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Back from Michigan; Gas Station Blingy Shoes; my 2014 ALL-NEW Speaking Tour!

I’m back from a speaking tour to Grand Rapids and Troy (Michigan); Cincinnatti, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. What a blast hanging out with Coach Cathi Waalkes. And our customer support manager and newest customer support rep, Beckie and Bob Waalkes. That’s Cathi’s daughter and husband. When we hired Bob, who is 6’8″ […]

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CONTEST! I’m giving away $50 to 5 people!

I am writing a new book. It’s called How to Eat Right In the Real World. On a budget, if you’re raising kids, if you work full-time, if you travel, if you have a big social life. In 2014, I will undertake an ambitious lecture tour that includes more than 75 cities, to speak on […]

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“I can’t afford to eat right”

I was cycling in the canyon with my friend Kara last week, and she was telling me about being raised by a single mom on a very fixed budget. Kara was one of several children, and she said to me, “My mom was a rock star. She fed us all healthy food, because it was […]

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Juana eliminates muscle and joint pain with an easy smoothie recipe

My cleaning lady, Juana, who is basically the best thing that ever happened to me, has lost 20 lbs. in the past few months. Kristin asked her how, and she said, “I eat what Robyn teaches. Plants.” She does my green smoothies, hot pink smoothies, fermented foods, the works. She’s helped me for at least […]

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If you were Jason Bourne, you’d be dead right now. Part 2 of 2.

My second major challenge as we leave our home of 10 years at the end of the year? I’m trying to build a green, sustainable home. Utah is NOT one of the most progressive states in the U.S., in community planning, recycling, green practices, co-ops, locavore movement, commitment to our future. When I visit Austin, […]

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If you were Jason Bourne, you’d be dead right now. Part 1 of 2.

I want a smaller house, and one near the airport. A great home to cycle and run and garden and be outside. I’m building in one of the biggest planned communities in the U.S., Daybreak in South Jordan. It has outdoor pools, organic community gardens, many miles of trails, a river, several sandy beaches, and […]

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Elementary School Teachers and the GREEN SMOOTHIE SCIENCE FAIR!

I hope my readers send a link to Beckie’s story, to teachers they know, to give them ideas. Teachers WANT to motivate and educate their students towards good nutrition choices, and they want good Christmas gift ideas too! Thank you for sharing, and for being a great teacher, Beckie! Dear Robyn: This is the story […]

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My new puppy Lola’s green smoothie mustache!

When I published Big Book of Green Smoothies a few years ago, I ended up putting 50 photos of Green Smoothie Kids with their green mustaches in the book. That was inspired by a brainstorm that I had when Tennyson came home from school one day and, in a fit of pique likely related to […]

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Indianapolis and the Green Smoothie Virgin!

How can there be a green smoothie ingredient I don’t know?! I’m just back from a speaking tour in Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago. In Indy, the cutest young blonde girl named Wendy wrote Coach Madeline volunteering to make the green smoothies for the lecture. She thought she was volunteering to make *a* green smoothie. Like, […]

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Green Smoothie Collateral Damage, and Emma graduates high school

Congratulations to my daughter, Emma Pay, who just graduated high school. This 4′ photo collage, that will hang in our house, and a giant party were her graduation presents. At last-minute, Emma opted out of a soccer scholarship in Iowa and instead chose an academic scholarship at SUU just three hours south of here. I […]

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