New green smoothie fan ditches heart meds and IBS!

green benefitsDear GreenSmoothieGirl:

I am writing to share my success story with you. I am sure you get zillions of letters, but here goes.

I am 60 yrs old and exercise a lot but have struggled with my weight all of my adult life. I have had hypertension and high lipids, and have been struggling with medications. I started with green smoothies and these are the exciting results!

1.       Weight is no problem. Green smoothies keep it in check.

2.       I used to drink at least 2 liters of Diet Coke a day. I craved DC, making special trips to get it. I did not intentionally cut it out, I just noticed one day that I wasn’t buying it anymore. It doesn’t even taste good now. I think that the smoothies fulfilled the need that I had.

3.       I never get fast food anymore. It just doesn’t taste good. Even the smell is nauseating to me. I’d rather have a smoothie!

I-Love-Green-Smoothies4.       Most importantly, so many health issues have improved. I have always suffered with IBS. Not now. My blood pressure is normal (no meds). My lipids are normal (no meds). I recently went to the dentist and they take BP prior to any dental work. I was so elated that mine was normal that I didn’t notice the dental work!!

I never believe testimonials about products because I think that they are mostly made up. So that is why I decided to write to you. I have more energy, sleep better, and I think that overall, my health has improved tremendously.”

Becky S. in Ft. Worth, Texas

Congrats to detoxers!

YayWe just had another group graduate the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox! Congratulations, everyone!

Thank you, long-time reader, GSG veteran and guru, Kristin Lassonde, who supports detoxers on the live support forum. (I run the live support calls.)

Our NEXT live-supported program starts Aug. 1—you can sign up any time and begin reviewing your materials when they arrive in the mail.

Here’s an exciting perk for those who join us in August:

Health Mate Saunas is going to give us a Sauna for 2, which would cost you over $2,000, shipped to a lucky winner, free. All those who participate in August will be entered in the drawing. (Lifetime Members are all automatically entered.) Those in the Full Support program will get TWO entries in the drawing.

And, in case you want to do the program earlier, everyone who does the Detox from TODAY forward, will be entered.

Here are what a few people said after completing the program:

Life Changing Event Ahead Road SignLost 15 lbs—GSG Detox One of the Most Rewarding Experiences Ever!
The GSG Detox was the hardest but most rewarding experience I have ever had. I lost 15.5 lbs. My life has been changed for the better, and much more than I ever could have imagined. The first two weeks were hard but well worth the effort. In the beginning I had symptoms and reactions, but after those initial weeks I was able to settle into the program and was amazed as chronic pain and fatigue disappeared, sugar, salt and caffeine addictions dissipated, and the weight literally fell off—BONUS!

Having a buddy to participate in the program with was definitely a key factor. Having the full support of the GSG staff and other detox participants through the forum and the expert calls and videos was also key to understanding and participating to the fullest. I would definitely recommend this detox program to anyone looking to change their life and health for the better. Thanks Robyn and GSG staff for this amazing experience! I will definitely participate again in the future.

~ Brenda G. in South Jordan, Utah

So Glad I Went through This Experience!
This was my first detox, so I did Level One. It did exactly what I wanted it to do for the first go around. I did lose weight; however, the biggest change was losing cravings that were so strong before the detox. I look at food in a different way and plan to follow a more whole foods menu plan. I plan to continue doing the detox twice a year. At times it was very hard to stay with it. I am glad that I did and I feel much better having completed it.

I recommend this to anyone that wants to do a detox in a healthy way. This detox was well researched which is why I chose to do this particular one. Having the full support option was important to me. A lot of my questions were answered on the forum along with Robyn giving good information daily. I am so glad I went through this experience.

~ Alane C. in Overland Park, Kansas

flat stomache loveA Flat Stomach in Mid-Life, 10 lbs. Lost!
I liked how well researched and clinical the detox was. It felt safe and empowering to challenge myself, and I ended up losing 10 pounds! I am maintaining that after the detox with the same types of foods and continuing to lose even the next week, too!

As much as I don’t really enjoy enemas, I am thrilled about how the water-then-coffee enemas make me feel, so I am also continuing to do these as my morning time permits. There is nothing better than to have a flat stomach in mid-life again!

~ Nancy L. in Grand Haven, Michigan

Rash/Breakouts Cleared Up—and 15 lbs Lost!
I have checked out a few detoxes over this past year, many that had products like protein shakes and meal replacement bars, etc. Most of them are one-size-fits-all programs. Guess what, I lost a few pounds on a couple, but they weren’t sustainable and were expensive to keep using the products. I am aware of an alkaline diet and have incorporated green smoothies/juicing into my lifestyle daily. When I saw the 26-day detox and the full support group, I knew I had to do it.

