how do I use green smoothies for weight loss?

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: how do you get started on the green smoothie weight loss program? Please let me know I am interested.

Answer: In my book The Green Smoothies Diet, I cover three different programs you can do. One is a three-day green fast for detoxifying your organs of elimination. Giving them a break from digestion every now and then is a great idea.

The second plan is a 30-day fat burner cleanse for weight loss. This is very frankly the best way I know to do what’s RIGHT for your body, nourishing it, while losing weight as quickly as is safe and healthy–and possible for a person with the many demands of an active lifestyle. I really fret when I see the ways that most people go about “dieting.” Most of them are destructive. Even Weight Watchers’ “point” system doesn’t make a peep about avoiding those acidic processed foods that are harming us in more ways than their calorie density. And you can read elsewhere on this blog about what I think about the “diet doctors.”

You’ll feel supercharged doing that weight loss program because it is first of all targeting your health, and weight loss is just a wonderful side benefit!

And third you can do the green smoothie for life (permanent lifestyle change) program. I hate to call this a program, in fact, because program implies a short duration. It’s how my family and I live.


Class in Midway, part 1 of 2

I taught a class in Midway this week and will tell you more about it tomorrow, including about my accident two hours before the event.   It was the most well organized class I’ve ever done thanks to Leslie, who put it together.   She is amazing, one of those people who eat “high raw” and looks just like everyone WANTS to look: slender and lovely, younger than she is, pretty hair and skin, energetic, with a positive, sunny outlook on life.

Check out the lovely photos of CHOCOLATE BEET CAKE ( Ch. 11) and HOT PINK BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE ( Ch. 10) that event organizer Leslie made for the class. Her sister Katie is the amazing photographer. This is an email I got from Leslie the next day–check out Katie’s shutterfly link to see photos from the event.   Email Leslie (see her address below) to get on her email list if you’d like to attend chef demos at the Zermatt , and my next class with them in January:


Your presentation yesterday was absolutely fabulous!   You had the entire group on the edge of their chair the entire time.   Many people said it went by so fast that they were wishing you could have continued on for another hour.   Everyone that I have spoken to loved your class – I can’t thank you enough for coming to Midway and sharing your knowledge on this subject.   I know you inspired many people to make some changes and think about food in a different way.

I have attached some pictures from the event. You really don’t notice that you kissed the pavement earlier that day. (Hope you have recovered without bruises).   Here is the link if you want to see more of Katie’s photography [in general and more photos from the class].

Last but not least, I would love to have you return in January to teach another class if this interests you. We would love to see you again at Zermatt. Keep it in mind. I wish you all the best!

Leslie Smoot:

hot pink breakfast smoothie

beet cake

bodybuilding and green smoothies, raw food

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl,

I just wanted to thank you so much for inspiring me to try your green smoothies.   I am totally hooked on them and I’ve started to crave them as well.   I feel so much better and energized.   I just came off my contest season and I’m now in the off season and it takes me awhile for my body to adjust to adding in more foods, etc.   The green smoothies have made it so much easier and I’m so glad.   I’ve never eaten so many greens in my life.   I, obviously, needed them after dieting for nine months this year and maintaining a 9% body fat percentage through my contests.   I didn’t realize that the more green smoothies you consume the less you want animal products, meats especially.   I have more of tendency to eat raw foods.   My oldest daughter is a rawfoodist and she loves the green smoothies too.   It makes it a lot easier for her to continued success with her own plan.

Also, I am a personal trainer and a lot of my clients are choosing to give the green smoothies a try and loving them.   So, thanks again for your continued support.   I hope to meet you in person in the future.

Talk soon,

Carmen Demske

Age 41

National Level Figure Competitor

Mother of 2:   Catalina 17 and Maizee 15

September 2009


New content I’m working on

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: Can you tell me more about organizing a high-nutrition co-op?

Answers: I will work on this content, so watch this site for that in the future, good ideas.   I blogged earlier this week on that topic, but will try to write an entire report on how to organize a co-op, step by step. Then I will share that info on the site and in the GSG free newsletter.   Those of you with ideas, who have started your own co-op, please post your thoughts and tips here or email me.

