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Robyn (horizontal) and Coaches (vertical, L to R) Amanda, Carol, Judi, Barbara, Cindy, Madeline, Jeanette, Karen, Allison, Marlyn, Debbie, Cathi, Mariza

Robyn and some of the GSG Coaches in October 2013.

Eighty percent of people can reverse their health issues and stay healthy with whole plant foods, mostly raw, and some basic lifestyle changes. But twenty percent are so entrenched in difficult symptoms related to degenerative gut issues and energy syndromes from a lifetime of poor choices, they need one-on-one help in addition to lifestyle changes. And they may need targeted solutions.

GreenSmoothieGirl Coaches teach the basic green smoothie lecture (which I do in 50 cities annually) and the 12 Steps to Whole Foods demonstration classes. They also coach people individually or in small groups and can even do green smoothie home parties. The medical profession doesn’t have a single drug that the blood-brain barrier doesn’t put up a mounted defense against! (It’s a good thing, since drugs are never assimilated, digested, and eliminated by the body as natural plant foods and medicinal extracts are. And they always have side effects. Some side effects we feel immediately, some we don’t.) That’s why our 13 GreenSmoothieGirl certified coaches are training in Medicine Cabinet Makeover classes where you can learn how to use safe, natural and effective essential oils to heal yourself and your family.

Coaches also teach a series of lectures we call VIP Classes. You can get a group of friends together and host classes at your home, and get your tuition free. My coaches teach a series of high-impact habits to systematically change your diet to whole-foods nutrition that can radically change your health for the better. You’ll never be the same once you obtain the education, in just 2 months, that took me many years to learn. Learn from GreenSmoothieGirl coaches how I went from 50-lbs. overweight with 21 chronic health problems at age 33, to a healthy 135-lb. competitive athlete at age 45. And I eat more now than I did back then! GreenSmoothieGirl coaches will teach you how. They’re doing it, too!

Coaches Carol, Karen, Cathi, and Mariza

Coaches Carol, Karen, Cathi, and Mariza

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