Which is worse, regular or diet soda?

Regular vs.DietDear GreenSmoothieGirl: Which is worse, diet soda or regular soda?

Answer: You’ve heard it. The joke goes, “I’m a health nut—I’m having a DIET soda with this burger and fries.”

This is a very hard question to answer. Because to say that one is worse than the other is to imply that the less-bad option is somehow okay. It’s not. A can of soda has 7 teaspoons of sugar in it, not to mention a couple dozen types of acids, many carcinogenic chemicals that have no place in the human body, including phenylalanine, and carbonation that robs your red blood cells of oxygen. And when you remove the sugar, you substitute a known neurotoxin, aspartame, an “excitotoxin” that literally excites your nerve endings to death.

diet cokeHere’s the answer, and I’m sorry it’s so dissatisfying. Both are equally terrible, though the Diet would win by a hair if someone held a gun to my head and made me choose. (You think you’re avoiding diabetes and obesity risk by drinking Diet? Nope. Diet sodas have been linked to both overeating and obesity, and to diabetes risk.)

Regular soda and diet soda are tied, neck and neck, for “worst foods ever.” That’s because they aren’t food. They don’t even have any food ingredients.

If you absolutely must have caffeine (best to avoid it!), get it from organic green tea, sweetened with stevia. You can buy it at the health food store. Skip the coffee, and skip the soda. Decaffeinated coffee is still terribly acidic, and it isn’t caffeine-free, only lower in caffeine.

My best friend, Kristin, probably won’t mind me telling you that recently she quit Diet Pepsi, because drinking it caused the sensation of “knives” in her gut. She has been eating healthy, getting through tough times without her historic cola crutch, and doing fine. Since working for GSG, Kristin “goes off” DP for months at a time, longer and longer periods. This is quite a feat, when you consider that she’s been drinking it since her earliest memory. It’s a “friend” that has gotten her through a lot, 32 ounces at a time. The problem is, the relationship no longer serves.

Kick_the_Can3She and I have both struggled with anxiety our whole lives–but when Kristin’s off all the addictions, she feels great, even though she has some enormous stressors in her life. I do fine as long as I stay away from sugar. Corn syrup especially–I just don’t touch it anymore, ever.

Alcohol is also deadly for anxiety and depression. A clean-functioning, healthy liver is one of your best tools for elevated, stable mood. When it’s running clean, so do your nerves and brain!

I know it’s tough. Soda addiction is powerful. But I hope you find reasons, inspiration, and hope on my blog, to kick the can forever. It’s worth it to fight that fight. Your liver, and your stomach, your disease risk, your skin—they’ll all thank you.

The truth about fish oil and essential fatty acids.

sprouted flax
Coming soon, New Packaging!

One of my favorite, very simple solutions, for covering hard-to-find nutrition bases, is our SPROUTED FLAX. Why? Because people desperately need essential fatty acids (EFA’s), EVERY DAY, from their food. To avoid heart disease, neurological problems, and anxiety and depression.

And Americans aren’t getting adequate levels of EFA’s. 80 percent of us are deficient in Omega 3’s! And Americans have been duped into believing that FISH OIL is a good means to that end.

Fish oil just isn’t an effective or health-promoting solution. I’ll share why in a minute.

But first, for the good news–you can get essential fatty acids easily, inexpensively, from nutrient-dense plant foods. I’m a fan of raw, live, plant-based whole foods being our nutritional answers. I just knocked $6 off the price of our sprouted, raw flax, through the end of the month only, while supplies last. That’s one-third off, the best deal we’ve ever had.

That’s the ONLY ingredient in the bag. No flow agents, preservatives, fillers, chemicals for “mouth feel” or clumping or other crazy stuff nearly every manufacturer puts in their food supplements.

It’s how I cover my essential fatty acids daily.  And our testing shows NO rancidity after two years. That’s because sprouting stabilizes Omega 3 fatty acids. When you sprout a nut, seed, or grain, you neutralize enzyme inhibitors and unlock the nutrition inside that food!

sprout flaxMost flax grown in American soil is poor quality, feed grade, and often it’s rancid before it is milled. Most flax is processed at high-speed, involving high heats—which causes that seed’s oils to become rancid. Companies who sell MILLED flaxseed recommend refrigeration because they don’t want to expose that their product is so low quality, that it is rancid already or will be very soon. Most flax products are not high quality so that the manufacturer can save money. And I won’t offer them to my readers.

Our flaxseed is very high quality and nutrient dense and organic. It is sprouted (germinated), causing fiber to double, and vitamins and minerals to increase in bio-availability by 200 to 900 percent! Do not refrigerate it (which would alter the flavor)—just keep it sealed in your dark pantry or cupboard.

