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Antibiotic Alternative/Detox Tools



Everyone should have both these products in their homes and use them at the first sign of illness. (Recently Matthew came over to my house because he was really sick, to get in my sauna. I gave him a big glass of alkaline water. Later, I accidentally got myself a drink with that same glass. Oops! I got my ACS out and sprayed it five times in my mouth. I did that again the next morning. I never got ill.)

It achieves a 99.99999% kill against candida and MRSA, the hardest-to-kill organisms. It’s EPA approved to kill even anthrax! Silver will kill bacteria and yeast—which attach to toxins like metals. And both ACS and ACZ are proven safe in independent toxicity studies.

ACS – The Leading Evidence-Based Antimicrobial Prescribed Today

Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) Extra Strength is the most phenomenal natural treatment for viruses and bacterial infections that I have ever used. It does not kill healthy microflora, unlike antibiotics, which kill virtually 100 percent of the healthy bacteria in your gut. You critically need those billions of organisms to protect you against infectious, hostile bacteria.

It’s the best silver product on the market, with over 500 university and lab studies documenting efficacy. It has more silver ions in the formula (which attach to pathogens then kill them), and, as a result, a far higher kill rate, than any other product.  It has the ability to continuously emit vast quantities of new silver ions for long periods of time. (Other silver products have far fewer silver ions which results in a partial kill, rather than a complete kill.)

ACZ – The Leading Evidence-Based Oral Detoxifier Prescribed Today

It is verified through scanning electron microscopy that Advanced Cellular Zeolite (ACZ) nano Extra Strength detoxifies at the cellular level. It goes into the cell and cleans up free radicals so the cell can get back to work and mitochondria can pump out ATP, which is your energy and detoxification ability!

Dr. Teegarden has studied the effects on patients who are healing, and says he has seen it detoxify cell membranes. That’s where a double layer of lipids (fats) that lodge toxins exist. These toxins can alter hormone receptor sites and cause imbalances. When Zeolite pulls toxins out of cell membranes, hormones can attach properly to the receptor site. Dr. T said to me, “Clinically I have not found anything better when it comes to true cellular detox.”

How do you get them?

You can get both only through a doctor, and it is prescribed by docs. I am working with one so that you can now get it here rather than having to find a clinician who carries these products, or paying $100 for an office visit.

Further Information

Here are two short and very readable papers showing what this product is proven to be able to do:

Results-Journal of Results RNA Issue-6 








Let me tell you about another little-known but highly important reason to take both of these products. That is the issue of BIOFILM, which is, basically, a wall of slime between your internal organs.  It’s teeming with bacteria, and protected against your body’s white blood cell defense army by a filmy mess of dead proteins.

Don’t think you have biofilms? If you’ve had surgery or been in a hospital, you probably do. If you’ve been eating anything approximating the S.A.D.—acidic, refined foods—it’s a virtual guarantee that you DO have biofilms. I am currently in a program I’ve designed to starve mine out.
A key component of an anti-biofilm strategy is to use ACZ and ACS. You can use them indefinitely, according to the company. I, however, take 1-2 week breaks from them.