I get asked constantly what my family eats.   At first it seemed pointless to tell what we eat, since you will find your own repertoire of dishes/ingredients/favorites.   But I have come to realize that people want a SYSTEM as much as possible, even if you will eventually deviate from it.   I did post several days of exactly what we ate, a year or so ago, but this is a good idea–I will work on it.

some thoughts on organizing a co-op

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: I would like to get better prices on the whole foods you recommend than my small-town health food store provides, and I wouldn’t mind making some money for my effort. But I don’t know how to start. Help!

Answer: Organizing a co-op is a great idea for anyone wanting to save money and eat right. It’s especially great for stay-home moms who like to interact with people, get good deals, organize, focus on preparedness and nutrition, and (if you want) earn some money and have a long-term, repeatable source of income. There’s a lot of job satisfaction in it, because you see people building a high-nutrition food storage and getting prepared against emergencies, and you make good friends along the way. Because some of them know a lot about nutrition, you can learn much from them.

You may know someone who might want to form a co-op in their area to forward a link to this blog entry that contains tips about forming a co-op.

Yesterday I got a call from Sally in Portland, who has a 3,000 lb. almond order in advance of our kicking it off. When I called her back, having this question on my mind, I asked her what advice she would have for you. What she said, as I’ll summarize here, is my experience, too, although she was smarter and more hardworking than I was, starting my co-op. Actually I didn’t even set out to start a co-op, and I’m sure other co-op organizers  who read this blog will relate. I just got some friends to go in with me on something I wanted to obtain at a low cost with group buying power. The group just kept getting bigger and bigger!

Sally said she doesn’t even make any profit in her co-op, just likes helping people and getting better deals for herself. (I did the same thing.) She started hers as a preparedness group, tapping into that group of people, which, incidentally, is the entire base of LDS (Mormon) people in your area. Some LDS folks will make an announcement about a group buy at church and put it in the printed bulletin. Then, she said, with high-nutrition items like the truly-raw (unpasteurized) almonds, she has tapped into a second group, the raw foodist / earthy-crunchies, a group that my web research proves is growing massively.

A lot of people on her list in the beginning weren’t even interested in nutrition any more than the average person. Sally educated them! She is going to have an almond party and teach people how to soak/dehydrate them and make fun snacks. (She has also done this with quinoa and other items in her group buys.) She makes handouts and sends emails with great information. Some people in her co-op live too far away to regularly buy with the group, but just want her information! I told Sally she’s welcome to use a 12 Steps or Crunchy Snacks recipe collection recipe to hand out to her buyers (anyone reading this is welcome to do this–all I ask is that you credit the source).

Sally says, “People who care about eating right or preparedness FIND ME.” My experience parallels Sally’s. I have, however, never tapped into the “preparedness” people. I have never tracked down people to join my list, but you could certainly start that way by just asking around and finding people.

Sally said, “Every time I do a buy, my list doubles.” I agree with that as well.   She started her organization a year ago and has a few hundred on her list now.

Sally is rather ambitious, educating people as well as providing them healthy food at low prices. I know other readers who promote the products we do in our group buys with local craigslist ads, and who talk to their neighbors and people at the health food store to build a list. As Sally said (I second this, as well, with my observation that people want to be led toward a healthy lifestyle), “Eventually people have come to just trust me, and they buy whatever we offer in group buys.”

If you want to automate, make a simple web site with an order form. Take checks received in advance of your placing the order, or (these will charge fees) make it really simple by taking credit cards using (You get a discount by being referred by another account, and you’re welcome to use And you can take PayPal. Just a tip: more people have credit cards than PayPal accounts.

For the raw almonds, I suggest reselling them for $4/lb. That way if your order is 1,000 lbs., you will earn $1,000 for your efforts. Last week in this blog, I listed all the other items and prices that we are adding to the buy this year, including raw honey and raw agave.

Sales tax (but no shipping) will be assessed for Utahns in the local buy. Shipping (but no sales tax) will be assessed for everyone else. If you send a check, only ONE check per order, please. (Last year I had a nightmare to keep track of a dozen checks for one order, sometimes!) So if you are doing a group buy, have people make checks out to you, and you make a check out to GNGB. (That’s GreenSmoothieGirl Nutrition Group Buys.)