I like to put a scoop in my quart of green smoothie every day. Not only is this giving you heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, but the nutrients in greens are absorbed at a higher rate when good fats are in the same meal.

So what’s so bad about fish oil, as a source of Omegas? First of all, most of the world’s fish, despite what marketers tell you, contain dangerous amounts of heavy metals due to pollution of our waterways. Second, while a billion-dollar industry has convinced our doctors to prescribe fish oil for heart health, we’ve devastated many ecosystems harvesting fish that are needed only for their oil.

fish oil fishiesThird, by the time the fish is harvested, the oil is manufactured, and it is put through the distribution channels, the oil is 6-12 months old when you consume it. By definition, it is rancid. So fish oil manufacturers have learned to mask the rancidity of their oils by deodorizing and “purifying” (refining) the oils. That doesn’t decrease its rancidity–it only makes the rancidity less noticeable for you, eating the fish oil pill!

And finally, perhaps most importantly, consuming $1 billion of fish oil pills has done nothing for our cardiovascular health. Which was the whole point in the first place. Don’t take my word for this—Google “meta study” and “fish oil” to see what the meta-studies, covering hundreds of published research studies, have to say about the net effect of 30 years of Americans eating rancid fish oil pills. It isn’t pretty. What a tragedy that billions of fish died needlessly for some manufacturers to make products that help no one–and may even lead to increased rates of prostate cancer.

NA flaxLet’s get quality essential fatty acids from real foods. Best if it’s superior-grade, 99%+ sproutable, nutrient dense flax from North America–sprouted, and dehydrated below 100 degrees to retain nutrition. You’re also getting a lot of fiber, and many other vitamins and minerals, in addition to the essential fatty acids–and for $6 off through May only!

I hope this is a helpful tip for you to take your green smoothie habit to an even higher level!



49% of Brits don’t know diet affects cancer risk!

cancer-research-uk-1Is it possible that half of England doesn’t understand how their fried foods and sugar and alcohol contribute to cancer? We have seen a meteoric rise in cancer over the past 40 years since Richard Nixon declared war on it. This corresponds to the meteoric rise in the processed-food diet. Now 1 in 2 men, and more than 1 in 3 women, get cancer, in North America. But the World Health Organization predicts that the tidal wave of cancer diagnosis is actually yet to come.

cancer-mapWe have to correct course. This article says half of cancer cases are preventable via changing our diet (smoking is also a major contributor, in addition to poor diet). I don’t know why the other half are NOT preventable, or how that is determined. (It’s hard to isolate factors in an environment where 80,000 chemicals are approved for use in our food, products, manufacturing, and air/water.)

But take an eye-opening look at the map of diagnosed cancer—the countries where cancer is highest are those eating the toxic, processed modern diet: U.S., Canada, all of Europe, and Australia / New Zealand. Cancer is lowest in Africa, Central America, and some island countries, where they eat a mostly indigenous diet. The notable exception in Africa is the country of South Africa, colonized by and heavily influenced by Brits!

How much does this matter? It matters to every single individual. The toll on a human life of suffering with cancer is incalculable. Standard of Care’s protocol, all by itself, is one of the most miserable things a human being will ever live through, to hear cancer patients tell it. And if half of it is preventable? It’s worth it to share a message of detoxification, rebuilding the immune system, and starving out cancer with oxygen and pure nutrition. I love talking about the GSG Detox, a 26-day reboot to support health and clean garbage out of the gut, liver, kidneys, and other organs of elimination. I love that 3,000 people have done it since we released it last August. I’m doing it again, myself, right now. I never feel better than when I’m on the Detox. GreenSmoothieGirl Coach Dr. Mariza Snyder is doing it, herself, for the 4th time. She insists that friends and patients do it.

infrared saunaAbout the stuff we CAN’T control? The chemicals everywhere in our environment? The detox doesn’t just put you through a radical diet—it also introduces you to habits for a person living in an unnatural world. My favorite of which is the infrared sauna—have one in your house if you can.

And then, after you do the Detox, shift to a whole-foods, disease-preventative diet high in greens, vegetables, fruits, and other high-fiber, high-micronutrient foods like legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

In the detox’s 26-day reboot, and then by following 12 Steps to Whole Foods for life, plus some simple and easy self-care practices I teach you in these programs, you’ve got everything I’ve learned over 20 years, about how to be well in a sick world.

I hope you join us. Remember, green smoothies are an important first step—but just a first step!


