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Essential Oil Stories – Rosemary Oil

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Rosemary Oil – A Healing Story by Tammy

Perhaps I’m a little OCD; I like routines – A LOT! I also write a lot, study a lot, and have a lot of children. So, I’ve discovered a secret to help keep my mind focused during my study/writing time. That secret is rosemary. Rosemary, on an emotional level, is the oil of knowledge. It expands the mind, it challenges us and it assists us in receiving inspiration.

When doing something over and over and over again our brains create new neural pathways, just like those old wagon ruts. The wagons traveled the same path time and time again, and ruts were created. When I smell rosemary each time I study I am creating a “rut” in my brain; a new neural pathway. I’m training my brain that it’s time to focus, and it does!

I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful to have that extra tool to help me.

Tammy Graham from Portland, OR
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