Roman Chamomile Oil – A Healing Story by Rebecca

Wow! I was at my family reunion yesterday (7/28/13) and my cousin’s 5-year-old son was stung by a bee. It was his first bee encounter. No bee sting is good but this one was on his face near his ear. Yikes! My 15-year-old son was playing baseball with him at the time and told him…

Geranium Oil – A Healing Story by Kelly

I had a very persistent itchy detox rash that was calmed by putting Roman Chamomile Oil and Geranium Oil on it which also caused me to smell like lovely flowers. Geranium Oil is also fabulous for wrinkles and is very calming.

Roman Chamomile Oil – A Healing Story by Marcie

My daughter isn’t a great sleeper, and this means neither am I! When she isn’t resting, or is waking a lot, a dab of Roman Chamomile and a dab of Wild orange  helps her to settle her mind and fall back to sleep. Thank goodness for essential oils!

Roman Chamomile Oil – A Healing Story by Lucinda

I’m a Master Gardener and in that course I learned a lot about different chemicals to use in the garden but I prefer to use essential oils that are good for the plants and for me. I taught a class about using essential oils in the garden. In my research on the topic I learned…

Roman Chamomile Oil – A Healing Story by Lucinda

Ouch! My nursing baby tried out his teeth on me and I had a split in my skin that was very painful every time he nursed after that! The recommendation for cracked/broken skin is myrrh but he did not like the smell and wouldn’t eat when I applied that oil so I used Roman Chamomile…