Second Chance group buy! And, Why I Love Coconut Oil!

seconchanceWe’re doing a SECOND CHANCE group buy—with not only UNPASTEURIZED almonds, but also the best coconut oil I’ve ever tried, organic and cold pressed, silky and delicious—and for nearly $7/gallon less than our wholesale GROUP BUY price was. You don’t want to miss this. We may sell out before the event ends Mar. 31. We also have many of the items that were in our annual Fall group buy (like GSG nutrition products Buy Two Get One Free), but only while supplies last. Remember that you can mark up prices to gather orders from your network, and get your own food for free, using our forms, HERE.

This is national COCONUT OIL WEEK. (Not really. I just decided declared it so! But all week, on the blog, I’m going to educate you on this blog about the virtues of this amazing food that is far more than just a food. And ways to use it. There is a vast amount of data on the ways it benefits your health, that you really should know about. Medium chain fatty acids are critical for neurological health, and they’re found nowhere more plentifully than in unrefined tropical oils.

Uses for coconut oil are profound. These are my daily uses:

—the perfect moisturizer (my nightly moisturizer, and daily too, sometimes)

—the perfect butter / margarine / shortening replacer in baking (makes perfect baked goods)

—the perfect sauteing oil, as it does not create “trans fats” at high heats, like even olive oil does

—the perfect deodorant, in a small jar—even better to add baking soda and a very pure essential oil like lavender, wild orange, or peppermint.

—an incredible detoxifier when you use it for the powerful Ayurvedic tradition of “oil pulling,” a simple habit you do when you wake up, that may build bone density in the teeth and kill pathogens.

Coconut-Oil-GB-GallonI’ll teach you about all this and more, so stay tuned on my blog this week, at GreenSmoothieGirl.com.

Through the end of March, you can get in on a SECOND CHANCE GROUP BUY, because we rounded up MORE raw, unpasteurized almonds. That’s a FIRST—because usually, when we’re out on Nov. 30, we’re out for the year! What you buy in stores is NOT unpasteurized. They just say “raw” because they aren’t roasted. Our 25# boxes of almonds, directly from the grower, whom we have known and worked with personally for many years, have NOT been steam-pasteurized at high heats, nor irradiated, nor gassed. Make sure you FREEZE anything you’re not going to use in the next month or two.

Come back all week for more fun facts about coconut oil, which I believe slows aging of my skin, and also eliminated my wintertime cold fingers and toes circulation problem, when I started using it years ago.

Favorite Ways and Recipes to Use Coconut Oil!

coco moisterAn inexpensive, whole-food, highly nourishing moisturizer!

Use a small, clean jar, and fill it with coconut oil. (I have these in my purse, my bathroom vanities, and even in my desk.) I put it on my lips, which feels amazing, although it doesn’t have a beeswax moisture barrier like lip balms do. And I slather my face with it at night. (I’m told I then smell like a cookie—but that’s not all bad, right?) It soaks right into the skin, so it doesn’t get on the pillowcases. Even if I use it as a daytime moisturizer, this oil doesn’t make my skin look oily, due to quick absorption. It replaces the natural oil barrier washed off with cleansing, and it kills germs, prevents aging, and the effects last for hours.

hair treatmentA hair treatment!

I have a lot of long hair, so maybe you won’t use ¼ cup like I do, but I rub handfuls into my hair hours before I shower, sometimes overnight. (If you do that, put all your hair in a stocking cap.) I find my hair is silky and soft afterwards. I rub just a teaspoon into my hands, which melts it, and then into my hair after washing, too, making an expensive hair serum unnecessary.

Oil pulling!

Take a very large spoonful of coconut oil in the mouth, first thing in the morning.  Swish it around in the mouth for up to 20 minutes, not swallowing or spitting. Spit it out and rinse your mouth out when you’re done. Because oils have an affinity for toxins, this habit pulls out all kinds of nasty critters, freshens breath, kills microorganisms in the mouth and teeth, and many dentists and doctors (including mine) recommend it for re-mineralizing bone in the teeth.


Substitute organic, cold pressed coconut oil for butter, margarine, or shortening in any baking recipe. There will be a slight coconut taste, but the health benefits are impressive of replacing bad oils with this good one. It makes perfect baked goods. You can get my birthday cake and frosting recipe HERE on the blog.


Coconut oil, even at high temperatures, does not create trans fatty acids, which are damaging to human cells. I love to sautee sweet potato fries in coconut oil, and roll them in a little maple syrup and cinnamon after, or some savory spices, depending on what we feel like. Served with a salad, we consider this a fabulous dinner—or, it’s lunch, the next day, with a green smoothie!

