THIS is why you eat organic!

should you buy OrganicWhy did we reformulate our protein, and our new drink mixes (soon to release!) ORGANIC? It hasn’t been easy. Lots of people have worked on this, for a year now, our making our products all-organic and raw.

A new meta-study out of England analyzed data from 343 different published studies on organics.

So what’s the verdict?

Organic food has MUCH higher nutrition. In fact, you’d have to eat an extra 2 servings a day of conventional produce, to get the vitamin and mineral content of organic produce.

This has never been my biggest issue with conventionally grown produce, though. My issue is, I don’t want to eat pesticides and herbicides! The body does not eliminate them well, and they have long-term toxic effects. Some people say, and it’s true, well there are pesticide in organics, too. Still, quantity of exposure matters. And this meta-analysis concludes that you ingest 10 to 100 times more pesticide in conventional food.

Plus, when you buy organic, you do the whole world a favor. You’re supporting growers who don’t put glyphosphates on their fields (such as Roundup), which causes the plant to absorb heavy metals. Cadmium is high in conventional produce, which is very toxic for humans. In Switzerland, I was tested for heavy metals and was high in cadmium. (Being around car exhaust and some manufacturing output also leads to cadmium exposure.) Most people test high in cadmium.

Is buying organic worth a bit more? Clearly it is. Let’s eat foods that didn’t absorb heavy metals, that aren’t sprayed with pesticide, and are 20-40 percent higher in vitamins and minerals! Especially choose organic greens, thin-skinned fruits, and eggs (if you eat animal products). Google the “dirty dozen” for the foods highest in pesticide and therefore the most important to eat organic. You can also google the “clean dozen” for those that are safest to eat conventionally grown.

Can you believe this man is 57 years old?

frank K
Frank Kendralla

This is Frank Kendralla. I did my first-ever lecture in Pittsburgh, and he was the guy that, for most of the lecture, I could tell he already knew all this stuff. I reference many things in my lecture that are total eye-openers for 99% of Americans, and 90% of my audiences.

(Lots of holistic health coaches and practitioners come to my lecture tour. They’re a cut above, educationally. Many, though, come and are introduced for the FIRST time to principles of whole foods and a high vibration life. It’s news to most, why current practices in nutrition that obsess about calories and macronutrients, don’t tell the whole story. I talk about what matters most, in the decision of what to put in your mouth every day.)

That is, the vibrational energy of your food, micronutrient levels, and the quality and source of your proteins/fats/carbs. We go into detail on this, in my current lecture tour, How to Eat Right In the Real World.

Frank Kendralla came up to me after class and said, “I’m 57 years old.” I said,

“Shut. Up.”

(Sometimes the amount of time I spend with teenagers comes out of me. I’m not proud of it.)

He’s a grampa, and was there with his fit, lovely wife. When he was 16 years old, Frank read about Jack LaLanne. (Me too! One of my earliest heroes! Only I was about 8 year old, I think. My grandmother did his workouts!) LaLanne swam with weights attached to his shoulders, across huge waterways, in his 80’s, as I recall. He died just 3 years ago, at 96, and worked out the day before. He did vegetable juicing long before its time, and was an amazingly healthy man because he ate a mostly raw, plant-based diet, even though he was mocked for doing so, in the 1940’s and 50’s.  He was a high school athlete hiding from the team to eat his veggies and fruits and whole grains.

So after Frank read about Jack LaLanne, he told his very overweight, Italian family, “I’m going to eat healthy from now on because I don’t want to be fat like you.” Frank sheepishly admits that he has learned to communicate better, since then. The announcement didn’t go over big.

Frank had horrible nosebleeds when he was young. He got off dairy products and never had another one! He has made green drinks for 30 years. He has 1900 followers on facebook and doesn’t know most of them.

He hasn’t had a soda in 40 years. He never eats sugar or processed food. He isn’t a vegetarian, but he eats a mostly plant-based, extremely clean diet. He works two full-time jobs and has plenty of energy.

He kept telling me, “This stuff really works.” I don’t get to meet “the pure vessel” very often. But Frank is my new hero. What an inspiration!

Come detox with us, to start on Aug. 1, for a radical reboot you’ll never be sorry you completed (most later do it again). Come to my lectures if I’m in your city before the end of the year. The principles we teach really help us slow the aging process dramatically, like Frank obviously did.

You’re doing green smoothies? Great! Good start! Now jump in the deep end of the pool with us! My new lecture takes you to the next level, and 26 days in the GSG Detox is an investment in your most youthful, clean, high-energy self.

