Geranium Oil – A Healing Story by Kala

Two weeks ago my husband cut two of his fingers to the bone with a razor blade. The injury occurred while he was at work at a medical facility and fortunately the head nurse was still on duty and she quickly cleaned the wound and wrapped it. She felt that he would surely need stitches.…

Geranium Oil – A Healing Story by Kelly

I had a very persistent itchy detox rash that was calmed by putting Roman Chamomile Oil and Geranium Oil on it which also caused me to smell like lovely flowers. Geranium Oil is also fabulous for wrinkles and is very calming.

Geranium Oil – A Healing Story by Marcie

Geranium rocks for so many reasons, but I especially love it for helping with my vertigo. I dab it behind my ears, and rub the muscles that control ear movements, and this relaxes and balances them to assist my body in maintaining balance.