Here are two simple recipes to get Dr. Bruce Fife’s recommended 3-4 Tbsp. daily for an adult (what you use on your skin counts—I don’t get anywhere near that amount daily, but I get some every day):

Green Smoothie Girl’s “Almond Joy” Fudge

coconut-popcorn3Put 2 cups each agave nectar (found in health food stores) and coconut oil in your turbo blender. Set the blender container in a sink of hot water for 10 minutes to warm the oil. Add 1 cup powdered raw chocolate (or unsweetened cocoa) and blend well. Pour into a 9×13 pan and stir in 2 cups each of shredded coconut and chopped or sliced almonds. Chill and cut in squares.

Kettle Corn

Over 3 batches air-popped popcorn in a brown paper bag or very large bowl, pour 1/3 cup agave nectar and 1/3 cup coconut oil. (Liquify them together by warming double-boiler style submerged in hot tap water, in a heavy bowl or jar. Sprinkle mixture with 2 tsp. Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, and stir or shake well. Always use organic popcorn, since most corn in the U.S. is now genetically modified.

Don’t forget, you can take advantage of our second chance GROUP BUY for this delicious and useful oil from now until March 31st!

Is Coconut Oil Friend or Foe?

friendfoeThis is an excerpt of blogs I wrote in March, 2011.

Thanks to a GSG reader for sending this New York Times article. A lot of the things I’ve been teaching for a long time are starting to go mainstream, about the power of coconut oil. I believed them only when I found a dozen miraculous health benefits of it for myself. This blog entry isn’t about me, but here’s one of my personal health benefits: I used to have circulation problems (cold hands and feet all winter) and that COMPLETELY disappeared when I started using coconut oil. Right now, you can get in on the second chance GROUP BUY and enjoy these benefits for yourself.

I read a case study by Dr. Mary Newport, about her husband, an accountant, who tragically began showing signs of Alzheimer’s in his early 50′s and was quite debilitated by age 58. Dr. Newport, a neonatologist, studied drug trials, including one drug in development called Ketasyn that leverages MCT, or medium chain triglycerides. That is a compound found in very few foods but abundantly in extra-virgin coconut oil.

Dr. Newport discusses many of the health benefits of MCT oil as documented in the scientific literature, including benefits for weight loss, epilepsy, cancerous tumors, and brain recovery after oxygen loss (newborns through adults). What these nutritional-deficit issues have in common is that cells can use compounds in coconut oil for fuel in the absence of carbohydrates. This makes it a potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) disease.

She discusses the same thing I often say, that the liver metabolizes coconut oil not precisely like a fat, but more like a hybrid between a carb and a fat. Those who are insulin resistant may function much better with these medium-chain fatty acids in their diet in significant quantities.

(Dr. Newport is awaiting the testing and the approval for the DRUG using coconut oil’s MCT. On a logic level, I can’t comprehend why you’d want to synthesize a component of a real food, when the food itself is nourishing in ways that science may never be able to understand because of the complexity and interplay of so many synergistic factors in the whole food.)

Clock drawings by Newport's husband
Mary Newport and husband with clock drawings

Dr. Newport’s case study paper references 23 studies, including some on how infant formula attempts to mimic human breast milk. Breast milk is also high in medium chain triglycerides including the powerful immune support LAURIC ACID. This is a GSG theory, and you’re welcome to dispute it, but those isolates, in formula, are never going to be as good as the complete source they came packaged in, in the first place. (If so, God would have created the separate parts rather than the complete source.)

So then Dr. Newport reports on the “obvious marked improvement” of her husband’s cognitive functions. She shows his drawings of a clock, the day before starting coconut oil, weeks after, and 37 days after. The first one is completely disorganized and resembles a clock in no way. A few small circles and four random numbers on the page. The second one has the lines in place and the numbers in the correct places. The third one is clear and organized.

Moreover, she documents the improvements in daily life as she observed her husband’s communication, gait, and ability to work and organize himself.

Dr. Newport talked to Dr. Richard Veech at National Institute of Health and studied everything she could find on coconut oil, fatty acids, human breast milk, and various disease states. She is an M.D. who clearly places a lot of faith, as all M.D.’s have been schooled to do, in the past century’s protocols of drugs to cure illness. But she says this after her self-directed studying and experimenting with her husband’s diet:

“I wonder about autism and whether something very important is missing in infant formulas and in the diets of women who are breastfeeding.”

