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jeanette fransen

Coach Jeanette Fransen

Jeanette Fransen is a traditional naturopath, treating the whole body not just the part that is ill.  Traditional naturopathy draws on the healing systems of many cultures, including Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese, Native American, European homeopathic, and Greek or Hippocratic medicine. The primary goal is to facilitate the body’s natural abilities to maintain or restore health.

Jeanette has studied and interned with some of the best, cutting-edge doctors around the world and attends many seminars every year. She has trained many N.D.’s in what she has learned because much of it is not taught in the naturopathic schools, and has been recruited by many M.D.’s to work for them or train them. She has been in private practice for over 5 years and has had great success helping people that mainstream medicine and other health practitioners have been unable to help.

Robyn says, “I met Jeanette in our biological dentist’s office, and we just clicked, stayed and talked for two hours. She has beaten enormous health problems and literally went to the ends of the earth to recover her health and help her children reverse autism. You don’t get to meet people often, like Jeanette. She’s a powerhouse of knowledge and I personally asked her to apply as a coach, because I knew she would be amazing.”

Coach Jeanette at 2012 certification in Sundance, Utah, with GSG Event Planner Amanda Olsen.

Jeanette dedicated herself to naturopathic, biological, and functional medicine after several M.D.’s diagnosed both her children with autism and told her that they would never speak.  Additionally, Jeanette herself struggled with many serious health conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, severe thyroid disease, and more.

Jeanette’s daughter has fully recovered from autism, and Jeanette is completely symptom free of the many diagnoses that had her bedridden at age 25.

Jeanette lives in southern California with her husband and children. She loves the outdoors and enjoys going to the beach, gardening, swimming, running and surfing.  She speaks on how to avoid the pitfalls of the mainstream medical establishment, nutrition, holistic living, and making over your medicine cabinet.

Jeanette is available for the following types of coaching:

  • Phone Coaching (individual, small group)  $350/hr. 1 hour – $350
  • In-Person Coaching
    • (individual, small group, store tours, in-home consultation),  $350/hr.  1 hour – $350
    • (small group), $75/hr per person. 1 hour – $75 per person
  • VIP Classes (choose 4 or 8 of our classes, or talk with your coach about what you want to learn).

$75.00$2,000.00 Select options