Breathe Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Tess

I met a woman at one of my Essential Oil events. She said she had asthma and trouble breathing at night, she bought some oils and started using Breathe Oil Blend every evening. When I saw her two weeks later, she said the Breathe Oil Blend had really helped her at night and drastically improved her breathing.

Breathe Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Stacy

Every winter my 5-year-old daughter gets croupy/bronchial symptoms, which often result in antibiotics and/or steroids. I have been able to prevent many treatments of medications due to using Breathe Oil Blend on her chest and feet at the onset of a cold or cough. This product has truly amazed me!

Breathe Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Marcie

I’ve never been diagnosed with asthma, but this past week the air was very, very humid. I had such a tough time getting a nice satisfying breath of air! It was like I could breathe in as hard as I wanted to, but never quite felt I was getting enough. I tried everything. Nothing was…

Breathe Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Tessa

Every winter, since my 3-year-old was 3 months old, she has had to have nebulizer treatments EVERY time she got a cold. She hated these treatments (4 times a day most days) and I hated that I was putting drugs into her body to “open up her lungs” as her ped would say. When I…