Coconut-Oil-GB-GallonAfter the 1950′s, we abandoned the use of coconut oil that was a staple until studies of PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED coconut oils were shown to be detrimental. (There’s a big difference between that and the cold-pressed, organic oil. Hydrogenated oils aren’t real food, as they’ve been heated to high temps and altered on a molecular level; they are highly damaging to our health. Then coconut oil was completely bumped from the American lifestyle for 40 years until just recently. I wonder, to what effect? Only time will tell, but back then, we had radically lower rates of heart disease, cancer, and other inflammatory conditions.

Spread coconut oil on toast like butter. Sautee in it. (It creates no trans-fats, even at high temps!) Use it in cookies or other baked goods. Dr. Newport put 7 tsp. daily in her husband’s morning oatmeal. Slather it on your lips. Slather it on your significant other’s lips and kiss it off. Use it as a facial moisturizer, or on your hands/arms/legs.

You can also use coconut milk, which you can get at health food stores or Asian markets–it’s a combo of coconut oil and coconut liquid.

(Can you tell I’m madly in love with coconut oil? I don’t know that I’d call its taste “haunting” like the rather dramatic New York Times writer, but I love the health benefits!)


I am the Thanksgiving turkey. And, the GSG crowd goes to Switzerland.


Paracelsus Friends nov.13
The GSG’s sightseeing at Lake Maggiori

I was the Thanksgiving turkey this year. Kind of literally. On the American holiday, I was in the Southern Swiss Alps at one of my newly favorite places anywhere in the world……Clinica Paracelsus al Ronc. With lots of GSG readers, pictured here.

We were doing a 2-week liver detox. We’re doing it again, in the same beautiful place, May 25…… 10 days, for $4,000. Come this time!

(P.S. I make $0 telling you about this. I never have, and never will, accept a single dollar from this clinic. I just think it is the best-kept healing secret in the world, and I’m giddy that I discovered it. Tons of GSG readers have gone there since I found it over a year ago, and have written me with their healing stories. One reader, who was there with me, came home, wrote a letter of gratitude to Dr. Wiechel and the staff, told them of his amazing health improvements and new awareness, and enclosed a thank-you check.)

“Help, I’m trapped in this hyperthermia chamber!”

And that day, Thanksgiving, I had full-body hyperthermia. (I know, I’m weird. That this what I wanted to do on a day my compatriots are eating tons of turkey and pie and watching football on TV and taking long naps—I’m doing bizarre holistic healing treatments, trapped in a small space under heat lamps, just for fun.)

You already know that your body functions optimally at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. But did you know that your IMMUNE cells function optimally at 104 degrees? Your white blood cells come out of their slow inertia, and run around gobbling up toxic stuff. Hyperthermia induces an artificial fever, which may last a few hours, to help your body metabolize viruses, bacteria, fungus, cancer cells, and toxic byproducts of the same.

(I’m always sorry to hear that people dread a fever. It’s one of the body’s most powerful immune responses. A fever is not, contrary to apparent modern medical belief, a Tylenol deficiency. It’s an important process, if a bit uncomfortable–and we Americans are known for our unwillingness to suffer any discomfort.)

Anyway, an American there with his wife who was seeking help for late-stage Parkinsons, brought a plastic blow-up turkey for our lunch buffet. That’s officially the only turkey we ever saw. No pie, either, or buttery mashed potatoes.

We still ate like kings–really healthy, healing, energetic, lean kings. (Not sick, fat ones who sit around on a throne.)

But me, I was shoved in an oven, cooked for several hours, and even got a thermometer stuck up my booty to tell when I was done! I suffer for science!

blow up turkey
The only turkey we saw on Thanksgiving

Early that morning, I’d been in the clinic’s gym. Every morning I was in there at the same time with the OTHER “early bird,” my friend Dr. Jared Nielsen, who came with us. He teased me for the rest of the day about my tendency to sing out loud to my iPod. I told him that while this time, at al Ronc, I managed my claustrophobia during 4 hours in the hyperthermia chamber with my iPod, I did NOT belt out my own renditions of the two songs he’d heard me singing that morning:

Alone (by Heart)


Highway to Hell (by AC/DC)

Those might be the wrong musical selections while trapped in a confined space under infrared lamps for several hours.

(I listened to Brian Regan comedy instead, and laughed my head off in the chamber, which the clinic’s Filipino nurse found rather bizarre. I tried to explain. “Comedy!” I kept saying. But she didn’t get it and just thought I was a bit kooky. Or overheated.)

paracelsus al ronc
Clinica Paracelsus al Ronc

I had so much fun with Tsendee and Janet—who didn’t know each other before, but turned out to be ridiculously good ping-pong players. (I’d like not to ever get beaten that badly in any sport, ever again.) Janet, in her 60’s, hadn’t bothered to tell me she actually plays ON A TEAM. Like, an actual competitive table tennis player.

