Mandy’s doctor says, fastest healing he’s seen!

Mandy didn’t grow back the cartilage in her arthritic knees, eating whole foods last year following my program, to avoid knee surgery. That’s what she was hoping for. But she DID lose 30 lbs. and recover shockingly fast from knee surgery. Watch her tell about it here!

Oh, and next time I go back to Denver, she’s going to set up a Fort Collins class. Can’t wait! Next time the bike rack is going on the back of my car—Kristin and I were so bummed, driving past all the amazing bike trails y’all have in Colorado, and the beautiful Green River through Moab and Aspen areas is calling our name. Spring 2012!

I’m doing Q&A on video now

We decided to start answering more questions on video rather than just in writing, on this blog. I’m sorry that there’s just no darn way I can get to all of them. But feel free to send your questions to, and Jenni and Jackie will tell me what you want to know. I’ll do as many as I can!

These are a couple of questions that folks in Denver sent us:

(1) Can I bring my child to your class? And

(2) Do you like your job? What’s the best and worst part about being GreenSmoothieGirl?

Emily: pregnant, diabetic, and HEALTHY in Colorado

I met this really cool girl in Castle Rock, Colorado last weekend. She was dying to tell me about how my homemade granola, chocolate beet cake, green smoothies, and other whole-foods habits and recipes have helped her THRIVE going into her third pregnancy. This is radically different than her first two, which were a scary experiment in managing blood sugar and other tough issues faced by Type 1 diabetics.

I am routinely frustrated that most diabetes doctors focus exclusively on insulin, and NOT AT ALL on nutrition. Some things that are tough and time-consuming to turn around with diet. Entrenched degenerative gut conditions (IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, etc.) and auto-immune diseases, for instance. But heart disease and diabetes? Top two for SO EASY to turn around and control, if you understand what WISE, RESPONSIBLE FUEL is. I’ve had a number of Type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics reverse the disease completely by following my program—even though it’s not a diabetes-control program per se. There’s NO reason for diabetics to be losing limbs and sacrificing quality of life.

I would love to hear from some diabetics, here, about what happened when you made a strong commitment to whole foods!

Barbara has an amazing story after just 3 months, watch her on video

Barbara inspired us in Boise! If making simple changes in her diet helped her drop 20 lbs., disappeared a pre-diabetic condition and allergies, gained energy, decreased fibromyalgia symptoms–what will happen if she sticks with it for a year? Or for life? Watch her tell her story in 2.5 minutes here:

We are coming back to Boise in September–sign up for my free class here.

What can I use to replace MILK?

Newbies ask me this question all the time when they learn that milk, contrary to the $50 million advertising budget of the Dairy Council, isn’t a good food for humans. It’s not even a particularly useable form of calcium (unless you’re a baby cow). Plus it’s mucous forming, and when your body is battling mucous and acidity, it can’t flourish. In fact, it’s a perfect breeding ground for various infections and viruses.

So, the good news is, replacing dairy is EASY. Check out this tour of a health food store, looking at the options!