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Cathi Waalkes

Coach Cathi Waalkes

Cathi Waalkes is a self-care warrior who believes everyone should have access to the power of nutrition. Her passion is to speak about holistic health and healing. Cathi lives what she teaches and is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Kristin, Laura, and Robyn are blown away by Cathi’s enthusiasm, self-starting qualities, and her overall positive energy. We loved every minute we’ve had the privilege to spend with her. Robyn says, “Cathi is going to be an amazing coach. Her heart is in the right place, and she is beautiful inside and out. Her classes are well organized and she loves helping people.”

She proudly represents Green Smoothie Girl and DoTerra’s life-changing essential oils as the foundation for life-altering wellness.  She still believes in Santa Claus though, and on Christmas Eve she leaves him carrots and hummus instead of cookies and milk.  She would love to coach him as she feels he could be a svelte 175 lbs with low cholesterol and dodge the bullet of adult onset diabetes.

Hiking with Robyn and other coaches at Sundance, Utah.

Previous versions of Cathi include kindergarten teacher, non-profit fundraiser, and business woman. Interwoven in all those careers was a passion for a healthy lifestyle. Her journey took a dramatic turn when she discovered whole foods and the impact of green smoothies on her previously constant battle with weight and dieting.

After adapting 12 Steps to Whole Foods to her lifestyle as a busy working mom, struggling with weight was no longer an issue and counting calories is a thing of the past.

Cathi has been married 30 years and is mother to three children. All of her children have benefited from growing up in a healthy home and she is thrilled that her daughters also have the passion to make health and healing their careers.

Cathi speaks her truth and spreads the joy and life-changing benefits of eating whole foods and living a holistic lifestyle.

Cathi is available for the following types of coaching:

  • Phone Coaching (individual)  $50/hr. 1 hour – $50
  • In-Person Coaching (individual)  $50/hr.  1 hour – $50, 4 hours – $175 (save 12.5%).
  • VIP Classes (choose 4 or 8 of our classes, or talk with your coach about what you want to learn).

To purchase coaching from Cathi, click here.