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Essential Oil Stories – PastTense Oil Blend

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PastTense Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Amanda

One fall day I met with my son’s elementary school teacher for a Parent-Teacher Conference while my kids played on the school playground. After a few minutes my kids came running into the classroom telling me that my five year old daughter had been stung by a bee or maybe a wasp.

I wasn’t sure what to do since I wasn’t at home with my usual first aid supplies. I had a bottle of PastTense in my purse and decided to roll that on the red and swollen bite. A minute after rolling on the Past Tense, the pain and itching was gone. After a few more applications the redness and swelling was gone too.

By the end of that day my five year old and I had both forgotten that she had been stung by a bee earlier that day. There was no sign of it! Now I know that PastTense is not only good for headaches and muscle pains, it’s great for bee stings too.

Amanda Olsen from Meridian, ID
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