Energy drinks, to “get through the day?”

danger-energy-drinksI have been researching energy drinks—a fairly new phenomenon, but exploding in popularity, especially among young people. The Millennials and Gen Y (actually, all young people in all generations) are generally ill-educated about health and nutrition and also unmotivated by risks. 30 years from now, they’ll be saying what we are:

“Ah, I wish I wasn’t so stupid when I was a kid.” (Indulging in excesses of junk food, sun, alcohol, filling cavities with metals, and just generally being blithe about our choices. Once my mother left an article on my pillow about skin cancer resulting from sunburns, and she said, “When you’re 40, you’re going to be sorry you did all that sunbathing!” I thought, “Who cares? When I’m 40 I’ll be OLD and I won’t care how I look!” Ah, the bitter laughter, every time I share that story with friends. Who knew that at 40, we care as much about our appearance as we did at 20? For the record, let me say: I wish I’d listened to my mom.)

I recently asked on my blog, how many of you drink a stimulant to get going in the morning, or to get through the day? The results are not necessarily representative of America, because my readers are likely healthier than most, plus they’re reporting with their name and photo, so statistically less likely to be honest.

(However, the guy who said he drinks Jagermeister to get going in the morning has been discarded rather than included in results. We did try to get a meaningful statistic.)

But the results are that 71% of 211 GSG readers responding on FB admit to anywhere from 1 to 6 caffeinated beverages daily, to deal with energy deficits. Amazing! Let’s talk about soda, and energy drinks, how they compare, and what the antidote is, how to get off them forever.

What percentage of Americans drink soda regularly?

A Gallup poll in 2012 revealed that 48 percent of Americans drink soda daily! More young adults than others—56 percent of those 18 to 34 admit to a regular soda habit.

energy drinks side eWhat are the dangers of energy drinks?

Medical literature shows a limited number of cases of caffeine-associated deaths, as well as seizures from drinking energy drinks. A few reports include cardiac arrest and death in young, healthy people from drinking energy drinks.

Drinking caffeine leads to caffeine-withdrawal headaches. Even changing the amount you drink can cause frequent headaches. I always warn those doing the GSG Detox: caffeine comes out hard! Those who drink caffeinated soda and coffee almost always have headaches.

That’s toxicity leaving via the neurological system.

Australian research based on calls to their poison center shows these symptoms of people drinking energy drinks:

Heart palpitations / tachycardia, tremors / shaking, agitation / restlessness, gastrointestinal upset, chest pain, dizziness, tingling or numbing of the skin, insomnia, respiratory distress, and headache.

One of the scariest things to me about energy drinks is that 11-year olds are buying them. The marketers have made it very trendy and cool to walk around with Monster or Red Bull drinks, which have as much caffeine as 1, 2, or even 3 cups of coffee—or 4 or more colas. You can’t always tell the total effect by the milligrams of caffeine on the label, because other stimulants on the label, such as guarana and ginseng, which have a compounded effect. Plus there are 13 teaspoons of sugar in a 16-oz. can.

Worse, they are being marketed as a calorie burner and a workout enhancer. (Certainly you can work out harder if you’re flying high on a stimulant.) Athletes using energy drinks to fuel a workout can experience dehydration, due to the diuretic effect.

For reference points, a can of Coke has 34 mg of caffeine, and Mountain Dew has 55 mg. An energy drink has 75 to 200 mg per serving.

But what about kids who drink two of them in a row? (An 18-year old died during a basketball game after drinking 2 Red Bulls, reported in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings last November.)

So little is known about theenergy-drink-mixed-with-alcohol-trigger-alcohol-related-problems long-term effects of drinking these drinks packed with sugar or chemical sweeteners, chemicals, and caffeine. Watchdog groups worry about the effect on heart health, diabetes rates, and more.

There’s a trend towards young people mixing energy drinks with alcohol, an upper and a downer, with frightening results. In fact, some companies have followed this trend, and made drinks to oblige, such as Joose, a doubly toxic whammy with both caffeine and alcohol.

Drinking caffeine with alcohol causes a person who is intoxicated to feel like they aren’t, since tiredness is one of the signs you’ve had too much to drink. Research shows those who combine caffeine and alcohol drink more and have higher blood alcohol content. The hangover is worse, since both alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration and increase toxicity. It creates a serious problem for people with an underlying heart problem–and many cardiovascular problems are undiagnosed until a cardiac event occurs. Younger and younger people are being diagnosed with cardiac issues.

What’s a better approach to low energy?

Eating nutrient dense foods is. Getting them throughout the day, the crux of every meal and snack. A green smoothie daily is a good start, but it isn’t enough. I like raw vegetable/green juicing. But most people won’t do that. It’s very time-consuming. I also like our whole-food drink mixes for an easy, nutrient-dense addition to your day.  And our plant-based, organic protein powder gives you staying power. It’s a great addition to water, a green smoothie, or our drink mixes.




New green smoothie fan ditches heart meds and IBS!

green benefitsDear GreenSmoothieGirl:

I am writing to share my success story with you. I am sure you get zillions of letters, but here goes.

I am 60 yrs old and exercise a lot but have struggled with my weight all of my adult life. I have had hypertension and high lipids, and have been struggling with medications. I started with green smoothies and these are the exciting results!

