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Essential Oil Stories – Breathe Oil Blend

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Breathe Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Robyn

This is the oil I use most often. Running a growing company, speaking in 60 cities annually, plus a worldwide research tour, and raising four kids by myself, sometimes I get a little…..stressed.

Breathe is my tonic! I’m actually a little bit addicted—the eucalyptus in it, not too much, is like catnip to me. I have a bottle of Breathe in my car, in my purse, in my infrared sauna, next to my desk, and my son has a bottle next to his phone at work, where he fields angry customers’ calls. His co-workers ask to share it when they take a stressful call.

This is my challenge for you. Open the bottle. Take six deep breaths, the deepest you possibly can, slowly. Inhaling the aromas of the eucalyptus, peppermint, and other oils in this blend through your nose. See if it doesn’t immediately calm you down, and open wide your respiratory system. I literally feel like my shoulders have been pulled back an inch, and I’m now open to the world, calm and positive.

Our limbic system responds to molecules of stimulating medicine. But another thing you do as you adopt this habit, anytime you’re feeling tight in the chest, or stressed out, is also psychologically train yourself to think and understand: this is the practice whereby I relax and open up, and breathe. You don’t even have to consciously have this thought. Your psyche will do this for you subconsciously, with the help of the oils, as you simply perform this six-breath technique every day.

Remember, oxygenating the body reduces our disease risk. Everyone should take six very deep, slow breaths several times a day anyway! Now we add to that habit some lovely-smelling medicinal aromatics that have been used for thousands of years for proper breathing.

This is also a great oil blend to diffuse at night, to help children breathe if they have a cough, or allergies, and to purify the air.

Robyn from Lindon, UT
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