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Essential Oil Stories – On Guard Oil Blend

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On Guard Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Loretta

My mom had been hospitalized previously for Diverticulitis…long overdue and had gotten to a stage that wasn’t good. After being on antibiotics for 14 days and having fatigue, loss of appetite, diarrhea, among other side effect, she vowed to never have that happen again.

Well, “never say never”, as the saying goes. Diverticulitis was rearing its ugly head again, but this time, she had OILS!! She used empty capsules and filled them with 12 drops of On Guard, 6 drops of Oregano, and 2 drops of Frankincense. She took these capsules every 6 hours of being awake for 14 days. And also drank enough water to drown an elephant.

The first two days were rough, not seeing a whole lot of results, but she felt like it wasn’t getting worse. By day 3, she felt the pain diminish and some of her abdominal swelling was dissipating. By day 5 she could rub her tummy without it being painful. On day 7, she was feeling mostly recovered but continued to take the capsules for another week.

No trip to the doctor, none of the side effects of the anti-biotics the doctors would have prescribed. Her body wasn’t further attacked due to immune system being compromised from the anti-biotics!

She was amazed at how well she felt after one week. Typically she is down and out for a month or so due to her body having to recover from the anti-biotics and the damage they do.

Now she can’t help but share the good news of doTerra Essential Oils!

Loretta Gaul from Cheney/Spokane, WA
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On Guard Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Brandi

A friend of mine became sick because of all the stress in her life. (Husband graduating school, getting the family ready to move to Alabama and needing to buy a house, the adoption of baby #3, school ending for their children, family visiting…you get the idea.)

She came down with bronchitis. Her Dr. told her it would get worse before it got better and it would last at least 2 weeks. I told her “no, it won’t” and I immediately brought her some oils.

I told her to try OnGuard every 15-20 minutes for a few hours and see how she feels. Breathe blend for her chest and Serenity and Balance on her feet as needed just because. 2 days later she came to my Medicine Cabinet Makeover class and reported feeling significantly better. But more importantly, she said she was feeling better from the inside out, because she’d not resorted to just taking drugs to cover up a symptom.

She signed up to get oils wholesale so she can continue to bless her family, and intends on teaching others in Alabama!

Brandi Ginn from Longmont, CO
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On Guard Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Beckie

For my “everyday” job (besides teaching Doterra classes) I am a teacher. I work with students ranging from preschool age to middle school on a daily basis and this means I am CONSTANTLY fighting off sickness. This school year alone we have had everything from common colds, strep throat to MRSA.

I have been on the defense since September. I am confident in my immune system and do what I can to keep it strong through out the year (whole foods, smoothies and a daily oil regimen), but I still managed to get hit with strep throat three weeks before the school year ended. I had come so close to a perfect record this year! It was miserable! I had not been sick like that in years.

I will be honest, after the first two days of 102 fever and severe sore throat I was tempted to run to the Medi Center and get an antibiotic, but I had Robyn’s voice in my head and I decided to trust my body and the power of the essential oils I was using. My protocol was this: peppermint water and a washcloth on my forehead to help break the fever, a flu bomb twice a day, lemon and peppermint tea, melaleuca and helichrysum on a cotton ball in my ears and gargling with Onguard or frankincense.

You may look at this list and think “That is a lot of stuff to do!” and you would be right, but for me knowing that I avoided the doctor’s office (I currently do not have insurance), stayed away from antibiotics, helped my body truly heal and was up and running again by Monday, made it completely worth it!

Flu Bomb: In one veggie cap put 5 drops Onguard, 3 drops frankincense and 3 drops oregano
In another veggie cap put 5 drops melaleuca and 4 drops lemon

Beckie Waalkes from Grand Rapids, MI
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On Guard Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Malee

I had an ongoing infected gum and I was treating it with a couple different oils, mostly Melaluca and Lemon. It would go away for a bit and then come back. At the start of the holiday weekend, my tooth started to have a dull ache, and I thought it would start throbbing at anytime and I would be stuck all weekend without being able to go to the dentist!

I was driving on the freeway and the thought popped into my head to try the On Guard blend on it, since I didn’t have clove oil and that is what is in the toothpaste, duh! I pulled it out of my purse and put it on and, I literally in 3 seconds the pain was gone and that was 3 days ago and it still has not returned!

Malee Simpson from Las Vegas, NV
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On Guard Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Angela

I have a little boy who knows how to use the potty.

He, however, forgets to aim sometimes and makes the bathroom smell like…..little boy. After battling the smell and wiping and cleaning every day, I decided to use OnGuard to help combat that smell. I mixed 10 drops of OnGuard in a spray bottle with water and after I have him clean up his mess I spray a few squirts behind and around the toilet. Presto! No more little boy smell!

I love to be able to make the bathroom smell better, and OnGuard helps disinfect too.

Angela Fischbach from Gladstone, OR
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On Guard Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Laura

On Guard – A Healing Story by Laura

Last night my girlfriend and I were going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. She got in my car and had just gotten bitten by a bug on her arm, her arm was red and extremely itchy at the site of the bite and she was scratching.

I always keep On Guard in the car because I don’t use antibacterial sanitizers because of the chemicals. I handed her the On Guard, she put a drop on the red and itchy bug bite. In less then 5 minutes she said “OMG! I don’t feel anything anymore!” She told everyone at the party that night about my “miracle oil.”

(Coach Jeanette’s Team)

Laura from Boca Raton, FL
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On Guard Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Annie

A simple story: doTerra On Guard is such a versatile oil! This blend addresses Bacteria Immune system support, mold, topical disinfectant, and virus. I keep a ‘shot glass’ at my bathroom sink, put a small amount of water in it and 1-2 drops of On Guard, and gargle and swish once in the morning and once at night to insure a clean and healthy mouth. I feel good that I am being proactive about my oral hygiene, thus my overall health!

Annie from Mill Valley, CA
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On Guard Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Robyn

I think this is the most VALUABLE oil blend in my arsenal. Every time one of my kids gets even a sniffle, they know to immediately put 1-2 drops of On Guard on the back of their hand, and lick it off. I tell them to do this every 1-2 hours.

I attended the 2012 doTERRA convention and watched a presentation of a microbiologist showing a year’s worth of petri dish studies. She filled petri dishes with MRSA, which is a terrifying strain of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection that kills the elderly and weak, primarily in hospitals where it flourishes. Medicine doesn’t know what to do with it. Vancomycin is the antibiotic they use, and the microbiologist showed that it killed only 60-70 percent of the MRSA bacteria grown in the petri dishes. The remaining 30% could still kill you!

On Guard, however, killed 100% of the MRSA bacteria! Over and over, in repeated experiments. The highest effectiveness was 1-2 drops. (Effectiveness actually decreased with 5 drops.) So I tell my children, use small amounts, more often.

I was traveling with Coach Jeanette recently and was complaining about the infection I got on my toe in a salon pedicure. I was going out for a run, and every morning that five miles on the pavement while I was on speaking tour in California was excruciating. My toe was red, swollen, and throbbing. I thought it was an ingrown toenail, so I never thought to use On Guard. But Coach Jeanette brought hers to me and demanded I put it on my toe. I put one drop on it and went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning, the redness and swelling was GONE. The infection never returned. One application only.

On Guard is an AMAZING tool for a thousand anti-viral, anti-bacterial uses. I would not be without it. Every one of my children has their own bottle so they can put it to immediate use if I’m out of town (which is a lot).

Robyn from Lindon, UT
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