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Essential Oil Stories – AromaTouch Oil Blend

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AromaTouch Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Tammy

Relaxation in a bottle – that’s what I needed in my hurried state. I’m traveling a lot right now. This has resulted in my feeling very stressed and not being present or enjoying each moment. I needed something to help me slow down, take a deep breath and trust in a higher power to make up for what I couldn’t do. As I often do when I find myself in a negative mood state I turned to my Emotions and Essential Oils book. As I suspected, it had an answer for me; the Aroma Touch blend also called “The Oil of Relaxation”. Perfect. Since I was in such a hurry this is as close as I was going to get to a massage, which is often what people like to turn to for relaxation. It did the trick. I’m glad to have this “massage in a bottle” to turn to next time I start hurrying.

Tammy Graham from Portland, OR
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AromaTouch Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Marcie

Aroma Touch is a wonderful blend for connecting with my kiddos. I just put a couple of drops on their hands or feet, and massage them gently, which gives them undivided attention and an opportunity to feel safe to talk about things they may otherwise not know how to share.

Marcie Macari from Toronto, ON

AromaTouch Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Jamila Leslie Diane

I have a client that comes to me for massage and cold laser sessions on a regular basis. He has an inflammatory condition of the spine involving degeneration and he lives a fast paced, busy life with many demands. He searches for the best Chiropractors and Osteopaths to work with. He wants results with every moment he takes on the table. Recently I incoroporated AromaTouch Oil Blend into his session. I added drops to my massage oil for the entire body and applied it neat over the affected spinal area. He called me back 5 days later and told me it was the most effective session he had ever had from me and that he felt amazingly refreshed for days afterwards!

Jamila Leslie Diane Remington from Sebastopol, CA
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AromaTouch Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Lucinda

I love putting essential oils in my green smoothies for specific healing purposes. But for overall wellness and disease prevention, a weekly AromaTouch Technique light-touch massage has been a gift for my family. We can’t always get out the massage table and perform a complete session for every member of the family, but I’ve found that just layering the oils in the AromaTouch kit when one of us just starts getting sick turns things around almost instantly!

One time all the kids were suffering from the rotavirus “stomach flu”. My 8-month old baby was the last to get any sign of it. The day that I was at training to be certified in AromaTouch Technique, he threw up twice while I was gone. When I returned home, I layered the oils on his spine while he squirmed. He was instantly better and did not throw up again!

A day later, my husband, who is always moving, like an Energizer bunny, looked worn down and felt as if he might get what the kids had. He slept for 15 hours! I took the time to do the full treatment on him and about 30 minutes later he was back to working in his office and looked as if he was raised from the dead!

I was amazed by the immediate difference! He never did come down with the rotavirus. The AromaTouch oil blend is one of the 9 oils used in this technique. It smells wonderful and is a great introductory oil blend for anyone who is new to essential oils and possibly reluctant to try oils because of past reactions to synthetic or impure versions.

Lucinda Foster from Portland, OR
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AromaTouch Oil Blend – A Healing Story by Kelly

We have loved using AromaTouch in our home for massages, using the AromaTouch technique, but also for my neighbor’s neuropathy and edema from diabetes.

My 5 children love being touched and fortunately they love having mom put oils on them. Once a week they climb up on my massage table so I can put the 8 AromaTouch technique oils on their back. I really find they are more settled in their own bodies.

There are other times in the week that they need more touch than just cuddling so I have give them massages with this blend and they really do relax and feel more loved.

My next door neighbor is really up there in age (somewhere in her 80s-90s) and has so many health issues. She has not gone for a walk in years because she was caring for her husband. Now that he has passed, I have started taking her on walks and rubbing her legs and feet with AromaTouch for about 10min after. She is new woman and a believer in the oils. She has not felt her feet in years and has a new spring in her step :) I feel so fortunate to be a part of that healing power.

Kelly Titmus from Boise, Id
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