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Essential Oil Stories – Helichrysum Oil

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Helichrysum Oil – A Healing Story by Tammy

Recently while doing dishes in my mother-in-laws porcelain sink I dropped her 41 year old glass bowl which broke and sliced my knuckle to the bone; it looked bad. Concerned, my mother-in-law urged me to go to the ER. I chose not to and instead took out my Melaleuca to disinfect the wound then asked my husband to please drive home to fetch me the Helichrysum.

He gladly did as he’d rather drive 26 miles round trip than pay a few hundred dollars for me to go to urgent care and get stitched up. He brought the helichrysum back to me, I put a few drops on my cut and like magic, it sealed right up. I felt it; it was wild!

For me, Helichrysum lived up to its reputation as “stitches in a bottle” and I am so grateful.

Note to self – add Helichrysum to my oil “carry with me everywhere I go” case.

Tammy Graham from Portland, Or
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