I LOVE DETOXI embraced the full Level 1 program and made it all the way through! I lost 15 pounds and, most of all, cleared up a rash/breakouts that have been appearing on my face this past year. I emailed a before and after picture of my face to Coach Cathi and she asked that I share. I will definitely continue to educate myself and follow a whole-food diet from here out; I still have more weight I would like to release. I am working on easing my family into the same way of healthy eating. It’s challenging, but I now have my 7-year-old son eating salads, so leading by example does work!

~ Jennifer C. in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

My Friend John’s Amazing Recovery

John and Cheryl Thackeray

My favorite things to share are just a few of the miraculous stories I hear on a regular basis at When people begin to learn about, and then practice, a disease preventative lifestyle.

You know I love Paracelsus al Ronc in Southern Switzerland. I was studying holistic cancer treatment, worldwide, when I discovered this clinic. I had no idea I would make lifelong friends and find a place I would want to return to every year for the rest of my life! It’s the world’s best-kept secret in holistic health!

Right now Coach Madeline is leading a group of GSG readers on a 10-day liver detox over there. In August, I take many of the GSG coaches, and a few holistic practitioner friends of mine. Although we don’t have another trip planned just yet, you can arrange your own trip there for the negotiated GSG rate. (Keep in mind I take $0 from this clinic for referring my readers there, and I never will. I will only recommend what I think will be beneficial to you, based on my worldwide research.)

John and Cheryl Thackeray were with us last Fall, and I now consider them dear friends. Cheryl and her long-time GSG reader sister-in-law, Ciel, are going back to Paracelsus this year for more treatment. John is a very successful real estate developer in So Cal and Utah, and he is so good and kind that when he saw I was speaking in a city in another state where he owns a hotel, he put us up there. I love how he keeps in touch, and he shared his story with me. His story reminds me of our discussion on the blog, of late, about the ineffectiveness of drugs as an approach to health. Eating chemicals can suppress symptoms at times, but they will never make us healthy.

food paracelcus
Healing foods served at Paracelsus al Ronc

At Paracelsus, the Thackerays, with the rest of us, participated in a cleansing diet as well as many therapies and treatment modalities supervised by competent medical personnel, to remove toxic residues in various parts of the body, and rehabilitate critical immune functions.

John is only 6 months into a healing journey, but he is excited about the results so far!

He went to Paracelsus with the GSG crowd having no idea what to expect. He’d been to my lecture, and his sister-in-law was a long-time GSG reader. He has had an amazing career, with a wonderful, loving family of 3 children and lots of grandchildren. But health, energy, and a good diet had been failing, the only goals in his otherwise amazing life that was lacking. John is in his 60’s, and has the means to enjoy a spectacular retirement. Wouldn’t it be tragic if poor health derailed the great good he can do in the world for the next 30 years?

caution statinsTen years ago, John had open-heart surgery for a valve repair, and docs consequently put him on statin and blood pressure drugs. The side effects of statins are rising blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes (probably also contributed to by an inferior diet). So for that, they prescribed Metformin.  He found it difficult to lose weight, especially belly fat. Since his detox in Switzerland, John has in the past 6 months gotten thinner than he’s been in 20 years! He got off his meds and fired his Las Vegas doctor when he told John he was stupid for getting off the drugs. Now that he is off the drugs, he sees a reversal in both conditions: cholesterol and triglycerides are “better than ever,” sugars are down to normal levels, and blood pressure is less than 120/80. He reports, “There are only positive results since I gave up the prescription drugs.” His internal medicine doc was thrilled with the results and more open to look at lifestyle changes, rather than just chemical meds.

Share_Your_StoryCheryl has liver issues that she takes medications for that are now harming her kidneys. What if there’s another way? I don’t diagnose, treat, or prescribe–and never will. I do, however, love to share my story of being once overweight and very unwell, and now being fit and healthy. And how I did it, returning to whole foods that led to my family’s wholeness. And I love to share yours, too. Send them with photos and details anytime to Thank you for sharing, John! I love the ways you’re learning and growing and discovering the power in holistic treatments that reduce toxic load and help rebuild and support the body’s phenomenal immune function.

The photo at the top is from Nov, 2013, a little sightseeing trip near the clinic, to Lake Como (home of actor George Clooney!).


