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Barbara Jennings

Coach Dr. Barbara Jennings

Barbara Jennings is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Chiropractic Acupuncturist, and owner of Health Summit Chiropractic. Dr. Jennings has extensive post-graduate training in nutrition, inflammation, cellular detoxification, and neurotoxic illness. She teaches regularly on these subjects.

Barbara is a classical pianist and enjoys her lively life as a mother and step-mother to 7 children. She also loves teaching fitness classes.

In 1998, Barbara successfully avoided surgery and lifetime medication by using diet, nutrition, and holistic healthcare to overcome what she was told was an “incurable autoimmune disease.”

Always searching for what truly heals, what makes sense, and what is reasonable and affordable for herself, her family, and her patients, Barbara has a unique knowledge and skill set to educate and serve others who, like her, want to heal their bodies and avoid medications and surgery.

Barbara was introduced to green smoothies by her sister and was sold after the first one. She says:

“Before green smoothies, I was already eating a really good, clean diet. But after only one green smoothie, my body craved another. And another. I knew I was still lacking what my body really needed: MORE greens and MORE whole foods. I was an instant green smoothie fan and rarely miss a day. I am following the 12 Steps to Whole Foods program with my family and am excited to help you do the same! Once you start eating more greens and whole foods, you won’t ever want to quit!”

Robyn says, “I met Barbara when we co-lectured at events in Colorado. She’s a good speaker who can make scientific concepts understandable to a lay audience. I’m excited to work with her in Colorado and other areas, because her practitioner experience combined with her triumph over major health challenges, and raising a large family, make her an ideal health coach and lecturer for our cause.”

Barbara is available for the following types of coaching:

  • Phone Coaching: $60/15 minutes (individual); $240/1 hr. (individual or group call)
  • In-Person Coaching (small group), $60/15 minutes; 1 hour- $240
  • VIP Classes (choose 4 or 8 of our classes, or talk with your coach about what you want to learn).

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