Julie eliminates dairy, and look what happens!

Like me, new GSG reader Julie got rid of dairy and sugar. That change solved Cade’s problem 17 years ago, and Julie’s little girl’s identical problem very recently. (My son was allergy-tested and was not allergic to milk. The fact is that it is mucous-forming for human beings to drink cow’s milk. And the constant production of mucous in the body causes it to become stagnant, where an acidic condition occurs and viruses and bacteria flourish. Illness and many different “diagnoses” are the inevitable result.) Julie says, “You try to do what the pediatrician says.” But her daughter’s runny nose and cough disappeared when she found answers that directly contradicted what her pediatrician said. Check out my report on why you DON’T need dairy products HERE. Hopefully she keeps taking more steps down the path. Doctors are a fountain of knowledge about drugs. Most of them are NOT a fountain of knowledge about wellness. Or nutrition. Here’s Julie’s story:

A Year Without Sugar

It’s been 2 months since I bet Matthew Flinders $10,000 that I wouldn’t eat sugar for a year. Here, he and I talk about it. It’s just NO BIG DEAL! (Kristin is behind the camera, if you’re wondering why I’m assuring her that I still love her even though she ate treats all through Texas and Mexico.) I want a REAL challenge! One idea: we ban all sweeteners, for a year. Second idea: Dr. Tom Lodi and I made a pledge to go to Panama and do a 42-day water fast. (When he can get away from his practice and I can get away from four minors I happen to be raising by myself. AS IF!) As he says, “Your first 50 years are free. You have the EARN the next 50!” I’m learning how to earn them, and that’s why YOU’RE here, to earn yours too! Let’s do it together!

TEXAS, PART 5 of 7: Video of WENDY and JANET in AUSTIN

As Kristin says, our Texas trip was “pure abundance.” She and I always talk about relationships that are “all good things,” versus relationships or activities or thoughts that are scarcity-oriented or damaging rather than nurturing. We met lots of Texans who are gravitating towards a lifestyle of abundance, even while the culture around them sinks further into “scarcity places” of obesity, illness, and loss.

(Do we not become obese from a long period of scarcity thinking? For instance, “If I don’t eat this now, I don’t know when I’ll get it again.” Or, “I’m so tired, this is the only pleasure in my day.”)

A group of moms packed into a car for the drive into Austin and enthusiastically told me their stories after class. Two of them, in this video, are busy, with 4 and 6 children, respectively. They pretty and young—but Janet overcame some absolutely debilitating health problems. Both of these moms confess to doing my entire 12 Steps program.

What a rush, to know that 10 children are the beneficiaries of the effort of these two women. I’m so proud of young moms who take the time to become educated, and then opt out of “what everybody else is doing.” Listen to their story here (I somehow heard Wendy’s friends calling her Whitney, so Kristin was tasked with covering that up in this video–sorry I’m a moron, Wendy!):