TEXAS, part 4 of 7, Amy’s Story

Amy was our key volunteer organizing our Austin, Texas event. I felt terrible that somehow I did not get to talk with her, as I arrived only 10 mins. before the event. (My GPS said the flagship Whole Foods Market, that I really wanted to see in the few hours we were in town, was only 7 minutes away. I didn’t know to account for traffic, and it took 25 mins. each way!) After the event, Amy didn’t have time to wait in line and I never actually met her. I wrote her an email to thank her for all her efforts and tell her we are sending a present, and this is what she wrote back:

Almost four years ago my husband ran into a health issue that “regular” doctors couldn’t help him with.

It started with only a small part of his lips and spread to both his lips and the area around them over the next couple of years, while we tried everything that we could think of and everything the doctors said to do.   It got to be so that he couldn’t laugh or smile, and he was so embarrassed to be in public.

He is a youth pastor, so having to speak in front of people often is a part of his job.   We went to 13 specialists.   They kept sending us on to other people.   They got angry or annoyed with me when I told them everything we had tried, asked questions, and tried to understand.

I kept asking, “But what’s the problem?!   How can we keep this from coming back?   Isn’t this just masking the symptoms?” I got so tired of just another prescription for some steroid that I knew could be causing other problems.   The final straw was on a second visit to a doctor who was apparently pleased with my husband’s “progress”, and we were horrified.   He was the farthest from well he had ever been.   The doctor was writing him another steroid prescription refill, and we said no thank you.   I told him we already tried that and the solution was only as lasting as the end of the prescription.

We didn’t know what else to do, but we knew that any other answer was better than another prescription.   I became obsessed with reading any kind of nutrition information I could get my hands on, became best friends with health food store workers, and my husband was willing to try anything!   I couldn’t believe the amount of information available.

I called my grandmother who has been making me crazy morning drinks when I visited her my whole life and the people I knew from my church that didn’t wear regular deodorant and told me one time they would give me a kefir starter before I knew what that was!   Luckily, they were so excited to share everything they knew.

We went to a homeopathic doctor they recommended.   The doctor was not frustrated by my questions, and when I asked for suggestions on what to study the doctor gave me greensmoothiegirl.com!

I was so encouraged by what a regular person you are.   I thought, “maybe I don’t have to be a social outcast!”   I am so thankful for you.   I would never have the courage to try things, but following your blog and watching all your videos makes me think I can do anything!   I had so much information whirling around in my brain but no idea what to do with it or where to begin.   You gave me things to DO!

I have also taken your advice, and I spread the good news with everyone I can.   I share my green smoothies even with my students (I teach art at a small elementary school).   One time I told a 4th grader that the MSG in his Cheetos were a neurotoxin.   I explained to him what it was, and the next day he told me he asked his mom if he could throw their Cheetos away.   He wanted to taste my green smoothie!

I have 6 siblings and my mom, and all but 2 of my brothers drink green smoothies regularly now.   My mom has struggled with weight loss all of my life.   She has lost about 40 pounds and is still losing!   She felt inspired by your class [in Austin] to do a green smoothie cleanse for a week!

When we first started making all our dietary changes I tried to lay low because I didn’t want people to think I was weird, but you helped me to see that that was doing them a terrible injustice.   I love what good nutrition has done for my life and the people I love most!   I want everyone to know that they can be healthy and strong.

My husband’s lips are well.   Our homeopathic doctor treated him for a mineral deficiency, using lots of greens mix, and a change in diet and nutrition.   We saw results within 2 weeks, he was completely well in 2 months.   I couldn’t believe it, after four years of battling!   Despite the pain and misery for my husband, we are so thankful for his illness.   It made us take responsibility for our own health, and forced us to educate ourselves and learn to listen to our bodies in a way that we may not have otherwise.

I recently started taking correspondence courses at a natural school of medicine to get my CNC (certified nutritional counseling).   Thank you so much for the work that you do and for sharing your life with so many people!   You have helped to make my family’s life so much better!

Texas Part 3 of 7: Houston’s Stephanie–a Green Smoothie Transformation

Stephanie was smack on the front row in Houston, a gorgeous tiny little mom who has lost 50 lbs. doing green smoothies. (Check out her before-and-after photos!)

Her husband was with her, and Stephanie said he’s gone from “couch potato to marathon runner.” Stephanie told me that despite the oohs and aaahs about how she looks, “What happened is more on the inside than on the outside!” I believe she would endorse my statement that a change in fuel impacts your emotional and psychological health as much as your physical health.

Here’s her story:

Since Green Smoothie Girl was so pivotal in my own transformation, it is poetic that I now get to share my story here with Robyn and her readers.

Just a few short years ago, I was overworked, overstressed, and overweight. I was living in a daze and life was not joyful. I was headed in the wrong direction and I was bringing my family with me.   I had to hit rock bottom before I decided to make any changes. I was a junk food junkie, not spending much time in the kitchen and never shopping in the produce section.

I had already tried diet pills, the no-carb diet, boxed food delivered in the mail, and counting points. I knew that I did not need a temporary diet, I needed a permanent change. I learned about a Raw Foods lifestyle and my interest was piqued. However, there was one major problem. I really did not like eating vegetables.

I soon discovered that I could drink them instead. I am a visual learner, so I hit YouTube to learn more. And voilà – I discovered Green Smoothie Girl. I soon bought some fruits and veggies and pulled out my 15 year old blender and went to town. I LOVED them! Before long I purchased a Vitamix and decided that I would replace 2 meals a day with green smoothies and incorporate more whole foods into my diet.

