more questions I’m answering about the raw almond buy

Back to my five-part series tomorrow.  Today I figured a way to get my cases of raw/organic agave SHIPPED in our raw-almond buy . . . and also add some great deals for you on raw walnuts, sunflower seeds, pecans, raw honey, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, and other items like dried fruit.   I’m excited!   I could never figure out how to ship it affordably before.   Those of you who have a co-op, or who want to organize one, you will LOVE this!   Remember, 1,100 lbs. or more (and this will include any item, not just the almonds) gets cheap shipping of $0.25/lb.   We’re getting tons of emails–please know we will email as soon as the order is ready to kick off.     You won’t miss it if you read this blog or get the free newsletter.

Questions I’ve been asked:

How do the almonds come? in 50 or 100 pound sacks or in a bin?

50# boxes.

Also is there a maximum poundage?  

No maximum for group orders, but to appease California law since no one is allowed more than 100 lbs. per day of RAW almonds, the order form will require that you put a name in for each buyer of 100 lbs.   So if you order 2,000 lbs., you’ll need to give 20 names.

And what quality is this almond size wise and are they  carmel or nonpareil almonds?

The variety is Butte Padre 23-30 size. I chose them for flavor (tried several varieties). I could offer a bunch of varieties but wanted to keep it simple because this takes a lot of my time–these will be comparable to what is sold in grocery stores, size-wise. Not the giant ones they use in Jordan almonds (too expensive, and I’m trying to keep cost down), and not the  really small  ones either.

Is it possible to get them sliced raw almonds or slivered? some of the people who order with me want to know.

I don’t think so. But I will look into it. They will oxidize faster that way and won’t germinate–not sure this would be a popular item.

Do the almonds come shelled?


Some of my group are asking where they come from.

California, long-time, reputable ranchers who friends of mine have worked with for many years. Same people I worked with last year.

Where to find “The Green Smoothies Diet” in Canada

Q: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:   I am from Canada and would like to purchase “The Green Smoothies Diet.”   Do you know where I can purchase a copy of your book?

A: We were told by one of our readers that you can find the book at the Chapters/Indigo bookstores. So, if you haven’t gotten a copy of the book yet, check with these bookstores and see if you can snag a copy!

–Jenni (GSG admin)

Photos of more gorgeous, healthy kids drinking better nutrition

Here are some photos of more gorgeous, healthy kids drinking better nutrition than 99% of kids in America get.   Greens have the most bioavailable calcium you can get–far better than cow milk (contrary to popular belief), unless you’re a baby cow, of course.

Heath and Madi

This is what their mother says:

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl,

Thought you would enjoy these pictures of my green smoothie kids.   Madison is 9 yrs old and Heath is 7.   We’ve been doing green smoothies for about a year and a half and everyone loves them.   I’ve taught the kids that strong muscles and bones come from the vitamins and minerals in fresh fruits & veggies, especially leafy greens.   They like to show me how much their muscles have grown after drinking a smoothie :).

In April this year, Madi fell off her bike and broke both bones in her left wrist.   I made sure she got her smoothies every day along with lots of salads with supper to make sure she got the proper nutrition so her bones could heal well.   Her final doctor appointment was six weeks after the cast came off and they did an x-ray to see how the bones had healed.   When I first saw the x-ray, I was astounded!   I wondered if they had x-rayed the right child!   I had seen the x-rays they took when the bones were broken and the difference between the first ones and the last ones were like night and day.   Sure, the broken bones healed, but the doctor told us that extra bone had actually grown around the fractures.   He said if she fell again in the same way that they wouldn’t break like that again.

Thanks, Robyn, for sharing your knowledge.   It truly is priceless!   And, as my kids would say, “Green Smoothies Rock!”

Jenny in Nebraska

another cute green smoothie mustache photo

Yesterday I was driving down State Street near where I live in Orem, Utah, eating my lunch, and I was flagged down by the car next to me.   Passenger side dude waving, honking, and yelling.   I rolled down my window, and the guy yelled, “Hey, GreenSmoothieGirl!   Remember me?   I was in the class you did for triathletes last month!   I got a BlendTec on your site, and I bought your book, and so did my boss [pointing at the guy driving the car].”

I was a little startled and may not have thanked him adequately for support of my site.   (My mouth was full of food. Plus, you know, the DRIVING.)

Fortunately, I got another chance to correspond with him better, because I got home and got this email from him:

“I just passed you and lost a major bet! I bet the guy next to me that you would be drinking a green smoothie! When I got next to your car the look on my face was only because I lost money! To my disgust I find you (after leaving GOOD EARTH and talking about you) driving around eating whole foods! YIPES! Were you having a shake and fries and I couldn’t see them below? Just kidding.”

For the record (due to the apparent fascination with what I eat), I had just left Good Earth, myself, and was eating a vegetarian quesadilla I got there (black beans, corn, jicama) in a whole-wheat tortilla, with a side of fruit. YUM.

With his email, he sent this cute photo of his kids with their green smoothie mustaches!

Birthday 1

can you drink too much? (GS that is)

Q:Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: can you drink too much green smoothie?What time of day should I drink it?

A:I never have had “too much,” even when I want to “cleanse” a bit and have not much else but green smoothies for a week or more.You can go too fast for comfort at first (and suffer a cleansing reaction when your organs of elimination get overwhelmed).

Google “green smoothie experiment” to read, if it’s still there, about a woman who started over 500 lbs. and had nothing else for 5 months but green smoothies–and lost over 100 lbs.!

You’ll get bored before you get malnourished.

Drink it whenever you want–doesn’t matter.For me that’s lunch or late afternoon snack, often both.I frankly don’t WANT a green smoothie for breakfast or dinner.But lots of people are different, and I hear of people doing it for breakfast more often than anything else.