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This is what Kristin brings to work

Coach Amanda and I were standing in my kitchen chatting about jet lag, Monday morning after we came home from Switzerland late the night before. Kristin walked in for work, carrying the three things you see here in this photo. It cracked me up. I lined up the Green Smoothie, the Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, […]

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Do all your husbands hate GSG?

Matthew texts me: Look, I’m drinking St. Patty’s Day Beer again! [Robyn aside: Hmm. Genius. Tell your husband that his green smoothie is a St. Patrick’s Day beer.] Me: Niiiiice! Matthew: Does it ever crack you up that there are guys out there who used to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, who now hold […]

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I can’t sleep! What to do, besides drugs?

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: I’ve been searching your site for information about sleep. I have a friend who has struggled his entire life to sleep and it is affecting his health dramatically.  There are very few places on the web where I feel that I can find truth when searching about information on health, but your website […]

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GSG Mom Gets Off the Couch and Life Starts at 48 Years Old

Don and Donna have been married a long time, and live out in the sticks in Oregon, where they’ve raised three children. They’ve recently hit some very hard times, with many losses during the recession, including unemployment and much upheaval. So Donna’s big request of Don, for her birthday, was that he drive her to […]

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Petition Kraft to Get Rid of Food Dyes

HERE’s a petition on just a FEW of the many toxic ingredients in Kraft Macaroni. According to this, Food Dye Yellow #5 and #6 require a warning label in countries outside the U.S. and are banned or being phased out in Europe. They are contaminated with known carcinogens and manufactured with toxic petrochemicals. They have […]

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10,000 Hours. 10,000 Choices.

I’ve been thinking about that newly famous, often-quoted piece of research that, to be great at something, you must spend 10,000 hours. Breaking it down, that’s 5 years of full-time work. I’m awed by the beautiful, virtuoso violinist, Anne-Sophie Mutter. I heard her play, live, when I was in Paris in 1992, when she was […]

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Winners of our contests!

  We’ve had a bunch of contests lately, and we’ll have MORE, so make sure you read this blog sooner than later, because early birds get the worm around here! I’ll be blogging some really great stories that readers told me from my Pacific Northwest speaking tour. Check out HERE where I’m speaking in the […]

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Michael’s 9 Favorite Raw Recipes

I edited these recipes at 10 pm and was so hungry when I was done! If having great ideas and recipes is the key to healthy living, you’re now 9 steps ahead, thanks to Michael and RaeVern Dumond of Seattle. Thank you, my friends!  Raw Lemon Cookies 4 cups raw cashews ( soaked 4 hrs) […]

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Michael in Seattle brings Green Smoothie Love to the Seattle Deaf Community

Michael DuMond in Seattle is a firestarter in the hearing impaired community in Seattle. He’d been to my lecture before when I spoke with David Wolfe a couple of years ago, but this time he brought 20 deaf friends and two interpreters. This story was told to me through one of the sign language interpreters, […]

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Whole Foods and Depression, Tori’s Story. Part 2 of 2

This story is worth your time to read. It made me cry, both when I first read it, and again when I sat down with it to craft it into a blog entry to share with you. It moved me because, on its own, it’s a gorgeous story. It’s also very close to my heart, […]

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