David and Cynthia, John and Cheryl, Jennifer and Brett, Dagmar and Daniela, Rita and Lynnea, June, Janet, Jared–we had a spectacular experience and I hope to go again.

Coach Madeline will lead you, and teach seminars in the evenings, May 25 to June 4. If you have a little time and money to take some time out for far more than just rest and beautiful surroundings, I think you will love being pampered with about 40 scheduled treatments during your stay, a few sightseeing trips, and beautiful full-service detox meals every day.

We’re going to Paracelsus al Ronc Again! May 25, 2014

Scenic Castaneda, Switzerland

I had the most fabulous time, recently returned, from our 2-week Liver Detox retreat in the Swiss Alp town of Castaneda, at Clinica Paracelsus al Ronc. Our retreat was waitlisted by the time we went, as the clinic is small with only about 20 private rooms. My GSG reader friends and I each had 40 treatments of different kinds, and 3 daily gourmet healthy meals, while enjoying the winter sunshine and ambience of one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

I discovered this biological (holistic) medical clinic in 2012—possibly the best-kept healing secret in the world—on my world-wide tour studying non-toxic cancer treatment. I fell madly in love with it, and have been there three times in the past year, now! There is nothing like it, for such an affordable price, anywhere in the world. Until I began writing about it, you could not even find any information about it in English, anywhere.

It’s a rather miraculous, seemingly random story how I even found out about it. It was through one obscure sentence in someone’s self-published book, that gave me a lead I chased, and rather accidentally landed in the Paracelsus al Ronc clinic. I was so astonished to find that it exceeded treatment standards, not to mention the four-star and full-service facility, and the gorgeous surroundings—for a lower price than anywhere I’d been. The cost is lower than several clinics in Tijuana, Mexico I have studied at–in the most expensive, possibly the most advanced country in the world, no less!

paracelsus al ronc
Paracelsus al Ronc Clinic

This is because the spectacular facility, built in 1985 for $17 million and now valued at $25 million, sold to Dr. Wiechel and her husband two years ago for $3 million, some of which was gifted to them by a grateful patient. They live on-site and do not care much for money—they love their mission and caring for those who enter their sacred healing space. What this means is that they can provide world-class care, in an unparalleled clinic, very affordably.

It is a wonderful place to go and be treated for cancer, but they also excel at helping people identify heavy metal toxicity and chelate (remove) those metals. I asked Dr. Wiechel what she feels she is most successful at, what she likes to treat. She says she has a lot of success with fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, and many neurodegenerative, energy, and gut issues. It is difficult to find holistic treatment for these health issues in the U.S. that is so controlled by modern medicine’s “Standard of Care.”

When I was there this time, I met a Stage IV esophageal cancer patient, and a lady who had been on medications for Parkinsons—both of whom had arrived in a wheelchair in September. On Dec. 1, I found them both to be walking around and looking good. The elderly lady was off her Parkinsons meds.

Please come to our next Liver Detox May 25 – June 4, 2014! It’s a 10-day trip led by GSG Coach Madeline Wilson (you’ll have seminars with her in the evenings as well) and hosted by Drs. Wiechel and Schultze at Paracelsus al Ronc. Read about the details HERE, including price, and photos and testimonials of GSG readers who went on our two 2013 retreats.

Dr. Petra Wiechel
Dr. Petra Wiechel

If you cannot come with the group on those dates, ask Coach Madeline to get you the amazing rate we’ve negotiated, for a different time that you can go. If you have cancer, your price will be dependent on the specific treatments you and the doctors elect. And you really must go for 3 weeks rather than 10 days, to be treated for cancer. But you are also welcome at the retreat, as part of your stay!

Coach Madeline is your liaison, and you can reach her at coachmadeline@greensmoothiegirl.com.

Dr. Jared Nielsen, my friend from Heber, Utah, came along for the November event. He taught a few seminars, and I’m so impressed at his knowledge of ways the human body and spirit can heal. We all so enjoyed each other’s company so much that we’d stay after our meals and chat, until someone finally had to run off for a treatment.

Diagnostics and treatments include hyperthermia, reflexology, iridology, lymphatic drainage, and many exotic European practices to help your liver regenerate itself and clean house. Experts say the liver has 500 to 1,000 different functions, so it’s a valuable exercise to spent 10 days honoring the work it does, and give it a “rest-and-reboot.” After a week, you use Epsom salts and the oil treatment to do the “liver flush.”

