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Essential Oil Stories – Eucalyptus Oil

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Eucalyptus Oil – A Healing Story by Marcie

Sinus infections! Ugh, I hate them, and when I get them it is HORRIBLE! I use Eucalyptus Oil along with onguard to help me fight off suspect infections. I have definitely noticed a difference in the length of the illness, and I have recovered quicker without any lingering symptoms!

Marcie Macari from Toronto, ON
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Eucalyptus Oil – A Healing Story by Marcie

By far Eucalyptus Oil is my favorite go-to stuffy-nose-reliever essential oil! Just a few drops on the floor of my shower, a few quiet moments of hot steamy water, and VOILA! I can breathe again! Also excellent diffused!

Marcie Macari from Fergus, Ontario
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Eucalyptus Oil – A Healing Story by Sherry

Robyn, I’m sorry, I know some might consider this TMI (too much [personal] information), but what Eucalyptus, Lavender and some other oils did for me is pretty amazing in my book. I think my doctors were impressed too. I wish I had had access to these when I was a health care provider in the Navy.

I recently had some extensive Gyn surgery, which is actually why I took the IPC plunge. I am allergic to all narcotic drugs. After researching my Modern Essentials book, I discovered that Eucalyptus oil has been shown to have the analgesia “power” of morphine. I chose this and a few other oils to help me manage the pain.

Luckily, here in Fort Collins, CO most of the medical personnel are open to Integrated Therapeutic medicine. I was allowed to use my oils in the hospital and even in the recovery room. Though right after surgery I did have to have Tylenol intravenously, and Toradol, the oils decreased the amount of the medications that I needed.

All the nurses and a few of the hospital staff members who came in my room commented how good it smelled in there. They often asked if they could they stay awhile. (I was using a blend of some different oils, Lavender, Geranium, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, and Clary Sage were the main ones.)

My husband put an oil blend of those on my feet, Solace® on my reflex points, and plain Eucalyptus in an alternating fashion every few hours. I also diffused the Eucalyptus. I made a blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Deep Blue®, Frankincense, and Ginger in the hand lotion to put on my abdomen. With each one of these, I would feel relief in Leeds than a minute. I was able to take very little of the powerful anti-inflammatory drug Toradol I had been prescribed, and less Tylenol than I would have otherwise, despite having a high tolerance to pain. I think this surgery was more painful than the two knee surgeries I’ve had.

I have an aggressive form of arthritis in most of my joints, my entire spine and degenerative disc disease with nerve compression from 2 herniated discs, all after effects of having contracted malaria while I was in the Navy. Through the use of eucalyptus and Deep Blue® I have reduced my daily intake of tylenol from 1300 mg twice a day to once or twice a week. Eucalyptus is my go to oil for pain. A few drops on my feet, an pain is chased away.

On a side note though, I didn’t have it the week before my surgery. (It came in the day of, because of a shipping error). As “Mother Nature” would have her one last laugh, my menstrual cycle came a week early. This one was very painful. I put Lavender on my lower abdomen. In about ten seconds, the pain was gone. I did have to reapply it every few hours for a day, then once or twice more over the course of that week, but the results were near instantaneous.

These oils are changing my life and my husband’s. I have had other great experiences too. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Sherry Paschal from Fort Collins, CO
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