Ginger Oil – A Healing Story by Kelly

I put a few drops of Ginger in my Detox baths and gives me a deeper sweat than ever before. The deeper sweat cleared up the allergens in my body that were giving me a reaction so I was grateful.

Ginger Oil – A Healing Story by Angela

We had some friends over to visit and one of them was complaining of stomach issues, nausea, vomiting and heartburn. My husband offered our friend some Tums and I told him before he ate Tums, he shouldtry some Ginger Oil on his stomach and if that didn’t help to go for the Tums. He rubbed…

Ginger Oil – A Healing Story by Marcie

I love adding a little Essential Oil to my fresh juices-it is an excellent way to add spice! I have always loved ginger, and using Ginger Oil is so convenient when compared to juicing ginger and having to deal with the little fibers in the mechanism!

Ginger Oil – A Healing Story by Loretta

Years ago, I was on antibiotics for “sinus infections” about twice a year. I was so tired of being on medication that I told my doctor I wanted my sinuses to be cleaned out. Before agreeing, he had a scan done of my ear/nose/throat. During my follow up with the ear/nose/throat specialist, he put my…

Ginger Oil – A Healing Story by Tammy

Tonight I was in a mood; one of THOSE moods. I was feeling defeated because my boys were simply not obeying me. It was getting late and we didn’t get the things done that I had wanted to. Or perhaps it is because I just began the candida cleanse and am not eating the foods…