WorthYou can also choose to do a Heavy Metal Recovery program instead of the liver cleanse. I highly recommend, while you are there, that you take the heavy metal challenge test to ascertain which heavy metals may be causing you problems. This is an under-acknowledged but very common problem in modern people who are invariably exposed to a variety of heavy metals that are not easily eliminated by the body.

I think $4,000 for a 10-day stay at Paracelsus al Ronc would be worth it if it were nothing but an R&R vacation with the lodging, meals, and weekend sightseeing included. What you will get, though, with the medical consultations, diagnostics, and treatment, is far, far more!

Good Vibrations

good vibrationsIt’s a song by The Beach Boys that you’ve never about thought much. Feel free to listen to it HERE while you read this blog.

I’ve been obsessed with studying vibrational energy in the past year, and my 2014 lecture is all about this. How to stop obsessing about calories and macronutrients and other fairly useless nutritional concepts. How to focus on what you care about most anyway, with your food choices—raising your vibration.

cellular energyCells, organ systems, and human beings have electrical frequencies, and higher frequencies are better. People who are dying have ever-decreasing energetic measurements. Higher vibration is needed if we are to be compassionate, loving, productive, intelligent, spiritually connected, evolved in every way. When we are around a substance or a person of a higher vibration, did you know that it can raise ours?

Did you know that these things lower your vibration: cell phones, angry or depressed people, power lines, fear, TV watching, candy and coffee? Did you know that these things raise your vibration: certain crystals or gemstones, people telling you about an idea they are excited about, meditation and yoga, loving physical touch or sexual release with someone you feel connected to, green smoothies, and essential oils?

EatRightInTheRealWorldFinalSo I’m not going to deliver a treatise today on vibration, even though I’d like to. It’s in my new book releasing in a few weeks, How to Eat Right In the Real World, and in my lecture tour by the same title.

But let me share a few somewhat random thoughts with you from my own pondering and also from Coach Amanda’s Pinterest collection of talks and articles on the subject that she created after I told the coaches we should develop a class. Don’t you love short little quotes, by someone really smart, that hit you between the eyes? That’s what these did for me.

1.Perhaps stress is more about the stories we tell ourselves about our lives.

–Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

(I think the most important book on this subject is The Bonds That Make Us Free, by Terry C. Warner. I read it 20 years ago, when it was an unpublished manuscript, and it may have changed my outlook in life, for the better, more than any other book I’ve ever read. Read that, or Warner’s business book, Leadership and Self-Deception, for an exercise in getting really clear about how the stories you tell yourself, about your life, may be holding you and those you love back from your true potential.)

aura2This next quote contains very New-Agey-jargon, but see if it speaks to you anyway, even if it’s a little outside your comfort zone. Sit with it, tell me what you think?

2. “…..spiritual hygiene and the proper use of our energy fields are imperative to our well-being. Our aura is our PROTECTION so if we get in an argument with someone and we are upset, it is highly likely our energy field will expand so rapidly that we will get tears and holes in it. In addition, excessive drinking and drugs also greatly affect our shield of protection, as well as a very poor diet. We need to keep our aura STRONG, our thoughts in alignment with our highest good, and also we need to pray and meditate so we can incorporate more LIGHT into our being. LIKE energy attracts LIKE energy……so make sure your thoughts are constructive, not destructive, and also be careful of your FEARS. Whatever we fear will be magnetized to us.

–author Sabrina Reber

Dr. Jared Nielsen, in a seminar he did with me, after I spoke on vibrational energy at the GSG Retreat in Switzerland that just ended on Dec. 8, said that he has read evidence that vibration of food increases when you pray over it.

He had us all say, “Thank you” together, out loud. It was a simple thing to do, but it was very powerful, and Cynthia B. declared “I feel better already!”

group energyAs a public speaker, I notice that energy shifts in a group have a clear, quick, vibrational effect on all members of the group. Someone who is doing something irritating in an audience negatively charges the energy of a large group of people. (Answering their phone, or ignoring their crying baby.) The speaker sharing something intimate and inspiring raises vibration. A speaker being self-indulgent and arrogant lowers vibration. A speaker with little energy, poorly prepared, lowers vibration. An audience member interrupting the teacher to change the subject to something the audience doesn’t want to hear about lowers vibration. A teacher who is passionate about what she’s speaking about raises vibration.

I love being a student of these principles and practicing and learning more about raising my own energies, so my cells can thrive and do their work, and so that I can raise the vibration of those around me! I, too, find myself doing things that bring me lower. Today, on the very day I write about this, I have done some stuff that lowered my vibration.

I am still learning from my mistakes. Tomorrow, though, is new!