1.       Weight is no problem. Green smoothies keep it in check.

2.       I used to drink at least 2 liters of Diet Coke a day. I craved DC, making special trips to get it. I did not intentionally cut it out, I just noticed one day that I wasn’t buying it anymore. It doesn’t even taste good now. I think that the smoothies fulfilled the need that I had.

3.       I never get fast food anymore. It just doesn’t taste good. Even the smell is nauseating to me. I’d rather have a smoothie!

I-Love-Green-Smoothies4.       Most importantly, so many health issues have improved. I have always suffered with IBS. Not now. My blood pressure is normal (no meds). My lipids are normal (no meds). I recently went to the dentist and they take BP prior to any dental work. I was so elated that mine was normal that I didn’t notice the dental work!!

I never believe testimonials about products because I think that they are mostly made up. So that is why I decided to write to you. I have more energy, sleep better, and I think that overall, my health has improved tremendously.”

Becky S. in Ft. Worth, Texas

Diet vs. Exercise

Diet versus Exercise for weight lossDear GreenSmoothieGirl: I know that a great diet coupled with lots of exercise is the healthiest approach for all of us. Having said this, I just listened to a guy on the radio say he is a gym rat and is in excellent physical shape for his age (approaching 50,) but he’s a junk food king. Which is worse: Great diet, little or no exercise, OR so-so diet, but great cardio and muscle workouts. Happy Mother’s Day! –Patti

Answer:  It’s a funny question, and the answer may not even be helpful to anyone, but it will entertain me to answer it! Obviously it’s a terrible idea to have a bad diet OR live a sedentary lifestyle. But your guess about what I’m going to say is right: I think diet is even more important.

80-20-ruleWe do it all day long, eat food. It is so foundational. It’s the gas in the gas tank. When it’s hybridized, genetically modified, stripped of fiber and nutrition, or even made of nothing but chemicals (i.e. soda), your body doesn’t even have good fuel to work with, in a cardio or weight workout. Fuel is what builds every cell. With your weight, food is 80% and exercise is 20%. While I think both are critically important, nutrient density in your diet is probably the #1 most important issue for your health, and your emotional well-being. Stress management / attitude / ability to metabolize and move forward after negative events is the #2 most important factor affecting your overall health. Exercise is likely #3!



Kallie takes the green smoothie movement on the news in Sacramento!

Kallie and the News 10 crew.
Kallie and the News 10 crew.

One of our GreenSmoothieGirl apprentice coaches, in Sacramento, was invited to be on News 10 Good Morning Weekend. Here’s a photo of Kallie Arroyo and the news team, showing Northern California how to make your world GREENER for weight loss, improved energy, better digestion, and massively reduced disease risk.

(If you’ve started making the shift to be greener, yourself, go watch Pixar’s WALL-E again, and think on what happens when the green begins to disappear, and people do nothing for entertainment besides eat processed food and overindulge in media. HERE’S a video clip from WALL-E showing the human dystopia that, I believe, is not too far off, if we head down the track we’re on. I’m showing this clip in my new lecture, How to Eat Right In the Real World.)

Kallie's husband before and after.
Kallie’s husband before and after.

2007 was the year that we discovered cycling, and we were changed forever. We began to make improvements to our diet, more whole foods. My husband and son were cycling and eating better and they lost lots of weight. I started later, and we began to train for major cycling races together as a family.

Kallie and her new diet choices, a winning combo!
Kallie and her new diet choices, a winning combo!
I’ve gradually lost weight over a long period of time but was still overweight. I decided to go off my prescription antidepressants and found that exercise and improved diet had a better effect than the pills I’d been taking for almost 20 years! On December 31st, 2012, I drank my last cola. On January 1st, 2013, I began my first 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge. I’ve been working on the 12 Steps to Whole foods program and adding a lot of great foods to my life. I haven’t logged or calculated a single calorie, I don’t know how much fat or calories I eat on any given day. Instead, I focus on how many plants I can get into my body. My two biggest successes this year are breaking my addictions to caffeine and sugar.I’m at least 15 lbs lighter than this time last year and I don’t feel like I’m dieting at all.  I’m happy to say we are all within health weight ranges, off all medications, and symptom free. We have gained so much more than a smaller waist line. We have an amazing life full of active, healthy people who fill our days with joy.
"Robyn, Coach Dr. Mariza Snyder, Senior Apprentice Amy Sellers, and the Sacramento GSG team.
Robyn, Coach Dr. Mariza Snyder, Senior Apprentice Amy Sellers, and the Sacramento GSG team.

I always said I would never do a cleanse, I’ve seen so many people do dramatic cleanses and have horrible reactions when they go back to eating “real food”. I’ve learned to stop saying never! I decided that I would do the 26-day Green Smoothie Detox in January. I planned on doing it on my own. I was surprised when my husband said he wanted to do it with me!After a few posts on Facebook, we now have at least 15 of us who will supporting each other on this 26-day Kick Start to our Healthiest New Year.