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Coaches “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” over Coach Karen’s Green Smoothie Tattoo!

The GSG Coaches show off Coach Karen’s green smoothie tattoo.

Coaching Opportunity

Do you like to teach others about health and wellness? Do you have part-time availability to build a career teaching people plant-based nutrition, and plant-based medicine—with residual income with GreenSmoothieGirl and doTERRA?

We are looking for people to join us in our high-energy mission that is impacting thousands of lives. Our momentum is massive – site traffic and attendance at events continues to build and grow. And, the GSG coaches and apprentices have a lot of fun!

After only 18 months of our program, we now already have 10 coaches and apprentices making $100k – $200k/year, and about 40 who are making $2k to $5k/month! The GSG coaches can teach YOU how to do this. We are looking for self-starting, growth-oriented, passionate leaders all over the U.S.!

Robyn has an average of 150 attendees at each of her nationwide events, and she needs help taking the message much further. Take a look at the hundreds of events currently scheduled on our site, most of which are taught by our Coaches and Senior Apprentices. After Robyn’s lectures, her audience attends a series of continuing education classes taught by YOU!

If you are passionate about good nutrition and wellness options outside Modern Medicine’s drugs-and-surgery approach, and want to join us, our apprentice coach opportunity may be for you!

We are currently not taking applications for our highly competitive Certified Coach program (15 coaches work with Robyn directly). However, the Apprentice Coach program requires no certification or tuition, and we are looking for people like you, passionate about helping people learn the truth, and rise above their health challenges!

You will work with one of our 15 nationwide coaches. With effort, you can earn your way into the Senior Apprentice position, with some significant benefits.

You can listen to a webinar with Robyn, doTERRA Blue Diamond (average Blue Diamond income is $499k/year) and colleague Laura Jacobs (master herbalist, kinesiologist, and doTERRA Presidential Diamond, average income $1.2 million/year).


(Webinar does not discuss the Senior Apprentice opportunity, since we added that later—read about it below.)

GreenSmoothieGirl Certified Health Coach (we are not currently accepting applications)

These are just some of the classes taught by the 15 Certified GreenSmoothieGirl coaches:

  1. Healing With Green Smoothies (an advanced green smoothie demo, teaching the audience how to target their own health issues, leveraging green smoothies and healing essential oils and other products).
  2. Medicine Cabinet Makeover (the biochemistry of essential oils, empowering a healer in every home).
  3. VIP Classes for green-smoothie graduates to learn the 12 Steps to Whole Foods program.

GreenSmoothieGirl Apprentice Health Coach

The apprentice coaches learn to teach their own Healing with Green Smoothies and Medicine Cabinet Makeover classes. There is a revenue opportunity associated with this, and any apprentice coach can out-earn a coach! You are limited only by your ability to learn and work. You can apply here.

Robyn’s audience is already converted to the idea that plant-based nutrition is powerful. The coaches build a bridge to plant-based, self-directed medicine to address specific problems. We marry the ideas of green smoothies and whole-foods nutrition—with doTERRA’s outstanding suite of essential oils for powerful healing and alternatives to toxic chemical approaches.

Our coaches love teaching people how to solve life’s little emergencies with powerful essences of the most healing plant substances found anywhere on the planet! It is exciting and rewarding! We are having a blast, and we have the fastest-growing group in the history of doTERRA, thanks to the lead-generating tool of the viral phenomenon,, as well as the work of our apprentice coaches sharing oils with everyone they meet!

As a GSG Apprentice Coach, you have the privilege of leveraging the opportunity to provide ongoing education to Robyn’s large audiences, after she leaves and introduces the audience to her coaching team, including you!

You will become an essential oils expert, and as you learn and grow and prove yourself, other apprentice coaches may be assigned by GSG to you, to work in your doTERRA essential oils group, to teach healing techniques to the audiences at your classes.