15 Ways I Optimize Health and Energy Every Day—Besides Good Food! (part 4 of 4)


Feeling resentful and picked-on is easy. It takes just a bit of effort, discipline, and purpose to spend a few minutes daily shifting into a pose of gratitude. But choosing gratitude quickly transforms a bleak mood. Every day I try to marvel at the cool things in my life. Usually it happens organically, but occasionally I just push my mind there…..fake it till you make it! Do gratitude exercises even when you’re not in the mood, and suddenly you find you ARE in the mood.

I list the amazing stuff in my life. I sit in wonder. Try to apply words to the amazing catalog of blessings that have been laid at your feet—in counterpoint to some significant challenges, too. Sometimes, most days, I say  out loud to myself, spontaneously,

“I love my life!”

Not often enough, I send texts to people to thank them for small things that mean something to me, or better yet, tell them to their face. (I’ve decided that while I’m great at expressing gratitude via email and text, an in-person compliment, or thank-you, is worth twice as much.)

I try to make compliments and thank-you’s as specific and authentic as possible.

Be like a child for five minutes a day—as if everything amazing around you is BRAND NEW!

breathe12. TAKE 30 DEEP BREATHS A DAY.

Do it outside, in clean air, if possible. Heart attack survivors who learned how to breathe deeply, using the diaphragm, had fewer subsequent cardiac events. You can’t help it from calming you. Moods lifting and calming down are natural products of oxygenation. I love to enhance this exercise with a drop of essential oil rubbed into my hands, cupped around my mouth and nose as I inhale. My energy changes radically and I feel calm and peaceful.


Did you know that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after midnight? Getting enough sleep doesn’t mean getting 8 hours—not for everyone, and not every night. The most important thing may be to complete sleep cycles.

The body sleeps in 90-minute cycles. If you wake up naturally, after 4.5 hours, having completed three full cycles, you may be more rested than if you slept 8 hours and were awakened by your alarm clock while you’re in one of the deep, restorative stages of sleep! I think alarm clocks are terrible for our health.

So, go to bed early. Then you’ll wake up naturally, rather than to the alarm. If you wake up at 4 a.m., no big deal, if you went to bed at 10 p.m. You might be surprised at how rested you are all day.

And, try to go to bed at the same time every night. You’re training your brain and body when to shut down. Take valerian root or melatonin as a sleep aid, if you want, but only occasionally. Otherwise your body may stop producing important hormones, since you’re providing it in pill form. It’s always best to let the body do its job!

How about a nice warm cup of delicious and nutritious Coco Mojo?
How about a nice warm cup of delicious and nutritious Coco Mojo?


I don’t know if this one is important to everyone. But it keeps me happy with working long hours; to think that I have something to look forward to.

I like to have a short-term reinforcer, as a reward for getting everything done in my day (like a treat, or Zumba at 9 pm). And a mid-term reinforcer (every Saturday night doing something fun with my girlfriends—I start planning it with them mid-week).

And don’t forget the long-term reinforcer. (When is that next vacation? It always has to be on my calendar!) Depressed people often say, “I have nothing to live for.” We can create things to live for, and put them on the calendar or vision board.

My once-a-day, short-term reinforcer, the past several years, is a cup of Cocoa Mojo with Coconut Milk, in one of the pretty mugs that I bought in Switzerland.  Tennyson and I enjoy this together after I pick him up after school. It’s the together-time with him, and the cup of something hot in my hands, that I look forward to. And it doesn’t make me feel unwell like processed treats do. It contains non-dutched (alkalized) cocoa, and coconut sugar, and powerful medicinal mushrooms, plus the medium-chain fatty acids and deliciousness of coconut.


I read instead of watching TV. Did you know TV requires only your very lowest brain waves?  Reading helps to keep your mind nimble and healthy.

Knowledge is always ahead of habit. Plenty of us know more than we actually put into practice. So we need our knowledge to be WAY out in front—and then our messy human foibles, that get in the way of good self-discipline, can keep scrambling to keep up with our information databank.

Always ask “why?” And then when you find what looks like answers, remain open, and ask yourself, “But what else?”

These 15 practices may seem like a long list that takes lots of time. It’s not actually true, though, because these habits increase my vitality and make me more productive, happier, and in tune. And, many of them I can do simultaneously.  For instance, I practice gratitude, and deep breathing while I’m getting my endorphin fix running outside. I am also getting my Vitamin D, the “natural Prozac” in the sunshine, too! That’s four tasks in one—and I feel great, rather than stressed out, when I’m done!

If you have other daily practices that make you super-crazy-healthy, write me!