1,000 Cheap Plant-Based Meals You Can Make in 15 Minutes

veggie wrap 1I’m about to tell you exactly how I eat. Simply, inexpensively, and with endless variety.

Except for salad dressings, I use few recipes. (And even those, I take liberties with!) The first few years in your journey to a whole-foods, plant-based diet, you follow a lot of recipes. (Longtime raw foodies call this “transitional eating.”) It’s normal. In fact, it’s an important phase. It’s instructive, as you experiment with whole foods and ingredients.

You spend a lot of time. Then eating starts to get much easier and simpler. You have many tricks up your sleeve. You are resourceful. Missing an ingredient or two is no problem.

The key to my method is, don’t stress about it. You can’t mess this up! Eating this way is cheap, and it’s also a great way to use a hodgepodge of random plant foods or leftovers in your fridge.

Be inventive and never get stuck in a rut–anything in the produce section fits in this way of eating. I virtually never add salt (even sea salt) to my food. Many of these fillings and sauces have so much flavor, you won’t miss added salt.

Start with a base, add one or more toppings or fillings, and play with sauces or spices. I hope this helps you enjoy the magical world of eating greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and nuts and seeds–the nutrient-dense plant kingdom of food!



Bowl: brown or wild rice, quinoa, millet, lentils, split peas

Salad: romaine, spring greens, bean sprouts, or other sprouts

Wrap: sprouted grain tortilla, collard leaf, organic corn tortillas, nori (seaweed for sushi)

Noodles: spiralized yellow squash or zucchini, gluten-free whole-grain pasta, kelp noodles


Brown rice peas freeeFILLINGS / TOPPINGS:

Choose one or more of the following that you have on hand:

Lentils (with taco seasoning), any beans (seasoned however you like), or split peas (thick, day-old split pea soup is good!)

Brown rice, wild rice, quinoa (seasoned however you like

Hummus or baba ganoush (eggplant) spread

Sautéed vegetables (with fajita seasoning): think peppers, onions, tomatoes, parsnips, carrots, turnips

Raw vegetables: think jicama, tomatoes, any sprouts, matchstick carrots or other root vegetables, scallions

Olives of any kind, or olive tapenade

Tahini (sesame seed paste)

Avocados, sliced or mashed

Pumpkin, sunflower, or sesame seeds

Walnuts, pine nuts, sliced almonds, or chopped walnuts or pecans



Any salad dressing at all from Ch. 3 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods! They all work! Mix and match, at will!

Salsa of any kind

Pesto sauce (see 12 Steps recipe)

Mustard or Vegannaise

Sauces for Chinese, Thai, Mexican foods (avoid MSG, corn syrup, and other chemical ingredients–these are very inferior to all Ch. 3 dressings)

Have Indian, Italian, Thai, and Mexican organic spice blends on hand.

Always have ginger, turmeric, chili pepper, cayenne, dried parsley, and garlic powder, too. (I avoid pepper, as it is a gastrointestinal irritant.)A few dashes of whatever you feel like, to any of the above, and you’ve completely changed the flavor of the meal, plus added some nutrition!

You can toss into your fillings raw apple cider vinegar or miso (non-GMO) for flavoring.

Mike in Tucson shares his improved cardiovascular biomarkers after the GSG Detox!

change habits (2) (Small)A professional musician, Mike B., from Tucson, won the Blendtec blender at my lecture in his city recently. He told me this. I love when someone’s story includes NUMBERS! I thought you’d find it interesting if you’re thinking about joining the next LIVE GSG 26-day Detox:

I did the Detox and lost 13 pounds. I consider myself to have a healthy lifestyle. I exercise regularly, go to the gym, eat mostly vegetarian foods and play tennis regularly. I also regularly get a checkup with the usual blood work. My blood work has always been in the “normal” range, but more recently, the cholesterol numbers have shifted as I approached age 50.

The lab report that I had done through my GP in Dec of 2013 came back with the following numbers:

Total Cholesterol: 232

Triglyceride:         60

HDL                     63

Non HDL             169

LDL                     157

Glucose               99

statin 2My doctor wanted to put me on a statin, so I decided to get rid of him and look for alternative approach. I found out about your Detox through my friend Dave, who did it with me.