If you want some courage to do the Detox……

Linda ohioThis is Linda from Monroe, Ohio, whom I met last week on my Michigan / Ohio speaking tour. She did the GSG Detox last August, got off 10 medications and lost 38 lbs! How does someone lose 38 pounds in 26 days? That’s what cleansing the organs of eliminations, and detoxifying at a cellular level, can accomplish. Fat has an important job: to store toxins and protect critical organ functions. When you are throwing off metals, pesticides, petrochemicals, and more, fat doesn’t have a job to do anymore. Would you do something hard if you would lose 38 pounds in the process? That’s exciting. Congrats, Linda! Just thought I’d share this story for those doing the May 1 live detox right now, or who is thinking about it. 





A beautiful story about Melissa in the Bay Area you’ll be so glad you read!

change-wordle[1]Sometimes we get profound stories of people changing their lives, and I love to share some of them here. This one has an amazing twist in it that might give you chills, if you’re like me.

Melissa is a new green smoothie convert and shares with everyone around her. In fact, the day before she wrote me this story, a mom at her son’s baseball game came running up to her waving a big jar of green, saying, “Aren’t you proud of me? I’ve got my green smoothie today, too!

In 2012, Melissa was exercising and thought she was “eating right” when her cardiologist told her she needed to be on prescription drugs for her high blood pressure. Melissa was devastated because she had watched her mother being subject to more and more drugs, with their cascading negative effects.

After starting the drugs, Melissa began to have frightening additional tachycardia that caused her heart to beat as high as 244 beats per minute–requiring another IV drug to “shock” her heart and stop it momentarily to return it to a normal rhythm. She underwent an ablation surgery, and because she was not completely anesthetized, she suffered severe trauma during the procedure and vowed to never again find herself in this situation.

Mellissa's blood pressure after applying a whole foods diet and using essential oils.
Mellissa’s blood pressure after applying a whole foods diet and using essential oils.

Melissa began to pray and search, and she saw her childhood friend, Emily, writing on facebook about GreenSmoothieGirl coaches’ classes.  She also came to my lecture in September last year, and won the 12 Steps to Whole Foods course!

As Melissa listened to my green smoothie lecture last fall, she said she “felt this may well be the answer I was looking for.” She prayed and miraculously won the 12 Steps to Whole Foods course. She says,

“Suddenly weight that I had always dismissed as ‘genetics’ melted off me. […]This new way of eating….my blood pressure is better today OFF meds than it was a year ago ON meds!”

Melissa sent me her bp reading to prove it!

People started asking Melissa what she was doing differently. She’d fill them in on her changes: using plants as medicine, and plants as food. In fact, she filled them in even if they DIDN’T ask! If someone said, “My back is really sore today,” she’d share! In January, she started hosting classes of her own.

She invited a friend, who hates veggies and calls herself a “supertaster.” This friend ended up loving Coach Mariza’s famous Orange Julius Green Smoothie and instantly decked herself out with essential oils and a turbo blender.

Melissa had tickets to my lecture in San Rafael earlier this month with her daughter. She announced to her daughter, as well as her husband, who laughed at her, “I’m coming home with the Blendtec.

Here’s where the story gets really interesting. Melissa says:

“While I was at the lecture, I again was praying for a sign. ‘If this is really what I need to pursue I will win that Blendtec, right, God?’ The moment of truth arrived, and a red ticket was pulled. We had white tickets, so my daughter and I both sighed. The woman right in front of us won the Blendtec. How exciting for her! We were bummed, but it must not have been meant to be.

miracles“As the lecture ended, the woman who won the Blendtec turned to my daughter and asked her if she drinks green smoothies. My daughter told her yes. I let her know that she takes them to school and kids give her a hard time, but she couldn’t care less. She then asked me if I had a Blendtec. I told her no, just a smaller and less effective blender. She told us that she has a Blendtec.

“She went on to say that she knew she was going to win, and had decided in advance she wanted to bless us with it! My daughter and I couldn’t believe it. We were in shock!

A note from Robyn here: Because there are people in my audience who come specifically to win the Blendtec, and need it desperately to turn their life around, and can’t afford it, I’ve been doing something at the end of class lately. I tell the audience that if they already have a turbo blender, please don’t tell the audience when they come up to claim the Blendtec. (I want the audience to meet them. I want to ask what they’re gonna do with their blender.)

I make a joke about how we’d like them to actually make it to their car with it, and we don’t have bodyguards. (I’ve already talked about how I use my Blendtec 5 times a day, and how it’s critical for use in any whole-foods lifestyle.) So, don’t tell.

