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Essential Oils

Hopefully I’ve convinced you of the power of plant-based nutrition. What about plant-based biochemistry, to address human health concerns? It makes every bit as much sense.

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Over 70 percent of pharmaceuticals originate as Amazon Rainforest plant essences. Many of the plants that have adapted for thousands of years in the same environment that we humans have possess powerful healing properties. Those plant extracts may have 200 or even 800 healing constituents in them, which work together synergistically to be disease-preventative, or lethal to microbes, or soothing. A drug made from a plant is nothing more than an isolated, chemically changed, single constituent of that plant. (Pharmaceutical companies do this in order to patent the chemical drug.)

The human body, then, doesn’t adapt to counteract the complex effects of an essential oil that may be anti-microbial or anti-viral, like it does for a single chemical drug! Essential oils are cell selective, so they operate without negative side effects, only on aberrant cells. Those rich in sesquiterpenes (ginger, or frankincense, for instance) can actually cross the blood-brain barrier, and oxygenate and stimulate the brain’s limbic system.

An arsenal of certified, therapeutic-grade essential oils is a must-have in every home. Drugs don’t heal; they mask symptoms and create other problems. Essential oils are my family’s first line of defense, bringing our health care cost down and our empowerment to solve our own problems up! Oils sold in health food stores frustrated me for years, until I found doTERRA’s very high-quality products with no additives or chemical solvents. You will know the difference instantly when you smell or use them!

Purchase retail oils here on the site to try. Or for wholesale pricing and points earned for free product, contact any of the GreenSmoothieGirl apprentice coaches listed on the Essential Oils Stories page. If you’d like to share oils with others, too, apply as an apprentice coach and we’ll introduce you to our coach in your area.