After the program, I had my blood work done again by a naturopath who did a more detailed VAP panel. Shortly after I finished, these were the results:

Total Cholesterol: 156

Triglyceride:         47

HDL                     44

Non HDL             112

LDL                     99

Glucose               86

Detox manual newI couldn’t believe it! In addition, the more detailed results showed me to be almost entirely in the low risk category.

Since moving to Tucson in 2001, I have always had allergies that seem to result in asthma or congested lungs. I have used an inhaler almost every day, depending on the season and especially at night. Now, after incorporating more green smoothies and generally greener eating, with less grain and more healthy fats, I almost never need to use the inhaler.  I’d like to get it to NEVER, but its reduced to ALMOST NEVER, now.”

Mike, thanks for sharing your inspiring story!



Kathy Pugh loses 50 lbs eating whole foods!

Kathy with Robyn (Before)
Kathy with Robyn (Before)

I love when people send me their test results, or their before-and-after photos, when they’ve changed their life.

Kathy is a GSG Detox two-time graduate…..and the winner of a Blendtec Total Blender at my lecture.

We met in October, 2013, in Northern Virginia. She came to my next lecture, 9 months later, near Baltimore. Here you see the photos, with me, of Kathy before and after implementing a whole-foods diet.

Last Fall, she was just shy of 200 pounds, with cholesterol of 198, diagnosed pre-diabetic. She told me, “I didn’t like the way I felt. I had to wiggle into my chair at work. My thighs embraced each other as I walked, and my belly would sometimes cause the grocery store self-checkout machine to yell at me: ‘Please remove items from scanner scale!’”

Kathy realized she needed to do something. The day before Christmas, she started the GreenSmoothieGirl 26-day Detox. By the end, she’d lost 10 pounds. More importantly, she’d realized that she COULD make the switch, from the Standard American Diet, to a healthy, whole-foods lifestyle.

Each weekend, following GSG advice, she tried something new, adding one new habit. Her cholesterol dropped over 50 points in two months. Her doctor told her that her fasting blood sugar was back to normal range–out of danger for diabetes.

Kathy and Robyn (After)
Kathy and Robyn (After)

Kathy has lost nearly 50 pounds in the last 7 months! She’s done the Detox TWICE. She says,

“I feel better about myself and I couldn’t have done it without the tools and information you provide on your website and books.  I am grateful for the work you have done in sharing your knowledge about foods and the food industry.”

Kathy, thank you for sharing your story!


Can you believe this man is 57 years old?

frank K
Frank Kendralla

This is Frank Kendralla. I did my first-ever lecture in Pittsburgh, and he was the guy that, for most of the lecture, I could tell he already knew all this stuff. I reference many things in my lecture that are total eye-openers for 99% of Americans, and 90% of my audiences.

(Lots of holistic health coaches and practitioners come to my lecture tour. They’re a cut above, educationally. Many, though, come and are introduced for the FIRST time to principles of whole foods and a high vibration life. It’s news to most, why current practices in nutrition that obsess about calories and macronutrients, don’t tell the whole story. I talk about what matters most, in the decision of what to put in your mouth every day.)

That is, the vibrational energy of your food, micronutrient levels, and the quality and source of your proteins/fats/carbs. We go into detail on this, in my current lecture tour, How to Eat Right In the Real World.

Frank Kendralla came up to me after class and said, “I’m 57 years old.” I said,

“Shut. Up.”

(Sometimes the amount of time I spend with teenagers comes out of me. I’m not proud of it.)

He’s a grampa, and was there with his fit, lovely wife. When he was 16 years old, Frank read about Jack LaLanne. (Me too! One of my earliest heroes! Only I was about 8 year old, I think. My grandmother did his workouts!) LaLanne swam with weights attached to his shoulders, across huge waterways, in his 80’s, as I recall. He died just 3 years ago, at 96, and worked out the day before. He did vegetable juicing long before its time, and was an amazingly healthy man because he ate a mostly raw, plant-based diet, even though he was mocked for doing so, in the 1940’s and 50’s.  He was a high school athlete hiding from the team to eat his veggies and fruits and whole grains.

So after Frank read about Jack LaLanne, he told his very overweight, Italian family, “I’m going to eat healthy from now on because I don’t want to be fat like you.” Frank sheepishly admits that he has learned to communicate better, since then. The announcement didn’t go over big.

