Oregano Oil – A Healing Story by Lana

We have had many awesome stories but one of our favorites is with oregano. One of my sons had over 18 plantar warts on both his feet that were very painful. We applied the oil twice a day, and In less than 8 weeks they were gone, just beautiful skin.

Oregano Oil – A Healing Story by Kelly

One of my boys had very painful planter warts on his feet. I took him to the doctor and had them burned off costing us $170. Later, another son developed planter warts too but this time I used Oregano Oil. It took some time but they fell of with a much nicer price-tag.

Oregano Oil – A Healing Story by Marcie

I have a preteen son whose foot-smell is starting really make me want to run for the hills! A little Oregano Oil, mixed with witch hazel and sprayed in his shoes, and on the bottom of his feet has helped tremendously, and I’m so glad we can take care of it without chemicals!

Oregano Oil – A Healing Story by Andrea

I began working with a lady who has skin tags on her face and shoulders. She is very self-conscious about them. Several years ago, she had the tags removed by a dermatologist but they returned and she had since tried to make peace with this part of her appearance. On my suggestion, she began using…

Oregano Oil – A Healing Story by Andrea

When an asthmatic gets sick, it is usually worse and lasts longer than when someone without a compromised immune system gets sick. If it moves into your lungs, get ready for steroids (which can be a lifesaver and when you are feeling so crummy, you will say yes to anything). After taking steroids pretty much…

Oregano Oil – A Healing Story by Joy

I, recently, was out-of-town visiting my parents and brother. I had just learned about essential oils and brought them with me (secretly hoping something would be wrong with them so I could give the oils a try!) My brother started complaining about his foot hurting. He had a planters wart that had been bothering him…