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to answer the question “Do I have more almonds” . . .

Amanda asked, do I have any almonds left? Well, no. And there are NONE to be had until we do the group buy again in the fall. BUT. We mistakenly shipped an order to Las Vegas, and I am going there Valentine’s Day weekend for my daughters’ soccer tournaments. I will pick up the 250 […]

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junior affiliate?

So I was volunteering in the lunchroom and recess at my 4th grader’s charter school. One of the moms came up to me and said she was a fan and had my 12 Steps program and recipe collections. To prove it, she reached into her pocket, pulled out a whole cucumber, and took a […]

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Peru, part 5

I did, of course, take a Total Blender along to Peru to teach the orphanage’s cook. The kids were enthralled with how high tech it is. Here’s Carlos drinking a green smoothie and a not-great photo of me making it. I went to this open-air market (that’s how you buy food in Peru) and chose […]

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Merry Christmas, and hot pink smoothies

For your enjoyment, here’s GSG reader Angela’s twin daughters Peyton and Avery, enjoying hot pink smoothies as they look at Christmas lights in the park! Merry Christmas!

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Robyn McDonalds employee

Coming out of the (McDonald’s) closet, part 2

Well, it’s a fact, I was a McDonald’s employee, and here’s a photo to prove it, circa 1984, Springfield, Virginia–orangey polyester and all. Don’t I look enthusiastic? Thanks, Chuck, for reviving one of my ugliest (in more ways than one) secrets. I can honestly say that I have not eaten a meal at McDonald’s since […]

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Really Scary Looking

After reading a prior post, I had to see who Mr. Cutler was and how he looks. I hope this is not irresponsible to post this photo from the web.

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My almonds have arrived!

Well UPS just dropped off 100#’s of almonds at my front door. Guess I need to get busy dividing and delivering to the folks who went in with me on this group buy. Then I get to fill my freezer with the remaining 60# we are keeping for ourselves.

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tips for preventing H1N1 infection

My focus on this site is that when you don’t dump toxins and their byproducts (mycotoxins) into your body en masse in the form of processed foods, animal products, etc., you are stronger in the face of viral and bacterial infections. But these are some interesting, simple, natural suggestions by Dr. Vinay Goyal, who has […]

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think you’ll have too many almonds on your hands? a holiday idea for you!

You want to get raw almonds in the group buy (because you can’t get TRULY RAW anywhere else, and the price is awesome) but don’t know how MUCH to get. You love your friends and family. You find the holidays slightly annoying because of all the junk food, right when you want to be strong […]

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California trip: Costco product review (part 2 of 2)

Today I’m talking about a product review / comparison of Trio Bars and Bora Bora bars at Costco, both of which I love. I wish they hadn’t discontinued Lara Bars, but such it is. (I met Lara about 6 years ago, and she’s a raw foodist who “walks the walk.”) Bora Bora bars are 180 […]

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