GreenSmoothieGirl Detox Program

The GreenSmoothieGirl 26-day, Full-Support Detox: safely and easily clean house, and lose 7 to 20 lbs!

Most of us are in a state so undesirable—but so common—that we’ve accepted it as “normal”.

  • You’re tired all the time, and way too young to be so tired.
  • Your weight is over your ideal, and trying every fad diet hasn’t worked.
  • Your digestion isn’t really working, but you don’t know how to fix it.
  • You often feel depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by everyday life problems.


The live GreenSmoothieGirl 26-Day Full Support Detox Program is currently closed.

To detox on your own—or with a buddy—purchase the Detox Manual.

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What if these conditions weren’t necessary and were easier than you thought to turn around? Toxic sludge has built up in your digestive tract, and chemicals have accumulated in your liver, kidneys, skin, and lymphatic system. Your blood is circulating toxic fragments round and round. What if there’s a way out?

The GreenSmoothieGirl Detox is 26 days of the most productive rest-and-repair you’ve likely given your body in an entire lifetime.

Take the journey and you’ll get support from experts, recipes that taste good, and detailed instructions! It’s based on good science and safe, effective detoxification.


  1. Systematic Detox colon, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, joints, blood, lymph.
  2. Lose weight if desired.
  3. Information, from leading medical detoxification experts.
  4. Learn the best practices in detoxification in a structured program.
  5. Two levels of Detox: Level I for those new to detox. Level II for an advanced, optimized experience.
  6. Food-elimination program to test personal food sensitivities.
  7. Detox Buddy Make a friend. Share the work. Have accountability!
  8. Detox Forum, ask questions, get answers from Detox staff and members.
  9. Learn how to minimize or eliminate exposure to toxins.
  10. Understanding of nutrition to maintain your rejuvenated self!

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Full Support
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Manual Only -
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Detox Portal Support forum, Q&A calls,
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Get Notified When Available

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* Bonus items and printed materials are for initial purchases. Upgrades do not include the items. Full Support memberships include an option to upgrade to Lifetime Membership at the end.


The Full Support Detox Membership is a colon, liver, kidney, and gall bladder cleansing program that includes:
Detox Manual

  1. Robyn’s Detox Manual
    • Menu plans, recipes, and shopping lists
    • Recipe photos
    • Your body’s detoxification and elimination systems.
    • Toxins, the body’s Toxic Load, sources of toxins, and how to avoid them
    • The dreaded “cleansing reactions,” what they are and how to sail through
    • Where most detox programs go wrong, what to avoid.
    • Recipes, tips, and videos on replacing toxic cosmetic and home products
    • Changing your personal “set point” for your weight.
    • Habits that help your diet purify and restore organs of elimination
    • Food-elimination process to identify your food sensitivities
    • Transitioning back to “real life” without falling into old habits
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Chart of foods to eat freely, sparingly, and not at all
  2. Quick Start Guide with menu plans, recipes, shopping lists
  3. A laminated wallet-sized card to take shopping, ingredients to avoid in cosmetic and self-care products
  4. Detox Portal is your access to all detox information and resources online
  5. Support from Detox Staff and participants in the forum to answer questions and optimize your experience
  6. Daily email from Robyn with helpful content
  7. Videos and Audios featuring detox-expert doctors
  8. Buddy Connection find a buddy for support and meal-prep sharing

Detox Companion Kit

Detox Companion Kit

Enhance your Detox experience with a Detox Companion Kit, and save! Includes the right amount of each product used in the Detox recipes to maximize your results.


Skin Brushing Kit

Skin Brush and Chart

Whether you are Detoxing or not, skin brushing is a beneficial habit. Frequent stimulation of the lymph system allows your body to eliminate waste more effectively.