Let’s talk about food and sex

No, this isn’t that episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza tried to combine food and sex in a feverish fantasy . . . and if you can’t handle some frank talk about an important part of your life, WARNING: hurry and delete this email.

Did you know that what you eat has EVERYTHING to do with your sex life?  For you women who are having a hard time convincing your husband to get on board with your conversion to whole foods, this essay might be just the ticket.  I used to be a marriage therapist, and my educational background emphasized human sexuality.  If I went back to practicing now, I’d prescribe, as a starting place . . . green smoothies!  Who’d have thought that owning a BlendTec Total Blender http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/robyn-recommendations/blenders/best-blender/ could have anything to do with your sex life?  Oh, but it does.

Food affects your sex drive profoundly. And I can prove it. 175 respondents participated in my green smoothie research, where I polled people who undertook a green smoothie habit for at least 30 days. If you want to participate in the research, or write your green smoothie testimonial, please go here:


So far, 20 percent of my respondents have reported an increased sex drive as a result of drinking blended greens.  And keep in mind that not all respondents are sexually active, and some already had a very high libido so they ignored that question.  Therefore, 20 percent is likely a lower number than what you can expect, those of you considering joining us in the Gospel of Green.

Guys, your wife isn’t as into it as you are?  There’s no drug better than a quart of green smoothie a day (and kicking Hostess to the curb).  Give it a try.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  If you want even more sexual energy, toss some maca or bee pollen in the blender.

In my experience working with people on their nutrition, I have found that being even 10 or 15 lbs. overweight can dramatically affect your sexuality in a negative way.  So, green smoothies are an aphrodisiac. And donuts and Doritos are very literally the opposite: a sex-life stomper.


First of all, you don’t like how you look 10 lbs. overweight.  If you don’t like what you see in the mirror with your clothes off, you aren’t likely to be sexually willing, confident, playful, adventurous, and energetic. And what is the best way to lose ten pounds?  Dieting? No way!

Just start eating the right foods like you learn to do in 12 Steps to Whole Foods http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/12-step-blog/12-step-program/ No calorie counting or carb-gram-obsessing necessary.  Eat whole plant foods (and stop eating processed foods) and you’ll naturally be satisfied with whatever you eat in reasonable quantities.

That’s because you don’t have endocrine disruptors, hormone inhibitors, and addictive chemicals in the form of refined sugar, MSG, food dyes, refined salt, and much more destroying your sex drive and your sexual performance.

Second, when your energy is depleted, as it always will be on the Standard American Diet diet, you lose the sexual interest and stamina you once had.  Sexual dysfunction happens the same way all degenerative disease does: it is linked to lifestyle choices.  Your reproductive system, after all, is affected by the same things your cardiac, circulatory, and endocrine systems are—they are are inextricably linked, as they are all part of one complex organism.

When you eat lots of raw plant food, and go easy on (or eliminate) meat, dairy, and processed stuff, your body has its energy reserves available for all the fun and rewarding things in life.

For an experiment, eat at Tucano’s or Rodizio’s (or a Brazilian restaurant where they walk around offering you meat dishes until you can’t eat anymore).  How amorous do you feel that night?  I’ll answer for you: you don’t want anything except SLEEP.  And the sleep you do get is troubled, and you feel sick all night.

Now try eating 100% raw plant food for a day, or longer than that.  Watch what happens to your libido.  And a great sex life leads to a great relationship, from which many good things flow.

I hope you give this a try.  I hope my bravest readers will let us know what your observations are after your experiment on these words.  Blog anonymously if that’s what it takes!

To Your Health,

–Robyn Openshaw

p.s.  HAVE FUN!  (And I mean that in the wildest, most passionate way possible.)  Have you forgotten what that means?  Then start drinking a DOUBLE SHOT of green smoothies!

Green Smoothie Testimonials, Part 8

Locals only, Sat. night midnight the group buy ends.   Here’s the link to get VitaMineral Green and agave cases, gallon pails of coconut oil, and nuts/seeds in #10 cans:


More green smoothie testimonials from my research:


I have been drinking green smoothies for almost a year now. They are delicious and refreshing. I have had to travel during that time period which caused me to abandon my smoothie for 10 days and I have REALLY felt the effects (fatigue). I will never stop drinking green smoothies!


I have been telling all my friends about the green smoothies and converted several of them to start drink them on a daily basis. My friends are all west coast dancers and energy is important for the 4-5 hours of dancing we do 2-3 nights weekly.


I have had an iron deficiency most of my life and the green smoothies have helped tremendously!I am losing less hair in the shower as a result.My daughters (age 6, 7, and 10) love the green smoothies!They even ask for them now and love watching me make them.It is so good to be able to give them a way to get good veggies in their diet without fighting with them.Thank you for changing our way of life.