Our team is looking for people who fit the following criteria:

  1. are passionate about health and nutrition
  2. have been personally implementing our 12 Steps to Whole Foods program and are knowledgeable about nutrition
  3. are comfortable in sales and in public speaking to small groups

GreenSmoothieGirl SENIOR Apprentice Health Coach

doTerra oils As you advance with us in the doTERRA essential oils opportunity, which requires a personal monthly purchase of essential oils for your own use (and/or for resale), you learn to empower your clients. We have a career track to Senior Apprentice, with some special privileges that will help build your income and success.

doTERRA has a 65 percent retention rate, unheard of in the direct selling industry, because its products are unparalleled, proprietary, highly appealing to the GSG demographic (women ages 30-65), and highly effective. We teach our readers to be healers in their own homes.

The privileges of the Senior Apprentice are:

  1. Coming Soon: You will have the option to sell GSG products wholesale to sell at your classes. (This includes all of Robyn’s books, 12 Steps to Whole Foods course products, and our proprietary nutrition products including high-nutrition drink mixes, green smoothie add-ins like plant-based proteins and sprouted-flax products, and our Ultimate Minerals.) This is a privilege of the Senior Apprentice but is not required.
  2. You may ticket your classes on the site, where as many as 150,000 visitors monthly have the opportunity to see your classes and some will attend whom you would never have otherwise met.
  3. You may utilize the GreenSmoothieGirl-paid Event Planners to get your events ticketing and to publicize your events to our readers in the area.
  4. Robyn will put a link to your classes in her nationwide weekly newsletter to 100,000 double-opted-in subscribers.
  5. You become the highest priority for your GSG coach, as you have proven your leadership ability and work ethic and knowledge of our products. Therefore you get the highest level of support from her, and the most opportunities with the significant lead-generation tools we have.
  6. Senior Apprentice coaches are offered the opportunity to serve as GSG product reps in health food stores in your area.

You will have an opportunity to teach people to empower themselves with self-directed, plant-based medicine using the same essential oils that have been studied and used for centuries by many cultures. These plants have adapted and thrived in the same environment human beings have.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils address our health concerns cell-specifically, through our biochemistry, not damaging any healthy cells. They are completely different than nutrition, but these powerful essences “direct” the nutrition for our best good, as we also learn to adopt an optimal diet.

After we help people begin a shift to plant-based nutrition, self-directed health care through plant-based biochemistry is the next logical step!

You’ll help your customers discover which kit of essential oils is appropriate for them, and then help them take advantage of doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program to build their arsenal of solutions, through monthly autoshipments.

How to Apply and Where to Learn More

If you are interested in the GSG Apprentice Health Coach opportunity, please fill out the application. The GSG Certified Health Coach in your area will be in contact with you. Listen to the webinar where doTERRA Presidential Diamond Laura Jacobs and Blue Diamond Robyn Openshaw discuss the Apprentice Coach opportunity.

When you have completed the steps to become a Senior Apprentice, your supervising coach will recommend you, and you will fill out an online form to be approved by Robyn in collaboration with your coach.

DISCLAIMER: We will make every good-faith effort to train you to be an inspiration and resource to others and to participate in the revenue opportunities. We cannot guarantee any income or other specific outcomes.

CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION BETWEEN YOU AND GSG.COM: We can guarantee only the training. Although we will be promoting events by GSG Health Coaches, we cannot guarantee to promote your events, as that will depend on compliance with the program, effectiveness as a lecturer and coach, high-integrity business practices, etc. If you begin to sell any products we have not approved or endorse practices outside GSG approval, that is grounds for discontinuation of your certification contract with GSG. Any promotional materials you use, or methodologies you employ, must be approved by GSG as long as you are operating under the contract. Either party may terminate the contract in writing at any time, with or without cause. You have no obligation to perform any specific opportunity within the GSG Health Coach career; however, you must be in compliance with GSG-approved nutrition teaching, marketing practices, and generally acceptable methods of working with people in order to retain your GSG Health Coach certification.