But, if they already own one, their task between their chair and coming up to claim their grand prize, is to decide:

Who in your life would be blessed by your USED one?

Everyone usually laughs, since I just gave them permission to keep their prize and pass off the old one.

But I’m deeply moved by this Good Samaritan, who didn’t stick around–I don’t know who she was—-who already knew she was going to give this brand-new, $450 whole-foods machine to a perfect stranger.

I love that some people do selfless things quietly, just because it’s the right thing to do. Melissa wrote:

“I asked her if she was sure, several times. She assured me it was ours. I held back my tears and gave her a big hug! I am glad we didn’t win it because to me this was an even clearer sign that this is what I need to and want to do. I want to share Robyn’s message with others. I want to help others heal themselves, by taking control of what they eat back into their own hands. I want to continue to share my own story to inspire, support, and nurture others into finding the health and peace in their lives, that Robyn’s story helped me find for myself.”

Robyn with Melissa and daughter and new Blendtech
Robyn with Melissa and daughter holding her new Blendtec.

I want to thank Blendtec for donating one of their amazing machines for me to giveaway at all my classes. That’s 90 cities in 2014! An average 4-5 city lecture tour costs, not including my time, about $8,000 in airfare, employee time, hotels, rental cars, gas, hotels, volunteer gifts, etc. We do not always come out ahead.

So, Blendtec’s sponsorship helps make it possible for me to share a message I love, that changed my family’s life, and continues to change others’ lives.

THANK YOU BLENDTEC!! And thank you, Melissa, for sharing this beautiful story. I’m so excited that you are sharing what you’re learning with everyone around you.

And most of all, Melissa, her family, and I thank the Good Samaritan who did this good deed. Not for the first time, editing this story for publication on my blog has brought tears to my eyes.

I am inspired and will be a better person because of you, friend.

Kallie takes the green smoothie movement on the news in Sacramento!

Kallie and the News 10 crew.
Kallie and the News 10 crew.

One of our GreenSmoothieGirl apprentice coaches, in Sacramento, was invited to be on News 10 Good Morning Weekend. Here’s a photo of Kallie Arroyo and the news team, showing Northern California how to make your world GREENER for weight loss, improved energy, better digestion, and massively reduced disease risk.

(If you’ve started making the shift to be greener, yourself, go watch Pixar’s WALL-E again, and think on what happens when the green begins to disappear, and people do nothing for entertainment besides eat processed food and overindulge in media. HERE’S a video clip from WALL-E showing the human dystopia that, I believe, is not too far off, if we head down the track we’re on. I’m showing this clip in my new lecture, How to Eat Right In the Real World.)

Kallie's husband before and after.
Kallie’s husband before and after.

2007 was the year that we discovered cycling, and we were changed forever. We began to make improvements to our diet, more whole foods. My husband and son were cycling and eating better and they lost lots of weight. I started later, and we began to train for major cycling races together as a family.

Kallie and her new diet choices, a winning combo!
Kallie and her new diet choices, a winning combo!
I’ve gradually lost weight over a long period of time but was still overweight. I decided to go off my prescription antidepressants and found that exercise and improved diet had a better effect than the pills I’d been taking for almost 20 years! On December 31st, 2012, I drank my last cola. On January 1st, 2013, I began my first 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge. I’ve been working on the 12 Steps to Whole foods program and adding a lot of great foods to my life. I haven’t logged or calculated a single calorie, I don’t know how much fat or calories I eat on any given day. Instead, I focus on how many plants I can get into my body. My two biggest successes this year are breaking my addictions to caffeine and sugar.I’m at least 15 lbs lighter than this time last year and I don’t feel like I’m dieting at all.  I’m happy to say we are all within health weight ranges, off all medications, and symptom free. We have gained so much more than a smaller waist line. We have an amazing life full of active, healthy people who fill our days with joy.
"Robyn, Coach Dr. Mariza Snyder, Senior Apprentice Amy Sellers, and the Sacramento GSG team.
Robyn, Coach Dr. Mariza Snyder, Senior Apprentice Amy Sellers, and the Sacramento GSG team.

I always said I would never do a cleanse, I’ve seen so many people do dramatic cleanses and have horrible reactions when they go back to eating “real food”. I’ve learned to stop saying never! I decided that I would do the 26-day Green Smoothie Detox in January. I planned on doing it on my own. I was surprised when my husband said he wanted to do it with me!After a few posts on Facebook, we now have at least 15 of us who will supporting each other on this 26-day Kick Start to our Healthiest New Year.