you’ll be empowered to do simple things at home, to prevent future dental disasters.


More Insider Info We Cover, That Your Traditional Dentist Doesn’t Know, Or Won’t Tell You!

  • What Should I Eat, for Beautiful Teeth?
  • How to Clean Your Teeth, to NEVER Have a Cavity Again! (You’ve never seen these easy techniques before, and they are game changers!)
  • What Treatments and Equipment Your Biological Dentist Should Have—And How They Benefit You!
  • How To Avoid Cavitations (and What To Do, If You Have Some)!
  • Take a Quick Tour of a State-Of-The-Art Biological Dental Office


  • Get a Quick Overview of the Best Non-Toxic, Healing Dental Products

Do you or a loved one have any of the following?

Tooth abcesses?

Painful, bleeding gums?

Sensitive teeth?

Root canal(s)?

Loose teeth/big pockets in the gum?

Persistent bad breath?


General tooth pain?

Chances are you answered YES to at least one of these. Learn now how to take control of your mouth health forever!

Myths Spread By the Industry-Driven Dental Industry You’ll Discover:

  1. It’s normal to have cavities every year.
  2. Root canals are a good solution to dead teeth.
  3. All you need to do is eat less sugar and brush and floss.
  4. Your genetics are why your teeth are going bad.
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Most of us know that brushing and flossing is important. If only that was enough. If you're over 40, chances are you've already got gum disease. Surprised? Most people are.

That's why it's time, now, to take your dental health into YOUR hands.

You don't need to learn how to drill, drum, crack, or dig out the pulp of perfectly good teeth, either.

In fact, your gums and your teeth CAN and WILL heal themselves, if you give them the correct care and a healthful environment. Plus, save thousands of dollars over your lifetime!

This Course is 80% Off in Our Launch Special…..But It Won’t Be, For Long!

These 12 Short Videos (you can watch anywhere) AND Two Bonuses….

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Grab Your Seat Now, and This Information Is Yours Permanently…To Learn How A Healthy Mouth Means A Healthy Life!