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Essential Oil Stories – Wintergreen Oil

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Wintergreen Oil – A Healing Story by Loretta

I met Julia over Mother’s Day weekend, 2013. She has been suffering from extreme pain in her heels from bone spurs for the past two years. She jumped into doTERRA with both feet and purchased the Diamond Kit…she wanted it ALL.

After implementing the Life Long Vitality Pack, Bone Nutrient Complex, and applying Wintergreen to the bone spurs, we began working together to find her some relief from her pain.

We talked about nutrition and some things she could change, although she ate relatively healthy. We added DDR Prime to her daily regimen. Also a blend of oils into a roller bottle: (4 drops each oil) Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, Cypress, Marjoram, Helichrysum, Peppermint, Frankincense, and 10 drops Fractionated Coconut Oil. She applies this blend twice a day over the bone spurs.

When I contacted her a week later, she noticed a 50% decrease in pain! In fact, she usually thinks about the spurs constantly while walking, however, she found herself not even thinking about it during the past few walks she went on! Julia goes to a massage therapist each week and even SHE noticed a visual change in the decrease of the bone spurs on Julia’s heel.

Julia has gone from taking oral steroids, 12 gel tabs of highest dose of Ibuprofen a day, physical therapy and icing for relief, to a natural way, by using doTERRA’s whole food supplements and Essential Oils to self treat her bone spurs. She is so excited to have relief after two years of unbearable pain. Now her goal of taking her Great Grand-kids to Disneyworld is a possibility!

Thank you, Julia, for allowing me to share your amazing healing story with our readers.

Loretta Gaul from Cheney/Spokane, WA
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Wintergreen Oil – A Healing Story by Marcie

I love pretty much everything in the “mint” family, and wintergreen is a great help for freshening up areas of my life…for example, I have a natural diffuser in my car, which I drop a few essential oil drops on and it makes my car smell great! Wintergreen and lemon mixed together is one of my favorite combos. An added benefit is that both oils “wake up” the senses, making it less likely I’ll get drowsy behind the wheel on long trips!

Marcie Macari from Toronto, ON
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Wintergreen Oil – A Healing Story by Tammy

Having several children in a confined space can sometimes result in a very STINKY situation. With all the dirt children naturally attract, the food they constantly eat and the less than pleasant smells they often emit from their various orifices, my van’s aroma can get pretty unpleasant.

To keep my sanity and enjoy my ride, I created a “stinky children blend” which, honestly, is just a blend of water and 1-3 drops of wintergreen essential oil that I put together in a glass spray bottle. I keep it up front with me. When I smell something unpleasant I give it a squirt! Not only does it instantly refresh my senses, but it also helps stave off any headache I feel coming on; all the while killing germs that may be floating around in the van. It doubles as a hand sanitizer and my children love it because it smells like gum!

I encourage you to take one or two of your favorite essential oils and make one of your own!

Just a note: When using wintergreen essential oil, exercise caution because it contains methyl salicylate and can be toxic if ingested in large amounts.

Tammy Graham from Portland, OR
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