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Coach Carol

Coach Carol Galanty

Carol Galanty is the founder of the popular online health and wellness resource Get Some Zen. She loves teaching people to heal themselves by using food as their medicine, and living a disease-preventive lifestyle.

Coach Carol

Carol is a health-supportive chef trained by The Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan; a certified holistic health counselor; yoga instructor; Reconnective Healing Practitioner; and professional photographer. She teaches people how to take control of their health through a proactive, holistic approach that integrates diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, and essential oils.

Carol began teaching others to live a preventive lifestyle after healing herself from a debilitating case of hypoglycemia, a precursor to diabetes, through dietary and lifestyle changes.  She loves inspiring others to create positive lasting change in their lives, as she has done in her own.

When she is not experimenting in the kitchen, Carol can be found Getting Some Zen on her yoga mat; a tennis court; with her camera in hand; or driving her three kids all over the east end of Long Island.

Robyn says, “Carol is what every 40-something woman wishes she could be and look like, and that is due to her dedication to the principles we’re so committed to here at GSG. I’m ecstatic to have her lead the way in New York City, where we have a big work to do!”

To sample some of Carol’s work, visit her website and blog,, connect with her on Facebook or Twitter, or send her an email at