Basil Oil – A Healing Story by Andrea

I sliced my finger wide open (this is what happens when you cut cheese in your hand and not on a cutting board). Once I got the bleeding to stop I put Lavender Oil and Basil Oil on it. I did this three times over 2 days and although the wound is still there, the…

Basil Oil – A Healing Story by Marcie

Basil oil is an excellent wake-me-up oil. I have long since used Peppermint, but recently started trying Basil, and found it to be a great energizing oil. I don’t drink caffeine, and sometimes I wish I did! Invigorating Essential Oils like Basil really help reduce that need.:)

Basil Oil – A Healing Story by Angela

Whenever my son gets a bug bite, he comes to me and asks for an oil to help the itching. So I grab Basil to help with the itch along with Lavender. The combination of layering, first Basil and then Lavender, helps every time.

Basil Oil – A Healing Story by Loretta

At the start of a recent Green Smoothie Girl Tour, I believe I was experiencing some adrenal fatigue. I had a long haul ahead and had to be on my game! From Wednesday to Friday, my symptoms just got worse! The pain was so bad; I could feel the pressure of the swelling on my…

Basil Oil – A Healing Story by Jex and Jamie

Anyone who has suffered from a mouth ulcer knows that they are both painful and annoying. A few drops of Basil applied directly to the ulcer takes away the pain and completely heals the sore within a few days. So easy and totally natural!