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My network of folks interested in alternative health is BUZZING about the amazing stories regarding increases in energy, toxicity cleansing, and disappearing symptoms with the use of a water ionizer and alkaline water. So herein is the water ionizer defined.

The human body needs to be slightly alkaline (about 7.4 on the pH scale) but is bombarded with acids from emotional stress…foods like meat, dairy, sugar… soft drinks…medications…toxins in the environment and much more. When we become too acidic, our bodies rob alkaline minerals from our cells, depleting critical stores. As acidosis occurs, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients is damaged, cells cannot repair, rebuild, detoxify, and maintain energy. Tumor cells thrive in an acid climate and, overall, we are prone to fatigue and disease.

I spent several months researching alkaline water: studying, talking to experts and people who own water ionizers, interviewing company reps, and testing alkaline water from different machines.

I finally came to the point of being able to make recommendations to my local group buyers and purchase a water ionizer for my family. Many of my local network had been influenced by the massive presence of the network marketing company Enagic (Kangen). I had been trying to sift through the hype by the network marketers and look at the technology from the three big companies: LIFE, Enagic, and Jupiter. I simply could not bring myself to spend $4,000 on the Enagic water ionizer that I know lines the pockets of eight distributors AND the manufacturing company. Furthermore, many GreenSmoothieGirl readers, and folks in my local network, simply cannot afford that price tag without going into debt.

Still, I had come to believe that drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer has powerful potential for our health. (I had been buying 4-oz. bottles of alkalizing drops for $73, and that had to end!)

A close friend of mine, a breast-cancer survivor, said that one month on alkaline water did as much for her energy and health as five years of eating 100% raw. She had made a list of 27 health benefits she’d noticed in the first month of drinking alkaline from a water ionizer. Borrowing alkaline ionized water from her, I felt an increase in my own energy level as well.

It takes 20 parts alkaline to neutralize 1 part acid, and most of us have a lot of acid coming in. It makes sense that alkaline water is the quickest way to balance the pH and neutralize the effects of the acidic conditions of stress, refined foods, etc. You could eat 80% raw and alkaline and not achieve effects as impressive as when you drink 8 daily glasses of ionized alkaline water. (That said, you should eat as much raw and alkaline as possible—and I take my own advice on this.)

M11 Next Generation - Under Counter Model
M11 Next Generation – Under Counter Model

LIFE Ionizer is the oldest ionizer company in North America, is headquartered in Korea, and its machine has the same pH range that Enagic has (2.5 to 11.5, a wider scale than Jupiter’s 4.0 to 10.0 scale). This unit beats Enagic’s in alkalinity readings. Enagic does beat LIFE in water acidity readings, but you need that only for cleaning. I think all of us are more interested in alkalinity and aren’t willing to pay $2,700 more for slightly lower pH acid water.Jupiter agreed to make me a good group-buy deal, but their models have inferior pH range and warranties. I have loved my LIFE Ionizer M9UC that installed UNDER MY SINK. I simply refused to have the big, bulky Enagic machine on top of my sink, taking up valuable counter space and cluttering up my kitchen, for the rest of my life. LIFE has the ONLY under-sink-installed ionizer on the market.

The Next Generation LIFE models have a LIFEtime or 10-yr. ionizer parts and labor warranty, depending on the model. (Kangen has a 5-yr. , and Jupiter has 2- and 3-yr. warranties). You don’t have to fall prey to the “testimonials” of those selling the network-marketed product with Enagic that their product is the ONLY one that can make alkaline water, because it’s very simple to test the water for alkalinity. I did it with both companies’ water. You simply use drops you can buy for a few dollars. It is not rocket science, and LIFE and Jupiter are massively less expensive–even without my group-buy price–because they don’t have to pay 8 distributors. The technology is very similar.

Further, if you have a friend with an Enagic machine and you get water from that friend…..be aware that the pH returns to almost as acidic as tap water after only 8 hours. I tested water from both Enagic and LIFE, and the pH from either one goes back to almost as acidic as tap water after 8 hours. You really need to own your own unit.

This isn’t somebody’s used unit on eBay–it’s an above-board, fully warranted transaction directly with the manufacturer. The price is a small fraction of what you would pay Enagic for an equivalent ionizer. That’s because my initial order of ionizers for GreenSmoothieGirl was large, and LIFE agreed to give me dealer pricing in the future on 10 units at a time, for my group buyers. I cannot advertise the price on the internet.

10 Reasons To Avoid An Acid pH:

  • Corrodes arteries, veins, and heart tissue: acid eats away at the inner tissue of arteries, veins, and the heart, making them brittle and weak.
  • Accelerates free-radical damage and premature aging: oxidative damage from free radicals is the root cause of aging and degenerative conditions.
  • Causes weight gain, diabetes, and obesity: buildup of acid within the body adversely affects the body’s ability to use and produce insulin and leads to an accumulation of acidic wastes which must be stored (as fat) away from vital organs.
  • Inhibits metabolism of stored energy reserves: As acid builds up, it must be neutralized with alkaline minerals. If we are prevented from efficiently metabolizing the food we eat because of this acidic buildup, those required minerals must come from the bones and other tissues of our bodies.
  • Causes cholesterol plaque to form: cholesterol is used by the body to trap acidic wastes in the blood and to line vital blood vessels to protect them from further damage.
  • Disrupts blood pressure: in the presence of acid, blood vessels are forced to redistribute blood towards the center of the body, which compounds the heart’s already heavy work load.
  • Disrupts critical lipid and fatty acid metabolism: this is linked to neurological damage and hormonal imbalance.
  • Inhibits cellular regeneration and DNA-RNA synthesis: in healthy cells, DNA-RNA production cannot occur below a certain pH. Incidentally, cancerous cells flourish in an acidic pH.
  • Inhibits oxygen getting to the tissues. Hemoglobin is the protein in your blood, which transports the oxygen that you breathe in. If the pH of the blood becomes too acidic, hemoglobin loses its ability to carry oxygen effectively.
  • Inhibits life-giving electrolyte activity: electrolytes are required for muscle control. The availability of electrolytes is especially important in the regulation of smooth muscles used in metabolism and heart function.

Advantages of Alkaline Water for Cooking

  • Cooking Watersweeter-tasting juices
  • naturally colored vegetables
  • fluffier grains
  • better-tasting beverages

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