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Essential Oil Stories – Oregano Oil

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Oregano Oil – A Healing Story by Lucinda

I had just learned about essential oils and remembered at the class learning that Oregano oil will heal a case of mastitis [nursing moms' breast infection]. I woke up one morning with a fever and pain and I applied oregano directly on my skin! Ouch! I learned first hand that it is a “hot” oil and that when you are new to using essential oils, getting educated is important! Luckily I only felt a temporary burning feeling and because I caught the infection right at the start of it, it went away quickly!

Lucinda Foster from Portland, OR
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Oregano Oil – A Healing Story by Andrea

For as long as I can remember, my husband has suffered from chronic sinus infections. Every spring, every summer. He would feel them coming on and we would adjust all sorts of things to help his body fight–up the water consumption, up the greens, eliminate sugar, add probiotics. All of those adjustments would seem to help for a while and then the infection would hit him hard enough that he couldn’t wait any more. Off he would go to the doctor’s office, dreading the antibiotics and the upset stomachs.

These infections would rarely be knocked out by one round of meds, so he would go back two, sometimes three times, frustrated with it not working, frustrated with the awful reaction his stomach had to antibiotics and frustrated with the cost of all those visits. I think the worst part of all this was the sense of having no control over what was happening. What could he do to avoid these? Every time he would see a doctor or PA, he would ask that question and never get any advice. It was like it was all a mystery.

About a year ago, I was introduced to essential oils after one of Robyn’s classes. I used them to help me get over insomnia, to add pep to my morning cup of tea, to add new, healthy flavors to my green smoothies. I began to learn about oils that would help our bodies fight sinus infections.

This time when my husband felt an infection coming on we did not wait. We began to give him capsules of oregano and 2-3 other oils two times a day, one with breakfast and one with supper. Since his sinuses seem to have a time getting cleared, we kept this up for 10-14 days and then tapered off to 1 capsule a day for a few additional days.

What happened? His infection went away! What about side effects? His dry skin along his hair line also went away! We laughed at what a great alternative that was to an upset stomach. Now, when he feels any twinge in his sinuses, he treats it immediately and hasn’t had to do such an extended treatment. These oils have given him a sense of empowerment over his health that he struggled with for so long. What a blessing these oils have been.

Andrea Morgan from Winston Salem, NC
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