Magical things happened! As my diet cleaned up, my head cleared. The weight was coming off (50 lbs total) and I was feeling really good.   The fog had lifted. I decided that I was not going to return to my legal career.   I had a new passion for everything associated with health and wellness. I researched more, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to share with others.

This led me to enroll at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am now working as a Health Coach and a Raw Food Chef and have a new zest for life!   I became “The Nutrition Mom” and my message is “Simple-Healthy-Solutions.” Eating does not have to be so complicated.   Let’s bring it back to basics.

I coach others to take one step at a time. I feel so blessed to not only teach people about proper nutrition, but to go on the journey with them.   I meet them where they are and give them the support that they need along the way. It’s a beautiful journey.

Thank you Robyn, for sharing your message.   You have set me, and so many others, on a new path and I am forever grateful.

Stephanie Merchant, Health Coach


K’Lynne loses 100 POUNDS eating whole foods!

K’Lynne Wagner has lost 100 POUNDS doing my 12 Steps to Whole Foods program for over a year. Check out her amazing photos! She came onto my radar when she had so many people flocking to her, wanting to know what she’d done, that she negotiated a dealer discount on 12 Steps kits with us, and started having GSG meetings at her home every month.

She stood up and told her story in Portland, and the audience gasped at the number 100! They demanded info, so I interviewed her:



GSG:   Did you count calories?

K’Lynne: No.

GSG:   Did you feel deprived?

K’Lynne: No.

GSG:   Did you eat yummy food?

K’Lynne: Yes.

On her blog, she calls herself “a woman of few words except if it’s about something I’m passionate about.” In answer to audience questions, she told us that she had lost weight with diets before, but this time she obtained health in addition to weight loss, as well as a way of life that makes sense—and the weight came off, and stayed off, as a byproduct of learning healthy habits.

Though she is shy and quiet (see her blog about gathering the courage to talk to me in Portland), she had a carload of friends with her who left at 5:45 a.m. for the 4.5-hour drive from Ashland. The whole audience was absolutely inspired. Until she got their shocked and delighted reaction, she told me later, “It had not really occurred to me what losing 100 lbs. meant. I just knew how wonderful it was to look in the mirror and see ‘me’ and know that I was on the right path that would allow me to stay this way forever.” K’Lynne told me she does ALL of the 12 Steps. Her blog says, “I grind my own flour with all kinds of grains I never knew existed…I love it, I can’t get enough of it, it is so exciting to me and I feel very empowered with all this knowledge.” Her husband Chuck is getting into good nutrition, too.

She emailed me later that she takes salads and dressings for lunch to work, and her whole office now brings salads. At church, people say to her, “I’m getting my blender this week!” A good friend who had breast cancer called K’Lynne one day because she was frustrated that her doctors said, “Just watch for changes,” rather than giving her meaningful prevention strategy. K’Lynne’s friend said, “Whatever you’re doing, I want to know more.” This friend is now healthy, following 12 Steps, and ecstatically sharing it with others, too.

K’Lynne said to me, “I love sharing because I am so passionate about eating healthy and it all just makes so much sense. I feel like I’ve been asleep and now I am awake, full of life, and look forward to a long, happy, healthy life!”

I’m thankful to her for sharing her story, her photos, and her spirit with us. She is a beautiful woman inside and out who doesn’t keep her growth and knowledge to herself! Check out her blog HERE. She’ll give you a great deal on the 12 Steps course she won in the raffle, and if you’re in Ashland, you can join her 12 Steppers’ group!



Mandy’s doctor says, fastest healing he’s seen!

Mandy didn’t grow back the cartilage in her arthritic knees, eating whole foods last year following my program, to avoid knee surgery. That’s what she was hoping for. But she DID lose 30 lbs. and recover shockingly fast from knee surgery. Watch her tell about it here!

Oh, and next time I go back to Denver, she’s going to set up a Fort Collins class. Can’t wait! Next time the bike rack is going on the back of my car—Kristin and I were so bummed, driving past all the amazing bike trails y’all have in Colorado, and the beautiful Green River through Moab and Aspen areas is calling our name. Spring 2012!

Emily: pregnant, diabetic, and HEALTHY in Colorado

I met this really cool girl in Castle Rock, Colorado last weekend. She was dying to tell me about how my homemade granola, chocolate beet cake, green smoothies, and other whole-foods habits and recipes have helped her THRIVE going into her third pregnancy. This is radically different than her first two, which were a scary experiment in managing blood sugar and other tough issues faced by Type 1 diabetics.

I am routinely frustrated that most diabetes doctors focus exclusively on insulin, and NOT AT ALL on nutrition. Some things that are tough and time-consuming to turn around with diet. Entrenched degenerative gut conditions (IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, etc.) and auto-immune diseases, for instance. But heart disease and diabetes? Top two for SO EASY to turn around and control, if you understand what WISE, RESPONSIBLE FUEL is. I’ve had a number of Type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics reverse the disease completely by following my program—even though it’s not a diabetes-control program per se. There’s NO reason for diabetics to be losing limbs and sacrificing quality of life.

I would love to hear from some diabetics, here, about what happened when you made a strong commitment to whole foods!

Barbara has an amazing story after just 3 months, watch her on video

Barbara inspired us in Boise! If making simple changes in her diet helped her drop 20 lbs., disappeared a pre-diabetic condition and allergies, gained energy, decreased fibromyalgia symptoms–what will happen if she sticks with it for a year? Or for life? Watch her tell her story in 2.5 minutes here:

We are coming back to Boise in September–sign up for my free class here.