–JoAnn Y. in Denver, CO

I have become so converted to green smoothies that I became concerned as to how to continue them in case of disaster or hard economic times when I might be unable to purchase fresh produce. So I started dehydrating the spinach, kale and parsley I grew in my garden this year. I then powdered the dried leaves and now use it during the winter to make my green smoothies.

For the juice base, I use frozen raw apple cider that my husband grinds fresh each fall with his leftover apples (he is a fruit farmer). It is now January and I use the following recipe for my super green smoothies:

I rehydrate in 1 cup hot water the following: 2 tsp. powdered kale + 1/2 tsp. powdered parsley or 2 1/2 tsp. powered spinach. Blend well and let sit for about 10 minutes until cooled. Then add 3 cups apple juice (raw, unpasteurized), 2 frozen bananas, 1 1/2 Tbsp. freshly ground flax seed, and water and ice to the 7-cup mark and thoroughly blend. This is a great option when I cannot get to the grocery store.

–Cindy P. (Alpine, Utah)

Green smoothies are now a daily part of my life! I have much more energy now and GS is a complete meal, more nutritious than eating out! I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and this has definitely improved my health! As a teacher (now retired) and a lifeguard for the Kentucky State Park System for 32 summers, green smoothies help me to stay in great shape!

–Steve House

more food logs: a really busy day, and a weekend day

I want you to get a sense of what a day looks like when I’m just not at home, no time to prepare.   And a weekend when we do have extra time.   A couple of people wrote me (or posted) last time I wrote up a food log: oh! I guess that’s not really so hard!   It’s really not, and this super-busy day was even easier.   Unfortunately, I ate all three meals that day IN THE CAR!

You can read raw-food recipe books and end up thinking that eating a plant-based diet is only for people who love cooking.   The pizza recipes: dehydrating a crust, making a raw, nut-based sauce, shredding a bunch of toppings.   Ugh.   Most days, I just don’t have time for that.   I did that in my early days of trying to go all raw, and burned out fast.

This crazy day started at 6 a.m.: squeezed my hour of yoga and my tennis match in, before racing home to get ready for work and then taking off to teach.   Then I didn’t even come home from work–went straight to parent-teacher conferences.   I got home at dinnertime.   So here it is:

Breakfast: Hot-Pink Breakfast Smoothie, driving to yoga

Lunch: Green smoothie (made at 7 a.m.), and a baggie of almonds, driving to work

After work: Picked up a hummus wrap packed with greens and veggies at Pita Pit next to Brigham Young University where I work, and ate it in the car on the way to parent-teacher conferences.   Kids got home and had green smoothies from the fridge.

Dinner:   I warmed cans of vegetarian chili that I keep in storage for busy nights.   My 13-year old daughter made a big salad with romaine, the still-ubiquitous yellow squash, cukes, and bell peppers.   I tossed some apple cider vinegar and olive oil on it.   I put about 1/3 cup homemade sauerkraut on each plate next to the salad.

I didn’t eat the dinner because I wasn’t hungry, having eaten earlier.   But I finished the last piece of Raw Key Lime Pie that I made last night.   (It’s yummy, took about 15 mins. to make last night, and it’s in Ch. 11 coming up!)   The other day at Costco I got a whole bag of limes.   I set up my $20 electric citrus juicer, which is VERY worth having if you’re a 12 Stepper.   Lime juice is one of those ingredients that transforms raw or whole foods into gourmet.   I use it in lots of salad dressings and quinoa dishes.   I cut all the limes in half and had my 8-year old juice them.   (He loves doing it.)   I put them in an ice cube tray to freeze for later.   Later tonight, I’ll twist the ice cube trays into a gallon freezer bag to save them all for later, in convenient 2 Tbsp. portions.

Total time spent in the kitchen today: 20 minutes (not including two kids helping out), a 75% raw day.

A WEEKEND (Sunday) food log:

Breakfast:   A big blender of Hot-Pink Breakfast Smoothie (Jump-Start recipe collection) for everybody, in a hurry, before church.

Lunch: Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes (from Ch. 10 coming out, soaked the buckwheat the day before)–no gluten, really easy, sprouted, everybody likes it.   I don’t like things made from buckwheat flour, but I love these pancakes.   I whizzed up some berry topping in the BlendTec (also in Ch. 10), berries and peaches, agave, and a little water.

Lunch: Zucchini Carpaccio to use up zucchini in the garden (Jump-Start recipe collection), and Raw Avocado Soup (coming out in the 100 Quick, Healthy Lunch Ideas recipe collection).   Plus some Homemade Raw Sauerkraut (Ch. 8 recipe) I made a year ago.   While we were eating, I had The World’s Best Chocolate Ice Cream going in the ice cream maker, just three ingredients, super easy.

I made six different recipes today, lots more than usual.   I spent maybe an hour in the kitchen making food.   No green smoothie!   That happens, maybe once every week or two on a weekend.   We still all had about 7 servings of vegetables and 3 of fruit, all of them raw–about a 75% raw day.