Frank had horrible nosebleeds when he was young. He got off dairy products and never had another one! He has made green drinks for 30 years. He has 1900 followers on facebook and doesn’t know most of them.

He hasn’t had a soda in 40 years. He never eats sugar or processed food. He isn’t a vegetarian, but he eats a mostly plant-based, extremely clean diet. He works two full-time jobs and has plenty of energy.

He kept telling me, “This stuff really works.” I don’t get to meet “the pure vessel” very often. But Frank is my new hero. What an inspiration!

Come detox with us, to start on Aug. 1, for a radical reboot you’ll never be sorry you completed (most later do it again). Come to my lectures if I’m in your city before the end of the year. The principles we teach really help us slow the aging process dramatically, like Frank obviously did.

You’re doing green smoothies? Great! Good start! Now jump in the deep end of the pool with us! My new lecture takes you to the next level, and 26 days in the GSG Detox is an investment in your most youthful, clean, high-energy self.

New green smoothie fan ditches heart meds and IBS!

green benefitsDear GreenSmoothieGirl:

I am writing to share my success story with you. I am sure you get zillions of letters, but here goes.

I am 60 yrs old and exercise a lot but have struggled with my weight all of my adult life. I have had hypertension and high lipids, and have been struggling with medications. I started with green smoothies and these are the exciting results!

1.       Weight is no problem. Green smoothies keep it in check.

2.       I used to drink at least 2 liters of Diet Coke a day. I craved DC, making special trips to get it. I did not intentionally cut it out, I just noticed one day that I wasn’t buying it anymore. It doesn’t even taste good now. I think that the smoothies fulfilled the need that I had.

3.       I never get fast food anymore. It just doesn’t taste good. Even the smell is nauseating to me. I’d rather have a smoothie!

I-Love-Green-Smoothies4.       Most importantly, so many health issues have improved. I have always suffered with IBS. Not now. My blood pressure is normal (no meds). My lipids are normal (no meds). I recently went to the dentist and they take BP prior to any dental work. I was so elated that mine was normal that I didn’t notice the dental work!!

I never believe testimonials about products because I think that they are mostly made up. So that is why I decided to write to you. I have more energy, sleep better, and I think that overall, my health has improved tremendously.”

Becky S. in Ft. Worth, Texas

Ditch 12 pounds, join the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox in January!

vibrationLet’s raise our vibration, post-holidays, with a highly effective “spring cleaning,” shall we?

Many of you participated in our first GreenSmoothieGirl Detox in August, and have been eagerly awaiting our next live event, starting Jan. 5.

Or you’ve heard about it and have been telling us you’re ready this time! All the science is explained, and every meal, recipe, and shopping list is laid out for you. You can get the 146- page manual only (the first 400 get a free Quick Start Guide), and do it on your own—-or, we highly recommend the Full Support option.

Check it all out HERE. Watch my 3-minute video explaining the program, and review some of the hundreds of testimonials we received. Participants told us about their weight loss—12-13 lbs. was the average in just 26 days! (And you have PLENTY to eat, no reason to be hungry!)

And so many reported decreased joint pain and inflammation; drops in blood pressure and cholesterol; as well as improved energy, mental clarity, and mood.

Detox FS UpgradeWe’d love to have you join us. I revised the Detox Manual based on our August participants’ feedback. The 216-page Deluxe manual, for Full Support participants, now has full-color photos of every recipe, an expanded Q&A section, and everything you need to know about detoxifying safely.

We ship you the printed manual, as well as instantly emailing you the PDF. With the Full Support option comes much more, including your printed Quick Start Guide (to make shopping / meal planning a breeze), access to the Forum for all your questions, and a daily email with frequent videos or recorded and live calls.

buddy upThe most common comments we got in the testimonials were, “I’m so glad I did this with a buddy!” and, “I’m so glad I did Full Support!” These are the two most important success factors that caused a more than 95% to complete the program successfully.

Towards your success, you get a $50 discount bringing your buddy to the party. When we are accountable to someone else, we can’t talk ourselves out of succeeding! There’s a great database of answers on the Full-Support forum, with GSG moderator Kristin and I, answering your questions as well.

Read more HERE, and sign up now. We printed only 3,000 copies of the manual, so we will sell out at that point. 1,500 GSG readers joined us in August, and we think January is going to be a big month for detoxing, after the holidays, so jump in with us for a post-holidays transformation—all the way to your every cell!